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Wait, What? Celebrities Turning 50 In 2015

March 10th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Remember “Def Comedy Jam?” “A Different World?” “Sex and The City?” Can you believe their stars are among the celebrities turning 50 in 2015?

What No One Tells You About Turning 25

February 22nd, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

While some people look forward to their 25th birthday, I was on the fence. Over the years, I always enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my family and friends. However, for whatever reason this year, I dreaded it. I was turning the big 2-5! A true blessing that many do not get to see. But still, I felt like I wasn’t well prepared for it. 25 is such a weird age. You’re old enough to rent a car, buy a house, and start a family. Yet, you’re still young enough to make major mistakes, be single, travel and completely change your life. While most soon to be 25 year olds know these things. However I still feel like there are a few things no one ever told me. Therefore to help out my follow 20 something’s, here is a list of things I wish people would have told me and some things I was told about turning 25.

1. No one Will Baby You Anymore
Seriously, the days of being told “you’re such a baby”, are long gone. Yes you may be younger than these 30 year olds out here, but you’re not a baby anymore. It’s tie to grow up and start acting like an adult

2. Hanging out with anyone under 23 will be weird
Trust me. I tried it once. I felt extremely odd and old.

3. You Only Have One More Year On your Parent’s Health Insurance
It’s time to start looking at policies, and learning your options.

4. Depending on where you’re from being engaged/not engaged will freak ppl out
This depends on where you’re from. My homegirl in NYC, shunned the idea of being engaged now. Meanwhile, my friend from Texas gave me the side eye for not even thinking about marriage yet.

5. Travel now, seriously Right Now
Okay, we may have been told this when we first turned 21, but how many of you actually travelled? Get a passport right now. No seriously, get out of your bed and get one.

6. Develop your good habits now
A little discipline and routine will help multiple areas of your life. Trust me, I’m developing a morning ritual right now.

7. Don’t feel pressured to do “big things!”
I felt so much pressure to celebrate my birthday in the biggest and baddest way. Please ignore that pressure and save yourself the headache. Oh and that one friend that you have on Instagram that constantly posts her “fabulous life”, it may be time to unfollow.

8. The decisions you Make In the love department can change your life
The person you meet today could be your future husband or wife. Be wise in your decisions.

9. The people you meet now, will change your life
People always told me, the people you meet in college will change your life. No, it’s also the people you meet afterwards. After relocating to two different cities, I’ve made incredible new friends. The people you meet now, will really see your growth and change.

10. Made a mistake? We good!
Hey, we’re still young right?

Turn Down For What? Why You Should Celebrate Every Birthday Like It’s Your 21st

August 5th, 2014 - By Nicole Akoukou Thompson
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celebrate your birthday


For some, birthdays and debauchery are meant to be synonymous, from your 21st until your very last.

Those type of birthday blowouts should include lit candles, swollen balloons, frosted cake, overproof Jamican rum, carefree dancing, as well as Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” and 50 cent’s “In Da Club” being bellowed out during drunken karaoke. Birthdays are the reason the term, “Turn down for what?” was coined if you ask me. After all, it’s your birthday! You made it another year! Why should you ‘turn down’?

The temptation to spend your birthday spooning a cheesecake while watching reruns of “Martin” and “Living Single” is REAL, particularly when you’re feeling worn down or sad about the number of birthdays that are passing and you start focusing on things you wish you would have accomplished by now. But let’s be real, you’re not the only person in this world aging. And considering that most of the successful programs and apps we use and things we drink and eat were created by people ages 35-65, you’re never too late to do anything.

We’re all getting older, some are just better at it than others. Failing to take shots with your friends at the local dive bar won’t keep the wrinkles away, but aching over every detail of a life you feel that you haven’t lived to your fullest will have you looking like Mother Time faster than you can say “Crows feet.”

Perhaps you’re like me, and sometimes you have a little trouble getting psyched up for your birthday. If left to my own devices, I’d spend my entire birthday curled up in a dark room, wearing nothing but my birthday suit while acquainting myself with a cheesecake (at this point you’ve probably realized that I really like cheesecake). So yes, I understand the desire to sometimes spend your big day doing something very small and quiet. And while that’s okay every once in while, you should find yourself a friend or a partner-in-crime to help pump you up for your big day. You may even look to someone who has similar feelings regarding birthdays, because just as surely as you two may not want to blow out the extra candle on your birthday cake this year, you’re probably happy to help someone else celebrate theirs.

Fortunately for me, I have a twin sister, and she doesn’t let me wallow, cry or eat cheesecake alone in a poorly-lit room. On our birthday, my twin sister becomes three parts vodka, one part grenadine and two parts caffeine. She attacks our birthday with her unadulterated celebratory nature and brings me back to life, making me grateful that I’ve made it another 365 days. We dance, we drink, and we are merry, and I am grateful for her and another day.

Surrounding yourself with people or a single person who makes you feel like the best version of yourself is the first step to a successful birthday. These people help you to focus less on how old you are, and help you to instead remember how young and blessed you are. With your friend(s), or even by yourself, make the day enjoyable and throw caution to the wind.

