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Social Media Got You Feeling The Fear Of Missing Out? 4 Ways To Fight FOMO

January 30th, 2014 - By Rhonesha Byng
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We’ve all been there before. In a moment of habit, boredom or perhaps pure nosiness, we find ourselves at home scrolling through Instagram or clicking through Facebook and then you see it. A photo of your friends having a great time without you.

If it weren’t for the fact that the photo was in your feed, you’d be perfectly happy in your moment — perhaps a quiet evening at home after a long week, or time at your home office researching for a new business idea. But in one brief swipe, you’re feeling left out of a night to remember.

If you’ve ever had this feeling, you’re not alone. There’s even a name for it: FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

We’re all aware of that “grass is always greener” saying, but this inadequate feeling is amplified through social media. Add to that, reports show that black people are the most active when it comes to social networks: 73 percent of black internet users are on social media, compared with 72 percent of whites according to the Pew Research Center. This number increases to 96 percent of blacks vs. 90 percent of whites when we look specifically at young people between the ages of 18 and 29.

Don’t be overcome by this feeling. Here are a few tips to overcome FOMO:

Awareness. As with anything, the first step is awareness. Realize that you may be feeling a bit jealous, awkward, or left out because of what you are seeing in photos. Otherwise, everything else for you is just fine and dandy.

Put It In Perspective. There’s a quote that I like to reference on this topic: “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.” You never know what is behind someone’s smile. Realize people are typically sharing the best moments. If you see someone jetting off to a dream destination, perhaps what you don’t see are the long layovers they had to endure, or the months of working a second shift to afford the trip. What you see on social media is often the end result of a contrived, perfectly angled, filtered version of reality. It is not the whole truth and is rarely an accurate depiction of a person’s lifestyle.

Be In The Moment. It may sound cliche, but appreciate your journey and where you are in this moment. If you decided to pass on dinner with your friends, there must be a valid reason. Remember that reason and be happy that you have the willpower to know your limits whether it be your energy or your wallet.

If you’re seeing everyone out at something you were not invited to, then realize it wasn’t meant for you to be there. Who are you with right now? Enjoy them. What do you have going on? It might not be Instagram-worthy, but it’s still a valid experience — just not one that needs to be validated by likes or comments.

Use It As Inspiration. Maybe you come across something you admire on your feed. That can serve as fuel for you to up the ante in your own life or career. Instead of allowing the feeling to serve as a source of fear or jealousy, let the moments serve as visual proof that achieving a dream is possible.

Celebs Who We Think About Unfollowing On Social Media Almost Daily

January 22nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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With the advent of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, it’s easier and easier for celebrities to stay connected with their fans 24/7. But while some celebrities are naturally more entertaining than others, the rest of the bunch can just be downright hard to follow either because of their bad grammar, boring content, or ignorant commentary.

Celebs who are hard to follow

Source: Instagram


Florida rapper Plies dropped out of high school to follow his dreams. He founded his own independent label with his stepbrother but Plies was hesitant to become a rapper and preferred to stay behind the scenes. Releasing several mixtapes and albums on his own Plies may be best known for his guest feature on Ludacris’ “Nasty Girl.” He may also be best known for getting nasty on twitter. Not only are his tweets raunchy, they’re grossly misspelled. His most recent PG-rated tweets include: I Gotta Stop Getting Drunk And Callin A Bihh Late Nite… I Be Out Dere 2 Bad” and “Chase Tha Money An Not Da Hoes…”

“I Woke Up Like Dis”: Tracee Ellis Ross Celebrates Her Booty On Social Media

January 7th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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tracee ellis ross celebrates booty

You know we love us some Tracee Ellis Ross around here. And so we have to admit that we’re all for her self love. She took to Facebook and Instagram to celebrate what her momma gave her. The booty. Now, Tracee hasn’t been shy about celebrating her backside bountifulness but she wanted to do it a classy way.

Here’s what she had to say.

I’m not the type to post booty pics…I love my body but I try not to objectify it! But today I wanna…so I made a damn collage! The pic on the right made me nauseous the first time I saw it. I thought my face looked crazy but the pic is always popping up somewhere so I’m embracing it…crazy eyes, bra bulge and all!!! #IWokeUpLikeThis#FeelingFrisky #Freedom2014

Can you feel Tracee on this celebration of her body? Which parts of your body do you love to celebrate without objectifying?

