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Dear Celebrities And Everyday People, Please Keep Your Relationship Drama Off Social Media

September 8th, 2014 - By Asha Boston
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What solves the problem faster? Arguing about relationship issues via phone call or text, or posting a not so subliminal message about your partner and how self-absorbed he is and how much he takes you for granted on Instagram?

I often wonder what’s the point when a celebrity with a major following takes a jab at their partner via social media. It’s true that at the end of the day, celebrities are everyday people. But while we might make the poor choice of sharing our anger with a few hundred (maybe a little over 1,000) followers, imagine sharing your feelings about a personal dispute with an arena-like audience of hundreds of thousands of people. With thousands of devoted fans and followers eyeballing your every tweet, there’s sure to be a plethora of additional drama and unsolicited opinions you probably weren’t intending to bring about with your original post.

Social media has become the new window seat for many of us to peer into the lives of our favorite celebrities. And with so much drama on our computer screens, there’s no need to peep from behind it to watch TV to be engrossed. Someone is continuously airing out their dirty laundry, or their spouse, online.

In the past couple of months I’ve watched my fair share of star-studded relationship wars by way of Twitter and Instagram. Celebs have shown that there is no mercy on the battleground and as we’ve seen with the recent tasteless jokes of Ginuwine, not even the children of your favorite stars are safe.

The Harris’ are no stranger to this stage, as they were in the spotlight for months for their shade-filled Instagram comments and feuds. From TIP’s request for Tiny to get her body right and tight, but to get it off Instagram, to Tiny defending her marriage against rumors of an affair with boxer Floyd Mayweather, and the rapper’s own mother taking to Tiny’s comment section to ask her to speak to T.I., there was enough drama to hold us until the new “Family Hustle” season started airing (season four began on August 25). And Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have used social media to document every fall out they’ve had, as well as the many different times they’ve reunited since the year started. The drama is real.

But as I said earlier, celebrities are regular people too, and just as they act a fool when their feelings are hurt, we do the same online. I understand that it can get tough and that sometimes you feel the need to express yourself when you feel as though your partner isn’t hearing you, but putting your own life on blast is not a good move. Not only is it detrimental to your relationship (if you really care to make things work), but it’s tacky as all hell. We all slip with the subliminal quotes from time to time, but some things aren’t meant to be shared with the world. Pick up the phone and call when your relationship is rocking, don’t make your first stop the computer keyboard…

15 Times Social Media Gets You In Trouble With The Opposite Sex

September 4th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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social media hook up


Social media can connect you with thousands of people in an instant. Which can be a great thing, or a terrible one. Here are 15 times social media is responsible for a bad hookup!













15 Celebrities Who Constantly Get Dragged On Social Media

August 27th, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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Most celebrities get tons of love and support from their online fan bases so we wonder how these 15 celebs who seemingly get no social media love — like ever — must feel. But considering most internet users have absolutely no chill, we’re sure it can’t be too great.


The social media dragging of Draya has been fueled by epic fails like her struggly Father’s Day breakfast, stiff twerk video, and attempted dig at Kim Kardashian’s “azz”. But at least our favorite (non)basketball wife of LA has a sense of humor about the whole thing. Right?

DM Me: Celebrity Couples Who Met On Social Media

August 27th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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It used to be that you were warned about the dangers of meeting strangers online but nowadays it’s not just regular folk that are using social media to find a mate. These stars found love or lust on Twitter and Facebook.

celebrity couples


Big Sean and Naya Rivera

Big Sean was with his high school sweetheart since he was 16 years old but after finding fortune and fame, their love deteriorated. Early last year, the Detroit rapper used twitter to meet his next paramour. The “Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay” rapper first hollered at Naya Rivera on twitter. The two quickly moved their relationship offline and into the real world. After dating for more than six months, Big Sean popped the question and the happy couple became engaged. But earlier this year, the wedding was called off. Several months later the “Glee” star married an old friend.