While this isn’t an invitation to be totally reckless, this gives you the permission to not ask permission or apologize for celebrating yourself in a way that some might think you’re “too old for.” Let down your hair and dance with abandon. Remember every birthday that has ever given you pleasure, and magnify that experience with confidence and charisma. Find the fiery creature within yourself, even if you’re 27, 37, 47 or going on 70 years old; test your boundaries and rediscover old passions, if only for one day.

Try foods you’ve never tasted, wear colors and patterns that thrill you, drink like it’s your first time, have sex like it’s your last, and take moments to honor yourself for your changes, your consistencies and your courage. Within a long and healthy life, your 21st birthday should be far from your best. I hope to challenge myself by celebrating each birthday with the same anticipation, energy, and excitement with which I celebrated my 21st, and so should you.

Happy 70th Birthday Miss Ross! Diana Ross’ Best Hair Moments Over The Years

March 26th, 2014 - By Loren Lee
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Source: WENN

Legendary musical diva Diana Ross turns 70 years young today! Known for her head-turning beauty just as much as her beautiful voice, we’ve decided to pay homage to the talented and gorgeous Ms. Ross by recapping 15 of her hottest hair styles over the years. Whether the famous star has the help of waist length extensions, wigs, or a pretty floral accent, she manages to make each look her own.

Click through to view  images that prove why Ms. Ross is indeed The Boss.

Diddy’s Twins Celebrate Their Birthday In Style With A Disney Princess Party!

December 22nd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Diddy twins party"


If there’s one fun fact about Diddy: he loves a party! This time, he celebrated his twins’ Jessie and D’Lila’s 7th birthday and they seemed to have had a great time.

The day started with the ultimate Disney princess party with all the Disney princesses – from Cinderella to Tiana – in attendance. The girls, their sister Chance and all of their other friends donned their best princess gowns.  Daddy Diddy and Mama Kim were the King and Queen for the day.  It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Kim Porter and she looked like she was having a great time.



Their big brother Quincy was there with his girlfriend KeKe Palmer and hung out with them as they continued on with their girls day and opening presents.

"Diddy twins party"


The day wasn’t over after the party; instead, there was a wardrobe change and all the little princesses were in their onesies for a sleepover!

"Diddy twins party"


It looks like the girls had a great time and as a parent, I’m sure that’s the most important part of the day.

Happy Birthday To Jay Z! 10 Tips To Become Hov Business Savvy!

December 4th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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"Jay-Z pf"


From Black Enterprise 

In case you hadn’t heard, 2013 was a record year for Jay Z’s sports ventures. He sold his stake of the Brooklyn Nets and became a certified NBA, NFL and MLB agent, pissing off almost the entire sports representation world in the process.

Take a look at BE’s lengthy interview with Jay Z biographer Zack O’Malley Greenburg for some better perspective on why he’s made some of the moves he’s made. We’re not just saying this because we did the article.

So Happy Birthday Shawn Carter. Here, we break down Jay Z’s brashest, most savvy moves in the sports industry just because.

10. He signed Kevin Durant: In a new interview with CBS Sports’ James Brown, Kevin Durant told Brown that he’s tired of hearing he’s No. 2. “People would just always say that it’s cool, ‘You’re top three, that’s cool. That’s good to be there. It’s alright to be a top-three player in the world … I mean, I’m just tired of settling for that, tired of saying that, tired of hearing it,” he tells Brown in a forthcoming interview on 60 Minutes Sports. Durant is at the top of his game, and yet his humility and expectation of excellence will undoubtedly mean good news for Jay Z, Roc Nation attorney Kim Miale and the good people at Roc Nation. He may be in a small market, but Durant’s loyalty and basketball-first mentality makes him one of the most marketable athletes on the planet.

Read more at 

He Smiles! A Happier Kanye West Shows Up To Celebrate His Birthday With Jay-Z, Nas & Others!

June 9th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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It’s about time we see this man’s eyes light up just a little bit.

On Saturday night, Kanye West and his friends hit up Miss Lily’s Caribbean restaurant to celebrate the rapper’s 36th birthday. Jay-Z and Beyoncé. whom he considers family, came out to celebrate along with rapper Nas, football player Victor Cruz and others all came out to party.


Bey & Jay Get Kissy at Miss Lily’s (Instagram)

While Kim Kardashian was unable to attend (at this point, she probably can’t fly since she’s so close to birth), her sister Kourtney’s boy Scott and Kim’s friend Jonathon were definitely in attendance. Kim also posted a picture on her Instagram wishing the “love of her life and best friend” a happy birthday.

It was good to see Kanye smile in a couple of pictures because don’t get to see that side of him often.  In fact, he really only does it at this point when Jay-Z is around. Bless his little heart at all that “bestie” love.

Ladies, can we talk about the most important thing: Nas is looking  like a sweet treat waiting to be…nevermind.  I’m keeping it clean today but I’m sure you all know where my thoughts were going with that.  Why does he continue to be so fine? He should talk to me about how he preserves all that, you know, over drinks and dinner.

