Act Like A Lady: 6 Ways You Should Fulfill Your Gender Role

January 26, 2012  |  
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With women progressively becoming considered equals to men over the years, what it means to be a woman has become complicated. It’s great that we can act like “a man” in many ways, or rather that many actions that used to be deemed “masculine” have become fair game, like being the aggressor in sex, and just being an aggressor in life. But, some women are so dead set on being equal, that they accidentally go a little too far and become—for lack of a better word—bossy. And that’s not an appealing quality in any gender. If you fulfill your gender role in these simple ways, you’ll be surprised how equal you still feel, and closer to your partner:

Dress like a woman:

And you can do this however “dressing like a woman” means to you. Sultry, skin-tight dresses. 50’s housewife dresses. Simple a-line skirts and billowy blouses. Do it in a way that feels comfortable and that you enjoy—but that is the point, if you enjoy showing off your womanly figure, don’t deprive yourself of that joy just to show that you are an equal. You may have noticed a lot of women dress in frumpy, unflattering, androgynous clothes just to make a point. But what is the point? We’re women. Our bodies are shaped differently than men’s, and they are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with enjoying them ourselves, and letting our partner enjoy seeing them.

Care for his health:

Some women are so wary of stepping into the “mother role” that they turn a cold shoulder when their man has a cold. Or they ask an awkward “do you…um…need something?” In fear of feeling like they are in servitude to their man, they end up just looking like uncaring human beings. Make your man some soup. Drive him to his doctor appointment. If you know that he cares about you and appreciates the act, it shouldn’t bother you to do it.

Be grateful:

If you come home to find that your man fixed that cabinet you’ve been complaining about, or your car, thank him. So many women don’t like to feel like the “helpless” female, and get annoyed when their partner steps in and does something for them, forcing them into that “helpless” role. He doesn’t intend it that way. And you’re just being courteous by showing him your whole-hearted gratitude the way you would to anyone else who did you a favor.

Let him help you:

If your partner has learned from your scowling not to go ahead and fix things without consulting you, let him help you with something if he offers. Remember, it’s not just about you wanting to feel strong; he needs to feel strong, too. Whenever you refuse to let him make you feel like a woman by refusing his help, you refuse to let him feel like a man.

Be sexually submissive sometimes:

You don’t always need to be the one to initiate, you don’t always have to be the one in the dominant role, pushing him around, telling him what to do (in the bedroom, and elsewhere). Let him sometimes take control of you in bed. You’ll actually probably enjoy it and he won’t feel like a toy.

Be affectionate:

It’s in a woman’s nature to be affectionate. It’s a part of being nurturing. Which is exactly why some women refuse to do it. They don’t want to look like a woman fawning over her man, but then their man just ends up feeling like he isn’t cared about. Hug him, kiss him, be affectionate and nurturing. It doesn’t make you weak. It makes you strong because you’re comfortable doing what you feel like doing.

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