You Can Place A Logo In This Newly-Engaged Couple’s Wedding Through

August 22nd, 2014 - By Janel Martinez
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The age-old wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is taking on a new meaning for millennial couples. Let’s add, “something sponsored” to that list. (Yes, you read right.)

Soon after Courtney McKenzie, 27, and her fiancée Jamil got engaged; the duo began working out the logistics of their wedding. When they sat down to create the 250-plus-person guest list, Courtney and Jamil, who both come from large families, decided to ditch the big traditional wedding, opting instead for an “elopement-honeymoon” mashup in Thailand.

Originally, Courtney, a marketing professional, thought about sharing the news with family, friends and colleagues via Twitter, Instagram and podcast, but another idea came to mind. The Palm Beach, Florida native figured they could get companies and brands to sponsor their 11-day trip in exchange for logos on everything, from her wedding dress to Jamil’s tuxedo, and customized hashtags in their social media mentions (i.e. #sponsornamewedding and #sponsornamehoneymoon).

“After about a week of planning we launched, a crowd funding platform that will be used to help us and other couples raise corporate sponsorships in exchange for publicity pre- and post-wedding day,” says Courtney. “We thought it was a different idea, and had no idea what people were going to think. We knew that there were other brides who would love to do the same thing because I talked to many of my friends who just got engaged, or are recently married. The overwhelming response was ‘That is brilliant. Why didn’t I think of that?’ We knew we were on to something and are really excited to see what happens next.”

If her social media engagement is any indication of what’s to come, the couple’s initial announcement received more than 40,000 likes and numerous comments and shares. In addition, people who she hasn’t spoken to in years requesting an invite.

Courtney wants to make it known that the goal isn’t to pay for the excursion, but to donate a percentage of the money to charities such as Big Brother, Big Sister and The Boys and Girls Club. Thus far, the couple is roughly halfway to their $30,000 goal and has received three big sponsors. “We are in talks with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies,”Courtney told MadameNoire. “We have a full wardrobe commitment from We recently opened up sponsorships and are excited at all the offers we’ve received so far.”

Would you allow sponsors to buy a spot in your wedding? 

Based in New York City, Janel Martinez is a multimedia journalist who covers technology and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of “Ain’t I Latina?” an online destination geared toward Afro-Latinas. You can follow her up-to-the-minute musings on Twitter @janelmwrites.


Blame The Trolls: Yaya Dacosta Quits Social Media After Mean Comments

August 11th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Many of you may know that Whitney Houston’s birthday was this past Saturday and in celebration of the day and of her life, Yaya Dacosta, the former Top Model whose been cast to play her in the Lifetime biopic, shared a series of photos of the late singer on her Instagram page.

And apparently, there was continued backlash.

I’m sure there were several tweets but on Instagram one user, who clearly follows Yaya, took the time out to express his discontent about her upcoming portrayal of Houston.

@theyayadacosta u do not deserve to play Whitney at all u look nothing like her at all and your career does not any major credits or acting credits to play a woman of such standards as Whitney u and the only major acting role since Take The Lead and I watched it once and it wasn’t all that and @angelabassett needs to learn how to cast the right people and Whitney’s mother should have been there to see who best fits to play her daughter and that is not you

So yesterday she posted a picture of a cave with the following message:

Although I’m a private person by nature, I reluctantly heeded the advice of seemingly knowledgeable socialistas who insist that these outlets- Instagram, Twitter etc.- are the new way. “Connect with your fans”, they say. So I swam out of my cozy cave a little, shared a little, held hands a little- only to have those hands of strangers squeeze and pull and punch. They steal your photos, miss the message, and point to delusion. I’m simply an actor for hire- like Whitney would say, just a human being. Until the consumers we pour our hearts out to on stage or on a movie screen learn that “artist” is not a synonym for “punching back”, I’m going back in. Back to basics. Back to instincts. Protecting my family. Projecting only what the public can handle. When we meet in person, love, humanity, and shared light, are real. But as long as ugly, unhappy people sit their happy meal asses on fat couches and spit venom to make themselves feel better, I swim. Thanking God for my beautiful, beautiful family.

