7 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

November 25, 2011 ‐ By Julia Austin

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Usually, we just don’t want to admit it when men don’t feel as strongly for us as we do for them. “That’s just how guys act” is how we explain their behavior. “He is just a little clueless when it comes to relationships” is another one. Look—if a guy really, really likes you, he gets a clue. Better to be aware of these signs that he is not as into you as you are into him, then to let that disparity of feelings continue to grow:

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  • Regmto2001

    Many people in this planet earth wander about tracing for True and real love. They are restless and thinks that one day they shall really find a true love somewhere somehow. Unfortunately this effort has always been met with frustrations of rejection and feelings of loneliness. A a result some have committed suicide while others keep on jumping from one chick to another and from one guy to another. This game is endless and universal. The wisest thing on earth is not to go looking for love but to wait for it. One day real Love, True love shall come your way. Please keep cool.

  • Nefijones1

    This article is on point!

  • kimmie

    This list sounds like the guy is seeing someone else

  • Women really need to stop putting all of their eggs into one basket. Just because you’ve been seeing this guy for a month or two does not make you two life partners. If you guys are not exclusive it’s okay to date around. 

  • Keepin it real…

    This article makes a lot of sense,,,, I learned a long time ago in order to avoid several letdowns/disappointments expect nothing from no one and don’t put more time/effort into someone than they put into you. A lot of (not all) people are only about themselves and are just out for what they can get from a person. It’s just best to not get your hopes up too high….just sayin…

    • Neco84

      I know you wrote this a while ago but I 100% agree. I call it “mirror-ing”. They only text you every other day, you do the same. They don’t get back to you by text in 3 hrs or an entire day. You do the same. Not as a game but why blow up his phone and try to make plans when they arent? Saves you from looking desperate/needy and you see how much effort he puts in.

      • Ruth Bylilly

        SO true…. The guy is the one to pursue, and we chase him he will usually lose interest. Neco 84, as you have stated mirror-ing is a great we to see if he is that into you.