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Tami Roman was right. As she put it in episode 9 when speaking on the ladies of Basketball Wives, “ain’t no Black girl magic in this group.”

That was quite evident based on the fact that just about every scene from Wednesday night’s episode involved the women spreading or confronting one ugly rumor/unnecessary shade after another about each other.

Evelyn Lozada spread the story she heard from Jennifer Williams about Tami, claiming Tami borrowed some clothing for an event from a stylist and returned it covered in her vaginal juices. Feby Torres told Tami about this.

Prior to that, Feby said that it was good that Tami, who was in the midst of creating her alter ego Tatianna Trill, was receiving help from her daughter when it comes to rapping since she “ain’t got it.” Jackie Christie would go back to Tami about this.

Evelyn talked about OG wearing heels with her big toe hanging over the front, saying she was going to call her “Toe-G” from now on. Feby told this to OG.

Feby told OG that she was tired of Jackie running her mouth. OG spoke to Jackie about this.

And of course, Jackie told everyone who would listen, aside from Malaysia, about a rumor that Jennifer allegedly told her friend Domonique that Malaysia got kicked out of her home in LA, was leaving her kids at home alone to fend for themselves, and that the kids were “dirty.” This information was eventually taken to Malaysia, via Kristen.

I don’t care what anyone says — there is an age limit to playing the game of telephone, and these ladies have far surpassed it.

Yet, there they were, meeting to spill the beans about what they’d heard about one person or another, like little girls on the playground. However, when the time would come for people to face the music for what they may have said or done, they would deny, deny, deny (shout out to Feby) — and then they would throw someone else under the bus to save themselves.

No one found themselves more bitten in the a– by this during last night’s episode than Jackie. She’d heard the rumor from a messy guy in Atlanta, and as Malaysia’s friend, she went straight to Jennifer and asked her if she said what was alleged against her about Malaysia and her kids. Jennifer said no.

Jackie wouldn’t drop it, though. Where she went wrong was that, instead of going directly to Malaysia after her conversation with Jennifer and telling her what she’d been told, and what Jennifer said about it, she decided to tell most of the other ladies. She would bring it up even when there was no reason to talk about it in conversation. She even let Evelyn, who seemed to revel in the drama of it all, get on the phone with Anthony, the guy who said he heard this information about Malaysia from Jennifer’s former assistant (that tidbit I found out from his IG Live — including the “dirty” part). She also went to a whole other group of people, including Kristen, who is Malaysia’s “cousin,” with the information, so of course it was going to get back to Malaysia. At that point that it did get to her, Jackie ended up falling behind the rumor and seemed like the person who started it, rather than getting in front of it and delivering it to her friend. The end result was that the ladies, including Jennifer, were able to flip the story and say Jackie said it first, and she ended up almost coming to blows with Malaysia, who felt that her supposed friend was making light of the drama she may have caused:

I don’t necessarily believe that Jackie started the rumor or that she was taking poorly about Malaysia’s kids. Over the last two seasons, she’s done a lot of work to get herself out of the middle of mess and has tried to mend the relationships between the other ladies as opposed to creating drama (her methods can be unorthodox though). However, the situation was a prime example of what happens when you know sensitive, important information, and you share it for the wrong reasons. Like many of the women on the show, I think Jackie shared the rumor with the ladies because she thought it was piping hot tea they could appreciate. But when her tea spilling, on other topics, ended up getting folks in trouble (Feby and Evelyn specifically with Tami), she was turned on and made to look like a sh-t starting bad friend.

Whatever the truth is, I don’t see Malaysia being able to move forward in a positive way with Jackie unless Jackie owns that she handled the situation wrong and apologizes. And yes, she should apologize, because if you know some information about a friend and their kids, tell them, not the peanut gallery first…Duh.

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