With a baby and a new album on the way, it looks like Mr. West will be busier than ever this year! Happy belated, Yeezy!

Flashback Friday: Throwback Fashions We Adore

April 26th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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From StyleBlazer

By now, you’re probably very aware that StyleBlazer is celebrating its 2nd birthday this week! But don’t think we were going to fete your favorite fashion site without inviting all of the editors to the party. The theme is throwback to 2011.

“I was a huge fan of this Chico’s pearl and turquoise super-statement necklace that was given to me as a gift in 2011, and I still cherish this necklace although I haven’t worn it in a while. I absolutely love statement jewelry, which probably explains why.”

Read more and see more favorite pieces at



Happy Birthday Eddie Murphy — With Your Crazy Self! 15 Hilarious One-Liners From The Funny Man

April 3rd, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Stand up comedian turned actor Eddie Murphy has been making us laugh for over 35 years. He has starred in almost 40 movies, including three stand-up comedy specials, and today the New York native celebrates his 52nd year on this earth. In honor of his special day, here are 15 hilarious lines from the funnyman over the years.

"Eddie Murphy pf"


In his debut as the romantic lead in the 1992 hit Boomerang, Murphy played the dashing womanizing Marcus Graham. In one memorable scene, Graham talks to his boys, played by Martin Lawrence and David Alan Grier, about his ultimate turn off: a beautiful woman with messed up feet.

“She was beautiful but her feet were jacked up. I pulled the covers back and it was hammer time I should’ve known something was up I saw the little bumps on the top of her shoes when I met her but I thought maybe it was an old shoe or something but you would never, ever think a woman that fine would have hammer time in her shoes.”

Double Saving Divas: Tips To Save Money For Your Birthday… And Still Have Fun!

February 27th, 2013 - By Tai and Tarin Perry
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We all have a special day in common — a birthday! With that in mind, there are many retailers and merchants who would love to celebrate with you and offer special discounts and freebies to add to your celebratory day. Here are a few helpful tips to help you celebrate your birthday in a frugal and fun way.

Sign Up for Emails

Most companies have perks for your big day just for signing up for their emails. Think about all of your favorite spots you like to visit –entertainment, restaurants, clothing stores. Be sure to put in your birth date correctly, and watch the emails come rolling in during the month of. We suggest that you create a separate email account to use while signing up for company emails. This will allow you to keep your “birthday” perks organized and to help avoid a build up of emails in your primary account.

Eat Free All Month Long

Go to your favorite restaurant’s website and enter their loyalty program. And this isn’t just for your favorite burger joint. Add your high-end favorites too! To your surprise, they’ll send you a “BIG” discount or most times a free meal to enjoy the month of your birthday. We love to take advantage of this all month long because, most times, you’re not obligated to redeem your discount just on your birthday. Strategically, we’re saving money around our birthday too!  Can anyone say “Date Nights!”?

Read Your Receipts Carefully

Be sure to read your receipts carefully before you toss them away. Many retailers place discount or coupon codes for your use on your next shopping purchase. We like to be very strategic and use these codes when we need them the most. For example, we would use them towards our birthday outfit or to get a free car wash before our night on the town.

Get Picture Perfect On A Dime

We all love to look our best for our big day. Would you like free beauty products to help with that? One of our favorites is Sephora’s Beauty Insider Progam. Not only do we love to get rewarded for our beauty purchases, but we love their complimentary birthday gifts! They’ll give you some of their hottest sellers for free. Many times this allows us to try a product that we normally wouldn’t purchase. And then, we tend to fall in love with the product…Go figure!

Also, check with your local beauty salons to see if they offer any perks for your birthday. There are some salon studios that offer free facials, hair cuts, and even mini body treatments. Shouldn’t you be pampered?

Join On Behalf Of Your Child

These “birthday goodies” aren’t just for adults, they’re for kids too. Some child-play facilities offer discounts and freebies for your child’s birthday.  Toys R Us has a popular birthday club that gives your child a birthday card and special gift for their big day. Not to mention, special savings for you too How cool is that?!

Do and Don’t Look For Loyalty Programs

This may sound like an oxymoron. But, what were trying to say is that you should always be on the lookout for your favorite places’ loyalty program, even when they’re hiding. In many cases, they aren’t advertised. So be sure to ask someone where to sign-up if need be.

Need a jump start with finding “birthday” discounts and freebies? As our birthday gift to you, check out this post titled “Where Do We Get Birthday Freebies?” with over 80 perks we’ve gathered and listed for your convenience.

Happy Birthday!

Tai and Tarin Perry, the Double Saving Divas,  are financially savvy identical twin sisters, and investment bankers turned money saving experts. You can also connect with them on their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Channel.

Join MadameNoire Business and Tai and Tarin for our next Facebook chat this Friday at 3pm. The Double Saving Divas will be online live to answer your questions about saving money, budgeting and finding discounts.