It’s a shame people haven’t gotten over it yet. Thing is, Yaya has been casted, played the role and the movie is “in the can” as they say. It’s over. Your opinions about whether or not she’s the right choice to play Whitney are completely irrelevant now. Furthermore, I’d bet nearly any amount of money that the people who are doing the loudest complaining about the casting of this biopic will be the main ones tuned in.

‘Spoiled Brat’ Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ It: Mom Sells Daughter’s Katy Perry Concert Tickets On Facebook

August 5th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Supplied by WENN

Supplied by WENN

Katy Perry, the Dark Horse hitmaker, puts on quite a show. Over-the-top extraterrestrial costumes, electric green wigs, sugary-sweet segments, and Egyptian themes. But one 18-year-old missed her chance to watch the spectacle for herself. Her mom, calling her daughter a “spoiled brat,” sold the Katy Perry tickets to a more deserving fan on Facebook, The Huffington Post reports.

“Daughter is a spoiled brat and doesn’t deserve these tickets,” Cindy Bjerke wrote on the Fargo/Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page. Though she paid $110 for the August 23rd tickets, she sold them for $90. She was that upset with her daughter.

“I was not going to give her the tickets,” Bjerke told WDAZ. She did not identify who her daughter was or why she was being punished. “I was not going to let her go to this concert with this behavior that she’s been doing.”

Not everyone, though, was on board with Bjerke’s public confiscation of her daughter’s tickets. Some thought it could have been handled in more private manner.

“I think that’s a personal issue where it should have been handled privately because on Facebook, everyone’s going to see that,” Elgie Eagleman, a Fargo parent, told the TV station.

“It’s not just that humiliating people, of any age, is a nasty and disrespectful way of treating them,” Alfie Kohn, author of “Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards and Punishments to Love and Reason,” told HuffPo. “It’s that humiliation, like other forms of punishment, is counterproductive. ‘Doing to’ strategies — as opposed to those that might be described as ‘working with’ — can never achieve any result beyond temporary compliance, and it does so at a disturbing cost.”

While Kohn makes a valid point about humiliation being “counterproductive,” Bjerke’s daughter was not forced onto a street corner with a sign that says, “I’m a spoiled brat. Please buy my Katy Perry tickets. I don’t deserve them.” Now that’s humiliating. The 18-year-old’s identity has remained undisclosed. Secondly, bad behavior shouldn’t be rewarded. What does it say to a child when she can do or say whatever she wants without consequence?

This isn’t the first time a fed-up parent ditched their kid’s concert tickets. Last year, a mom sold her daughter’s One Direction concert tickets on eBay (and you know how big #1D is among the youngsters) as a result of her “lippy attitude.”

“You may hate me now….. But I don’t care. Its my job to raise a responsible adult..not nuture bad habits in my teen age child,” the Australian mom wrote on her eBay description.

Do you think this is a proper way to punish one’s child?

Did Chris Brown Take Karrueche’s Friend To St. Tropez After They Broke Up?

August 1st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Did Chris Brown Take Karrueche's Friend To St. Tropez After They Broke Up?

Source: Instagram

Looks like Chris Brown and Karrueche are on yet another break…and after she held him down during his recent incarceration. Shame.

We knew things were on a downward spiral when Chris was out here liking a Photoshopped picture of him and Rihanna in bed together.  While this may seem minor to some, we all know by now that these type of social media behaviors are not by chance. We all recall the days when Chris unfollowed Rihanna or vice versa and the very next day we’d learn that the two were no longer dating.

And apparently, an Instagram like means quite a bit.

Anyway, rumor has it that when Karrueche found out Chris was liking pictures of him and his ex together, she naturally wasn’t too happy about it. Particularly because he made a mini documentary professing his love to two different women. But according to TMZ, Rihanna is only a small part of the problem. A source told TMZ that Karrueche thinks Chris is behaving immaturely, acting like a child spending more time partying than he is making music.

