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Did you know you could drink water the wrong way? Water is so simple—it is one of the oldest liquid substances on this earth! How could you have it the wrong way? Well, there is a lot of misinformation out there about good old H2O—information that says things like, “Drink as much of it as you can possibly stand,” “Never drink from the tap,” and “Only drink bottled.” You’ve likely dined with someone who has a lot of questions about the pitcher of water the restaurant serves, or very specific rules about their H2O. It’s great that they take care of their bodies, but they might be taking unnecessary precautions. Just as you have to be careful about what you eat and how you eat it, you need to be careful about your water intake. Here are 15 ways you’re drinking water wrong.

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Waiting until you’re very thirsty

If you are desperately thirsty—to the point when you think you might faint without water and your mouth feels like a desert—then you’ve waited too long. When you feel that first hint of dehydration, have a sip of water.

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