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“Let Me Tell You Why Black Girls/Women Are So Angry…” Solange Knowles Has Racist Encounter At Concert

September 10th, 2016 - By Toya Sharee
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Solange and Julez


As awesome as we all know Solange Knowles is being the “take no ish” younger sister of Beyoncé Knowles with an incredible eye for art and personal style, apparently everyone isn’t a fan. The 30-year-old took to Twitter Friday night to explain how she was personally attacked while attending a rock concert with her 11-year-old son, Julez and her husband Alan Ferguson. The singer/songwriter explains that the incident is a prime example of why black women and girls don’t feel safe in “white spaces”:

Knowles goes on to explain that after refusing to sit down, the women then threw something at her back which her son later confirmed was a lime. Choosing to continue to enjoy herself instead of bringing out the “elevator version” of Solange we know she can be, she went on to enjoy the concert with her family stating:

“Now back to me & my husbands favorite song “Autobahn” ….& not giving a f–k about you lovely ladies so mad this lil black girl having fun😘

So was this a case of some entitled older women feeling like a Kraftwerk concert was for whites only or just some cranky old chicks shading Solange’s effortless ability to command the attention of the room? According to the “I Decided” singer, it’s yet another reason why black women feel unsafe in places that some races may think are only for them like and electronica concert. She also spoke on the stereotype that black women are always the ones to “bring the drama”:

Knowles also defended herself against followers who tried to justify the incident by the fact that the singer DOES live in Louisiana, implying that racism and white entitlement are apart of the culture that black people should be accustomed to by now. Knowles proceeded to shut the comments ALL the way down with a simple, “…I live in a city w the most incredible, beautiful black. folk.”

Seriously though, this isn’t the opera. How can you go to a Kraftwerk concert and expect anyone to be sitting with their hands politely folded? If this wasn’t racism it was surely plain old hate to see a beautiful family having a good time. But Solange is starting a great discussion on “white and black spaces”. I was just in New Orleans last week catching Drake and Future at the Summer Sixteen Tour where I honestly saw just as many white people singing along and dancing as for a brief second I felt a, “What you know about hip hop?” fade across my face until I was reminded that’s what great music does: It brings together genders, races and generations to forget about our differences and just have a good time. We’re glad to see Solange didn’t let a couple of haters stop her from rocking out to her favorite songs.

You can watch Solange rocking out to Kraftwerk below:

Solange Is Officially The Face Of Michael Kors’ First-Ever Street Style Campaign

September 4th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Courtesy of Michael Kors

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Solange Knowles keeps expanding her already stacked resume and shows no signs of slowing (because, duh!). The wife, mother of one, and multi-hyphenate is now the new face of Michael Kors’ first-ever street style campaign, as reported by Billboard.

The campaign, titled The Walk, was shot by renowned style photographer Tommy Ton, who snapped pictures of Knowles on the streets of  Manhattan’s most scenic neighborhoods — including The West Village and Greenwich Village. In the ad, she sports three outfits from the designer’s fall ready-to-wear line: a fanciful faux fur green jacket and black leather culottes just to name a few.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Courtesy of Michael Kors

“Solange is strong and passionate and not afraid to share her opinion with the world — and that type of confidence always makes an impact,” Michael Kors told Billboard.

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Courtesy of Michael Kors

Press play and watch the 43-second visual that supports the fabulous new campaign. And congrats to Solange for yet another slay-worthy win!

#BankBlackChallenge: Black-Owned Banks To Support

July 21st, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Singer and activist Solange Knowles made her recent decision to bank Black known to the public. Some Black-owned banks, like the Atlanta-based Citizens Trust Bank, for example, have seen a surge in new depositors in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Falcon Heights, Minnesota. It’s not a new call to action, but both the singer’s decision along with rapper Killer Mike’s BET and MTV News town hall plea for one million African Americans to deposit at least $100 in Black-owned banks in order to harness our economic power, combat institutional inequality and systemic racism, are gaining attention.

According to the Federal Reserve, there are 23 Black-owned banks, savings and loan associations and credit unions throughout the U.S. If you are looking to open an account, here is a partial list of those Black-owned banking institutions. For more information and a full list of currently operating minority-owned banks, visit the Federal Reserve.

Solange Knows The Working Mom Struggle Well

December 22nd, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Solange and Julez


Solange Knowles’ “insides split in half” when she had to go away to work.

The 29-year-old singer is finding it “really, really hard” to be away from her “phenomenal” 11-year-old son Julez – who she has with ex-husband Daniel Smith – but knows it’s important she works hard to finish her new album.

She wrote on Instagram: “8 gigs, 8 studio sessions, 6 flights, in 2 weeks….but got to sleep in my bed for 2 nights

“While I was home Julez pulled out my chair for me at lunch, said he’d sell his Nintendo so I could get a dress I loved when we went stopped by a store, and said he sees Chinese symbols when he listens to Alice Coltrane. He’s phenomenal and I’m in love with he and it’s really really hard to be away.

