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Before you jump into this post ready to judge your sisters in the struggle, please know that under the right circumstances any of us can become a thirsty chick. Briefly, a thirsty chick is essentially a desperate woman. And as often is the case with desperate women, her priorities are out of whack. She’s lost, morally, emotionally and/or psychologically. Her confusion about what life and love are all about cause her to behave immaturely and recklessly. While she is a nuisance, we can’t help but feel sorry for her. If you’re on the fence about whether you yourself are a thirsty chick or whether someone you know might be, check out some of the things she’ll say.

Why Haven’t You Called Me?

You see what I mean when I say we could all be this woman? I have been guilty of asking this question. Sometimes you cannot keep the curiosity from creeping out of your mouth. But usually it’s better to play cool. People will tell you that you shouldn’t play games in a relationship; but honestly, in a budding relationship you don’t want to come off as clingy, so you might have the quell your inquisitive nature until you’ve been dating for a minute and he knows you’re not all the way crazy.

Don’t Go!

Hopefully, you’ve never found yourself uttering or pleading these words. While we would like to think a woman would never say such a thing, this phrase is on the list because I’ve witnessed lost ones screaming these two words in the street to an agitated man, usually as he’s walking away. It’s bad enough that baby girl is using this phrase, but it’s even worse that she’s airing all her dirty drawers for everyone to see and hear. It’s an embarrassing situation for all present.  If you ever find yourself on the verge of begging a man not to leave you, in the words of Pharell, “You should think about it, take a second. *Ding*” After that brief reflection maybe you’ll realize that if a man wants to go, you certainly don’t need to be chasing after him.

But I love you!

This one is really in the same vein as “Don’t go!” The words, “But, I love you,” are hurled as one last argument to get the man to stay. Problem is, he’s already decided to bounce. Of course it’s going to hurt but you need to have enough self respect to let him go on. Your pride will thank you later.

I’ll take your man

Some of us took Salt-N- Pepa waaay too seriously. Rappers notoriously go for the jugular but that doesn’t mean you should live your life by their words. Mature people know this. Yet, countless women have taken one too many sips of the Kool-Aid and operate under the notion that it’s all well and good to take some other woman’s boo, boyfriend or husband. In college, my mother had a friend who told her just that, saying: “If I had a friend and I wanted her man, I’d just take him.” Needless to say, that friendship didn’t last long.

He don’t love her

Maybe not, but he sure doesn’t love you either. The same woman who will rationalize sleeping with someone else’s man will come up with all kind of reasons why the behavior is acceptable. Don’t be the woman chasing after a man who can’t commit to anyone but the friend in his pants.

I got that good good…so he’ll never leave

Your stuff might be top notch but if that’s all you’re offering, please believe that won’t keep him. If you haven’t noticed by now, men aren’t the most selective when it comes to sexual partners. Sure you may turn him out for a little bit, but if there’s nothing else keeping him there, he can and will find someone else.

We Got that Hood Love

We’ve all had a friend or two who found themselves in relationships they had no business being in. (Can we say douche bag?) But you know what they say, love is blind. (And it’ll take over your mind.) The minute you go to your girl to confront her about the severity of the situation, the bruises, the finger indentations around her neck or the fact that his words often incite tears, she’ll say something like, “Oh, it’s not that bad,”  “That’s just how we are, I hit him too” or “Girl, you know we got that hood love.” Umm, no I don’t know. In fact what the hell is hood love? Keep messing around and that “hood love” you’re so proud to rep is going to cost you your sanity or your life.

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