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Celena Martin potty training elimination communication method

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A new mother garnered mixed opinions on social media about the “simple” potty-training routine she does with her 6-week-old infant. 

Birthing and postpartum doula Celena Martin shared how her newborn used the bathroom on Instagram May 9. The Atlanta-based 22-year-old mommy placed her baby over his bowl-like potty and adjusted the infant so he could simultaneously breastfeed. The new mother explained that her son ate while on the potty because he usually used the bathroom then or directly after.

Martin asked the baby if he needed to pee or poop and audibly mimicked the sounds of someone on the toilet. She described those actions as “cues” she gave her little one to use the bathroom if he needed to. 

After the infant finished his business, the mother re-dressed the child — then rinsed out and disinfected his potty.

Martin explained in her caption that she’s potty-trained her newborn since he was 3 weeks old.

She and her husband hadn’t implemented their potty training method at night, but hoped to in the near future.

“We originally decided to potty because we planned on cloth diapering from birth AND i know that i don’t want to change a toddler’s diaper. Because he was a preemie, his cloth diapers don’t fit yet. But as soon as they do, we’ll be transitioning from disposables.”

Some social media users applauded the new mother, while others didn’t understand the point of potty training a newborn.

A wide variety of comments underneath Martin’s post created space for a dialogue on what’s best for babies, what a little one needs and when those things are appropriate. 

“Babies poop and pee all day !!!!! I’m not really understanding this.”

“Interesting. keep posting this content.”

“😢 Girllll, that’s too much! let the baby be a baby… u have plenty of time to potty train 🤦🏽‍♀️” 

“Wow, they said kids are they’re smartest out the womb and most retained knowledge starts [there]. Good job, keep it up, beautiful 👏👏❤️”

“SIS the comments!! 🙄 You are doing a wonderful job. The patience it takes for this! Ignore the haters that won’t even TRY. Congrats!!!”

Martin’s potty training approach is formally known as the Elimination Communication [EC] method.

Ingrid Bauer, the author of Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene, coined the term “elimination communication” in 2001, according to Healthline

The EC method relies on both the child and the parent to be successful. Parents must be mindful and observant of the infant’s cues before the child uses the bathroom and during the “elimination” process. Parents will also lightly guide the child into a comfortable routine wherein the infant knows they have to use the bathroom and does so comfortably on a potty. 

The goal of EC is to establish a process that empowers infants to use the restroom independently at a young age, Healthline details.

“With EC, the baby is simply communicating their need to urinate or defecate and immediately doing so with a parent’s support. There’s no holding their waste like with conventional potty training.”

Mayo Clinic asserts that “potty training success hinges on physical, developmental and behavioral milestones — not age.” For those who want to wait until their child is out of infancy, the source had questions that parents should consider when they gauge if their child is ready to potty train. 

“Most American children stop using diapers around ages 2 to 3,” according to The outlet noted that many parents start potty training their children soon after birth in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Martin seemingly addressed her critics in her Instagram Stories. Peep her post below.  
Celena Martin potty training elimination communication method infant newborn baby

Source: Courtesy of / Celena Martin @ceeingyouthrough


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