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After episode 10 of Basketball Wives, I stand by my previous belief that Jackie Christie does owe Malaysia Pargo an apology. I’m not of the belief that she started the rumors about Malaysia and her kids, but she should have known that telling everyone in the group but Malaysia about said rumors wouldn’t work out well. The sooner she can own that, the sooner she and Malaysia can repair their friendship.

But why is Evelyn Lozada getting off scot-free in this whole thing?

Granted, Jackie was the one who introduced the rumor of Jennifer Williams talking about Malaysia’s kids, but Evelyn was the one who wanted to call the cat who stirred it all up, Anthony. She seemed to delight in the tea she heard from him; whooping, hollering, running around the pole-dancing studio when they put him on speakerphone. When she hung up the phone call, she remarked about Jennifer, “Obviously this girl, she’s being f–kin’ fake.” She seemingly put some weight behind Anthony’s words and felt like she couldn’t put it past Jennifer to comment on Malaysia’s kids because she allegedly talked about her own daughter, Shanice.

However, Evelyn totally changed her tune at the skating rink. Because she and Feby felt some type of way about Jackie telling Tami that Feby was talking crap about her rap career, they flipped on Jackie and believed Jennifer over her. They told Malaysia, when Jackie was absent, that “People who are portraying to be your friend are not your f–kin’ friend.” Evelyn also told Malaysia that while they don’t know who was initially spreading the rumor, it was Jackie who was telling everybody. She told Malaysia that Jackie shouldn’t have been “running her f–kin’ mouth,” and yet, she was the one who wanted to know everything Anthony knew. She was also the one standing front and center while Malaysia and Jackie went at it instead of trying to get them to talk peacefully and break them up when they were literally bumping heads.

In the end, Malaysia felt that Jackie made up the whole thing, and ended up canoodling with Jennifer, whom she just a few episodes ago couldn’t stand and wouldn’t apologize for throwing a table at. It was gross. But it was not as gross as Evelyn telling Malaysia “f–k her” in reference to Jackie while at the skating rink, only to go outside and hug Jackie and act like she was trying to be the mediator in her Peg Bundy outfit.

As episode 10 went on, Evelyn had Anthony’s number ready to call him in front of Jennifer, Dominique and Malaysia to get the full story about the rumors. She also sat right next to Malaysia when everyone was in “court,” commented on everything, and said that Jackie “gave the guy too much life” and “entertained” him like she wasn’t knee-deep in the drama herself.

Yes, Jackie brought the negative rumors to the women, but Evelyn was the only one who wanted “to get to the bottom of it.” However, she didn’t take it directly to Malaysia to let her friend whom she claims to love know about what was said. She only felt passionate about it when Kristen brought the situation to light and after she thought Jackie was telling Tami the ugly things they were saying about her (though Feby was the one who threw her under the bus). After that, it was Jackie is a “fake” friend and “f–k her” as though Evelyn’s so innocent in the matter.

She’s certainly doing a lot for someone who told OG she needed to stay out of Kristen and Cece’s issues…

To make it plain, you guys already know that I think Evelyn is a storyline-less troublemaker this season. I wrote about it after she was calling people to figure out whether or not OG’s clothes were fake. After watching episode 10, my previous opinions were further confirmed by the fact that, as Jackie’s friend Deion said, Evelyn was the one who helped to give life to Anthony’s story. The fact that now she gets to pretend like it’s all Jackie and that she’s such a terrible person is pretty wack because her hands haven’t been clean in this situation. With that being said, I look forward to the reunion and Jackie calling sis on her hypocrisy, because if she’s “fake,” Evelyn definitely is, too.

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