9 Reasons You Stay On Facebook Even Though It’s Kinda Played Out

January 6th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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In this day and age with Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and a whole bunch of other social media sites, the old faithful, Facebook can get kind of lost in the shuffle. After weeks if not months of Facebook-less internet surfing, you might be asking yourself why am I still on Facebook? Well my friends, let me break it down for you.

Be A Hashtag Heroine! 6 Social Media Etiquette Skills Needed For Your Company’s Success

January 2nd, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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In this gotta-go technology age, consumers have become accustomed to rapid responses and quick service. Your customers, for the most part, are impatient! So you have to be on top of your game — especially when it comes to social media. With many social networks users having an itsy-bitsy attention span, you’re going to have to channel your inner entertainer and keep your followers engaged.

Social media users have no time for your yawn-inducing, boring posts or your desperate tweets to lure in sales: Consider yourself unfollowed!

Just be aware, however, that while you want to be entertaining and interesting — with a dash of humor — you don’t want to overdo (or under-do) it. After all, you mustn’t forget that your social media antics is a reflection of your company. One wrong move can demolish all the hard work you’ve put into paving a path for a successful business.

Sigh: “Your Friend, GZ,” AKA George Zimmerman, Joins Twitter

December 26th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Getty

Source: Getty

Only in America can a coldblooded killer cultivate a fan base for no reason other than the fact that he shot and killed an unarmed African-American teen. George Zimmerman makes tabloid news at least once per week and now he has decided to really put his celebrity to the test by joining Twitter. He confirmed that he recently created an account with the social networking site via his Ebay page, where he sold an “original” painting of the American flag for $100, 099.99.

The confirmation came after a fan questioned the authenticity of the Ebay account.

“Thanks for your question,” Zimmerman wrote. “Yes, this account and my twitter @therealGeorgeZ belong to me, George M. Zimmerman. I have received this question a lot so I posted a picture of me holding my painting with the hope that would clarify any confusion. Your Friend, GZ.”

Since creating the account on Dec. 16, Zimmerman has tweeted Bible scriptures, messages of appreciation to his supporters, retweets from “fans” and ironically, he even retweeted a message about missing Michigan medical student Teleka Patrick.

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 9.56.54 AM Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 9.57.00 AMIt’s difficult not to wonder why one of the most hated men in America would want to offer the general public day-to-day updates about what he’s up to through a social networking site. To date he has acquired 2,331 followers. Twitter has yet to verify his account.

IG Tea: The Biggest Instagram stories Of 2013

December 26th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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This year was full of Instagram tea. From Beyonce’s haircut to Chris and Ri Ri’s reunion, here’s a list of some of the biggest Instagram stories of 2013.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Pic

The world must not have been ready for the new mom to get nearly nude so fast. This bold post-baby shot got a lot of shade from fans. But Kanye immediately tweeted “COMING HOME NOW.”

What Was She Thinking?! How Could Justine Sacco Think Her Awful Tweet Was OK?

December 23rd, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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If you decided to tune out Twitter over the weekend, you may have missed what could’ve been the #PRfail of 2013. To recap, the now former publicist for media company IAC, Justine Sacco, sent the tweet below before boarding a plane in London bound for South Africa.

"Justine Sacco tweet"


Even after a couple of days of letting that settle in, it still gets a “What the…?!” reaction. Not just because it reaches a level of offensive that no one should ever get to. But because this woman was a high-powered executive at an international media company. While she was in the air, the tweet went viral, outrage grew, and #HasJustineLandedYet was trending worldwide. Once she did land, she was unemployed. And rightfully so.

IAC has issued a statement affirming that the sentiment in the tweet in no way reflects the company’s feelings. And Sacco has since apologized for her insensitivity.

It’s incredible to think that someone who makes a living out of being media savvy could do something so obviously and blatantly stupid.

“I think that even though she was a PR executive that she forgot the top rules in PR. That someone is always watching you, and also that whatever you say as a publicist is deemed a standing representation for the company or companies your name is attached to,” Monique Tatum, owner of Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR told us in an email. “We are seeing more and more of these instances and it seems to be a growing trend of people in high level positions. That is because they forget these rules and grow comfortable.”

That level of comfort also comes with reaching the top of your profession. “[I]n that level of cushy fun it’s easy to forget what an intern at the bottom rung might realize every day. That social media is being monitored at all times. If not by your employer, as a publicist, definitely by the public.”