“I cried this morning because this is the longest we’ve been apart and my insides kind of split in half when I headed to the airport, but I’m working really really hard to finish this damn album and so grateful to have his and my hubby’s support.(sic)”

The ‘Losing You’ hitmaker – who is married to Alan Ferguson – admitted the pressures of being a working parent can be tough but her little boy makes it all worthwhile.

She continued: “I like to use IG to create and share a little color and laughter in my life, and to see the beauty and fun in things in the midst of a lot of hard ass work and sacrifice that goes along with it.”

Read the full story here.

Solange Didn’t Take Too Kindly To Someone Who Called Her Son ‘Cute But Ugly’

October 31st, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Ballerific Comment Creepin —–🌾👀🌾 #solange #commentcreepin

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

After watching what went down in New York City’s Standard Hotel elevator between Solange and Jay-Z, it should be noted that the singer/DJ and mother of one doesn’t play when it comes to her family.

Just yesterday (Oct. 30), Solange proudly shared a picture of her 11-year-old son’s Halloween costume on Instagram that was captioned: “Young Cool J too cool for Ghost and Goblins.” Fresh dressed in an Adidas tracksuit, matching hi-top kicks, a fur Kangol and gold headphones, Juelz posed in a cool b-boy stance for the photo. However, one Instagram user felt the need to comment on the photo saying, “So cute but at the same time he ugly.”

Of course, that didn’t go over too well with Solange, who wrote back [to @alexandriaaaf] with a surprisingly mild comment, inquiring why someone would use their time to spread such ugliness. But she also kept it H-town trill offering at the end of her comment: “And @ro.rxd get ya friend because this could have truly gone south if I was in the wrong mood.”

Interestingly, the user who posted the comment has a public page, which has gotten a lot of traffic clearly due to Solange’s comment. The girl is clearly a teenager, who like many of us have said mean or hurtful things we shouldn’t have. Shout out to Mama Solo to the rescue and schooling the youth on spreading positivity, but do you think she should have responded?

You’ll Never Guess Who Solange Admitted To Dating Back In The Day…

October 8th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Solange and Omarion


Way before Solange Knowles married Alan Ferguson, and even years before she married Daniel Smith and gave birth to their son Julez, Solange was just a teen. A teen who, in her words, danced for Destiny’s Child, wore weird Japanese sneakers, and, oh yeah, dated Omarion.

Solange and Omarion? That’s right. Back in the day when they were young, and B2K was on the cover of every Right On! and Tiger Beat mag sold in Walgreens, Solange dated the cornrow-loving lead singer. She revealed this interesting tidbit of information while enjoying Throwback Thursday (#TBT)  on Instagram today.

Solange made a good decision to keep that puppy love on the low. I knew a few Omarion fans in junior high who would have slap boxed with you in the middle of the street to claim a man they were never going to meet. I, on the other hand, was dedicated to my beloved Lil Fizz. But that past obsession is another story for another day…

Anywho, how cute were these two?


4th of July Style: 15 Haute And Sexy Star Looks

July 3rd, 2015 - By Rich
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This year ditch your basic comfy ensemble of tees and shorts for super sexy 4th of July style. These stars are baring arms, legs, tummies and fashion all day long. Bold colors, leather skirts and alluring footwear are all part of the package.

All images courtesy of WENN

4th of July Style: 15 Haute And Sexy Star Looks

Beyoncé And Bianca, Dr. Dre And Warren G: Celebrity Step-Siblings

June 1st, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Hollywood is a lot smaller than people think. Everybody knows everybody and sometimes, stars can be related to some of your favorite celebrities. The following famous folks included on this list are related by marriage. While you probably won’t catch them passing the peas and cutting the turkey together during the holidays, they are (or were) indeed family. These are celebrity step-siblings.

Solange Debuts New Song For Baltimore And Ferguson

May 15th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source: WENN

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Solange Knowles is not afraid to speak her mind. And one of the best places to speak your mind, is in your art. And that’s what Solange did last night at a surprise performance for HBO’s “Bessie’s 81 Theatre Tour” in Los Angeles.

In addition to performing some songs fans know and love, Solange also debuted a new song called “Rise,” to honor Baltimore and Ferguson.

Before performing the new number, Knowles announced that it would likely appear on her upcoming album.

“We’re gonna attempt to play a song for the first time that may or may not be on the record, but it probably will be. I wrote this one for Ferguson, for Baltimore, and it’s called ‘Rise.'”

Check it out in the video below.

Black Celebs (And Moms) Come To Zendaya’s Defense

February 26th, 2015 - By Rich
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Though Giuliana Rancic’s apology  seemed sincere and heartfelt to some, there are still some who are refusing to accept it. But more importantly, Black women in the limelight are stepping forward to show their support and solidarity by coming to Zendaya’s defense.

First, there was fellow-loced sister Selma director Ava DuVernay, who wrote this under Zendaya’s initial open letter.


Then “Scandal” actress Kerry Washington commended Zendaya on her open letter to Giuliana.


Read the full story on our sister site, Madame Noire.