And from the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like Chris is taking their breakup all that hard. Instead, he posted a couple of tweets about taking relationship advice from the wrong people and the very trite and degrading “these hoes ain’t loyal” line.

He tweeted: “Be careful who u take relationship advice from. Especially if they are single. They’re single for a reason! Lol #lonelyfaceass.” 

And then: “These hoes ain’t loyal but my fans damn sure are!” 


It didn’t stop with the tweets, Chris went to St. Tropez. And to add insult to injury, he took one of Karrueche’s friends along with him. And of course the two were photographed together both on Chris’ personal Instagram and by the paparazzi.

Exhibit A: (She’s the girl with the dark hair, also seen with Karrueche in the picture below.)

Did Chris Brown Take Karrueche's Friend To St. Tropez After They Broke Up?

Karrueche hasn’t exactly confirmed a split but she did post this subliminal picture on Instagram, seemingly directed at Chris.

Sometimes it really is hard to tell who celebrities are referencing with these random memes. But considering how Chris’ comb over conk was all over the internet, this one seems like it’s all about Breezy.

Either way what do you think? Is this it for Chris and Karrueche or is this just another chapter in their relationship tome?

“Why Aren’t They Liking My Pic?” And Other Ways Instagram Proves We’re All A Little Crazy

July 31st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Instagram is, by far, my favorite social media app. I love looking at pictures. You don’t have to have a story because you can create one. Or you can provide a bit more context or wit with the captions. It was already brilliant and then they added the 15 second video feature? Game changed. I love Instagram. And since I’m on it so much, I have a few observations about Instagram, and what our behavior on the app says about the state of our society. Can I share them with you all? Follow me.

Not On Their Watch: Ohio Festival Removes R Kelly From Lineup After Public Backlash

July 29th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source:

Image Source:

R. Kelly is an exceptionally talented musician. But sadly now that all of his dysfunction is out there for the world to see, his illness speaks louder than his talent. While there are still plenty of people who still ride for Kellz and his hypersexual music, other Columbus, Ohio residents weren’t having it. And their complaints resulted in Kelly being removed from the Fashion Meets Music Festival on Labor Day weekend.

R. Kelly was scheduled to perform on August 29, kicking off the three day festival in Columbus’ Arena district.

When news broke that he would not be performing, Kelly’s publicist released a statement: “R. Kelly is sorry to disappoint his fans but looks forward to seeing them in the near future during one of his upcoming tours.” 

As soon as the festival announced that Kelly would be the headliner for the festival, complaints started pouring in from angry social media users. As you might assume, they cited the rape accusations and the indictment on his 21 counts of child pornography.

Here’s a sampling of what they had to say, according to the USA Today. 

  • “It’s actually very common for sexual predators to put on a good show. That is how they lure their victims.”
  • (Rape victims responded to the Kelly booking with) “sheer horror. That’s why we are upset. Support victims of sexual abuse and don’t ignore them.”
  • “Accepting R Kelly as an artist is to ignore the fundamental basics of human dignity. It’s not like he’s just a player and folks don’t dig it. A very real line was very clearly crossed and this is how we choose to express our disdain for the deeds and support for the victims.”
  • “Vote with your wallets.”

Kelly was found not guilty of those charges in 2008 when jurors stated that while they believed that it was indeed R. Kelly in the tapes, they couldn’t be sure of the age of female participants.

Before Kelly was ever brought to trial, the Chicago Sun Times started publishing an investigative series which detailed Kelly’s history with underaged girls as young as 15.

Initially, the festival organization stood by the choice of R. Kelly but after the noticed the backlash the decided to ask Kelly to step down. Other performers for the weekend include Michelle Williams, Paper Diamond and Destructo, Future Islands and more.

Personally, I think Columbus made the right decision and I wish other individuals, organizations and venues would keep sending this same message until people realize this man has a very real problem and he should seek help.