PR expert Karen Taylor Bass chalks this up simply to “the humor of the white and privileged.”

“Justine Sacco is a loser and firing her was the right move. Simply can’t mince words on her unprofessionalism,” she told us via email. “PR professionals are supposed to be savvy, strategic, and smart; their role is to drive the conversation — educate, empower, and create a favorable impression to consumers as it relates to a person/product aka brand for their clients. Recently, the growing trend has been PR folks issuing a personal mea culpa for poor taste. Justine is no stranger to disgraceful tweets – a year ago it was autism, now Africa.”

Ultimately, there’s no excuse for this talk, PR professional or not. Add to the awfulness of this tweet, because she was in the air without a way to stem the tide of hate that was coming her way, the situation snowballed to worldwide trending status. So however bad it was (and make no mistake, that tweet was bad), it was made worse by being allowed to fester.

With that in mind Gogo, the in-air web service provider, also took to Twitter.

gogo tweet

The company later apologized, but really, LOL.

From North West To Prince George (And Lots Of Selfies): The Social Roundup Of 2013

December 23rd, 2013 - By Tanvier Peart
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North West Revealed

via Instagram

As 2013 comes to a close, one begins to reminisce about all the things that occurred over the year. With so many outlets to send and receive information, social media has practically become our society’s go-to resource for current events and gossip. Can you think of the most popular stories you saw on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Here’s a look at the social media stories of 2013 that caught our attention.

“The Beyonce Effect”: By Giving Us Just Enough, She Gets A Lot In Return

December 19th, 2013 - By Priscilla Ward
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Supplied by WENN

Supplied by WENN

When Beyonce makes a move she does not have to do much explaining. She just does it. She’s created a name for herself, and by extension, has created what we’ll call “the Beyonce effect.” It’s that social media sweet spot that allows some people to give something a gentle nudge online online and watch it catch fire via word-of-mouth.

Fourteen songs and 17 videos — Black twitter lit up when Beyonce surprised us with her self-titled album. People responded as though this is the first time Beyonce has ever done anything. Billboard says the album is already the 24th biggest-selling album of the year. Responses such as “Beyonce just snatched my edges” and “Ciara drops an album every year and no one even knows it” went viral from social media to BuzzFeed. We’ve been on edge all year with a tease and a leak here and there awaiting her fifth solo studio album. She sold all the albums and got all the attention. All hail Queen B.

But it’s not just talent that’s got her in the winning column. Beyoncé knows how to create buzz. She relied on her fans to do the promoting for free. Let’s pat ourselves on the back. We did it! We did the marketing for her! She figured out how to do it completely free, and put her money into the overall production quality instead.

Both Beyonce and hubby Jay Z show a level of branding savvy that pulls together their existing popularity with the power of social media.  Jay Z partnered with Samsung earlier this year in order to release “Magna Carta Holy Grail.” Their deal gave the album to 1 million users of Galaxy mobile phones days before its official release. But in Beyonce’s case, she didn’t even give away her music. We simply flocked to iTunes and purchased it on our own terms.

Our emotional attachment to Beyonce keeps us on our toes for the next “Beyonce move,” because to miss it would be culturally unacceptable. She gives us just enough via social media to keep us interested; just enough Blue Ivy, just enough of her travels around the world, just enough of her romance with Jay, just enough of her hanging out during her downtime.

Behind Beyonce’s business savvy milestones there is a sophisticated social media content strategy that spans across key platforms, like Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. According to The Washington Post, “Twitter said Beyonce’s album release generated over 1.2 million tweets in 12 hours, with a tweets-per-minute spike of 5,300.” Diddy, Alicia Keys and Demi Lovato were among the celebrities tweeting about the topic, expanding her reach.

When fans flocked back onto social media at the midnight launch time, it was a pick-me-up for those dealing with post-Scandal season finale depression. People went from tweeting out lines from Olivia Pope’s mother to #Beyonce and uploading album covers onto Instagram and Twitter. Twitter produced a shock effect.

Beyonce chooses to engage her audience on social media on a regular basis in a way that’s somehow provocative, yet very editorial. We’re not getting an overload. We’re getting updates, like we would on any other story that we’re both interested and fascinated with. By keeping the overkill to a minimum, she lets her fans turn the release of her album into a sort of “phenomenon.”

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