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Jennifer Williams Hosts Classy Girl Wardrobe Sip & Shop

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An idle mind is a dangerous place to be left in (shout out to Anderson .Paak), and that was quite evident in episode five of Basketball Wives.

Midway through the episode, there was a scene where Jackie, Malaysia, Feby and Evelyn met up to do some shopping before Shaunie’s unnecessary girls trip to San Diego. While at the store, the women talked about hoping to avoid women they don’t like when they get there since Jennifer is coming. Feby says she too doesn’t want to end up battling with anyone (OG that is) because she has a show to perform at soon that she’s focused on. Since she was speaking on her music, Evelyn prods her mini-me to share the little diddy she wrote about OG with the rest of the ladies. That’s when the pettiness began.

The whole base of the rhyme was about this claim that OG wears fake clothes. Where did it come from? Evelyn, of course! She played Sherlock Holmes and called around L.A. to verify whether or not a shirt OG wore in a photo she posted on her personal Instagram page was an actual vintage Louis Vuitton top as she claimed. Why? To give people fuel to talk crazy about OG.

When Feby made mention of the shirt, Evelyn’s face lit up.

“She posted it on Instagram and said, ‘ This is a vintage Louis Vuitton’ shirt.” So Evelyn, for some reason (which we’ll get to later), contacted a friend who allegedly has worked for the fashion house for 20 years, and they told her that the shirt wasn’t real. Evelyn told Feby, and Feby decided to include it in her jingle rap.

And just like that, my face turned all the way upside down. All I could think was REALLY?! We’re calling around doing research for any chance to put someone on blast? Gross. It became more clear to me than ever before that Evelyn has no business to mind, so she’s out here looking to keep the drama stirred and going. It’s quite odd, I know, from someone who just put out a book and CBD line of beauty products. You don’t want to talk about that, sis? *shrugs*

For example, during the shopping scene, Evelyn was extremely determined to get Malaysia to drag on-again, off-again colleague Jennifer when she asked her whether or not she was going to be okay seeing her in San Diego. She inquired about how Malaysia felt about Jennifer’s presence following their chair-throwing drama in Amsterdam, and Malaysia simply said, “I honestly don’t feel no way about it.” Still, Evelyn kept prodding because she can’t only have Feby sharing the same opinions and faux beefs as her. Everyone else can be cordial and mature around Jennifer — but Evelyn.

Another example of this is after telling Jennifer to stop using her mother as an excuse for why she called Shanice a latchkey kid (which was more a slight to Evelyn than Shanice…), Evelyn stormed out of Jackie’s crystal party and slammed the door while Jennifer was on the floor in tears because she was so determined to hold onto her anger. Even Shaunie stayed behind to give her a hug and bury the hatchet because she realized it wasn’t that serious.

And who could forget the very beginning of Season 8, when Evelyn opened the show by saying that she was experiencing joint pain because she believed Tami put a root on her? She went as far as to see a shaman to help cleanse her. This performance was put on in order to make us really believe that Tami had gone to such great lengths to get at Evelyn while she was busy getting married, focusing on different acting ventures, making deals with Mona Scott-Young and collaborating on a shoe line. Girl, bye.

Evelyn is bored, y’all. It’s clear that she doesn’t have a storyline this season, other than trying to drag on drama with Jennifer, whom she knows she can cuss, throw drinks and lunge at, because Jenn isn’t a fighter and doesn’t enjoy confrontation. It’s why, despite Jackie telling her that Jennifer would like to sit down and hash things out privately, she said she has no interest in talking to her (just about her). It’s why she is talking so much about Tami even though her nemesis won’t even film with her (which she should be happy about instead of playing confused about as she was in this episode). It’s why she’s calling around town doing the work of an unpaid freelance fashion assistant, checking on the clothes OG is wearing. It’s why we only see her at other people’s events, eavesdropping about who said what and who has an issue with who, playing, as the ladies now call it, a broken game of telephone with other people’s information.  It’s also why she’s working so hard to put a battery in the back of Feby. Evelyn is bored, and bored people love drama. They love to be the hurt party in drama, to set it loose and watch it tear up events and good moods and positive energy. They love to come together to kiki about it so they can get an adrenaline rush. They love to have it and keep it going, because otherwise, what else do they have going on that is meaningful?


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