Sisters In Hiding: Not So Famous Sisters of Famous Celebs

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Some sisters of famous celebs are just hard to avoid. You know who we’re talking about: Solange, the Kardashian sisters, LaToya Jackson, Ray J, etc. But there are some siblings who prefer to stay out of the limelight and leave Hollywood to their star family member. It may seem like some of these celebs are only children, seeing that we never see their sisters or brothers around, but they’re indeed family-oriented folks. We decided to dig up some photos of the not-so-famous sisters of some of our favorite stars.


We know Jay-Z’s sisters by name since he consistently references his much beloved older sisters Annie and Michelle in his songs but rarely do we ever get to see ’em. It seems that only Bey and Solange like the limelight in the new Carter family, while the original Carter sisters like to stay in the background.

Milian plays big sister to Danielle and Elizabeth. We don’t know exactly what the Cuban sisters do for a living but hopefully they’re capitalizing (in a productive way) on their sister’s visibility.

Now this is a sad story. We didn’t even know Mariah had a sibling til the National Enquirer broke a story a year ago about her 46-year-old sister Alison Carey Scott, who is said to be an HIV-positive prostitute in Long Island. Apparently, Mariah has paid for her sister to go to rehab on several occasions so it seemed that she was just fed up with trying to help someone who didn’t want help. We hope things have changed since the story broke.

LaTonya started out as Mary’s background singer and later went on to co-manage Mary’s explosive career. You may recognize her from Mary’s concerts and some of her videos. She’s also done her own thing and released a gospel album a couple of years ago.

It seemed that the attention-seeking gene that runs in Diddy’s family skipped his younger sister Keisha completely. We rarely see her out and about and flaunting her riches like Diddy and their mama Janice.


Although there’s a nine-year age gap between Ashanti and her younger sis Kenashia, they’re very close. We have to say, Kenashia is looking more and more like her big sis every day.

D Woods and Shanelle are sisters? Who knew. Although they both have their own respective music careers, they came up in two very different camps. You may remember D. Woods (right) from Making The Band and the short-lived Diddy girl group Danity Kane. Shanelle, on the other hand, is part of the Young Money camp.

You may have remembered this photo of Erykah Badu and her sister Nayrock from a Gap advertising campaign years ago. The younger sister of Erykah Badu is an artist in her own right and makes “hoodrock.” Nayrock is her real name spelled backwards (Koryan).

Dr. Maya Soetoro-Ng is President Barack Obama’s half-sister from his mother. The highly educated Soetoro-Ng has her Ph.D in international comparative education and has also authored a children’s book. It is said she’s working on a book about conflict resolution in high schools.

Since Kobe’s relationship with his family became estranged when he chose to marry soon-to-be ex-wife Vanessa Laine over ten years ago, we don’t know too much about his family life. It seemed that the sentiments changed when Kobe had children and sought to reconcile with his parents. Here, he’s shown with his two older sisters Sharia and Shayla Bryant.

Apparently, Keri has three sisters (Kaycee Kelese and Kye) and a brother. What’s with America’s obsession with the letter K by the way? We couldn’t find a photo of all five of ’em together but from what we can see, they’re a cute family.

The only way to tell twins Sidra and Tasha Smith apart is by their hair styles. Like her superstar sister Tasha, Sidra also works in the entertainment industry as a producer and director.  While her sister spends much of her time in LA, Sidra is based in New York City.

Ashley Banks has certainly moved on from her child acting days. The big sister to Anastacia and Kimberly has been setting a great example to her younger siblings as a woman whose evolved beautifully in her career. Today, the business is all family as Tatyana and Anastacia launched a production company in 2007 together called HazraH Entertainment.

Zoe Saldana is not shy about expressing her gratitude to her sisters Cisely, who is one year younger than Saldana, and Mariel, who is one year older. When she left New York to pursue her acting career in Los Angeles, her sisters followed soon after. Cisely works as a producer and Mariel works as a nurse.

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