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You don’t just need to accept the bad parts of fall and winter as things that just happen every single year. Between colds, the flu, and seasonal depression, and the long, long cold months, those are too many issues and that’s too much time to just put up with trouble. Besides, when you aren’t plagued by illness or sadness, the fall and winter can actually be really special, and you miss out if you don’t take good care of yourself. There are a lot of things you can do to fight seasonal blues, and keep your immune system in working order. Nobody wants to turn down holiday parties and ice skating dates due to a pesky cold. You want to feel like your best self this time of year. The secret might be in your mug—your tea mug, that is. Though tea doesn’t have quite the reputation as coffee for perking you up, don’t underestimate this comforting nectar. Here are teas you should drink for your wellbeing this fall.


tea benefits tea

Green tea

Green tea isn’t only a nice coffee alternative for your morning pick-me-up. The tasty stuff also contains antioxidants like polyphenols. A particular group of these called catechins can fight influenza.

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Don’t try picking the berries for consumption because the raw ones can be toxic. The stuff can only be consumed in tea but when it is, it can reduce inflammation and fight mucus production, making it an asset for those who are already sick.

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This comforting tea can increase white blood cell count, giving your immune system a kickstart. It is also deeply relaxing so it can help you sleep, which is also important for a functioning immune system.

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Some studies have found that saffron is almost as powerful as antidepressants like imipramine and fluoxetine when it comes to improving mood, so it can certainly help beat seasonal depression without the use of pharmaceuticals.

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White sage

This lovely plant, often found in incense sticks, can fight sinus infections and inflammation.

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This invigorating tea can boost the production of interferon, proteins that respond to pathogens in the body and can fight disease. It will certainly wake you up so, don’t drink it at night.

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This vibrant spice isn’t just good in food—it also makes an interesting tea. Plus, it can boost the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which control mood.

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In addition to being a lovely flower, dandelion has long been used for medicinal purposes. It can flush toxins out of the system, helping to fight illness.

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Masala chai

Maybe coffee shops are onto something when they sell chai by the hoards this time of year. An integral part of Ayurvedic medicine, chai can improve mental clarity and mood.

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It may be time to give black licorice tea a try, even if you just thought it was a snack for grandmas. Black licorice tea has anti-inflammatory properties so it can ease a sore throat and congestion.

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Lemon balm

If you need a quick mood-enhancer, then sniff and sip lemon balm tea. The scent is both uplifting and acts as a stimulant.

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The same study that found lemon to have mood-enhancing properties also evaluated lavender and found it to make people feel calm and relaxed.

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The herb that produces gorgeous purple flowers also has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

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In addition to being sweet and delicious, honeysuckle makes for a very nice tea. It’s also been found to build a stronger immune system.

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Yerba Mate

This is a miracle worker when it comes to mental and physical health. The popular Spanish drink improves sleep quality, which is important for immunity and moods.

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