7 Signs Your Feelings Are Stronger Than His

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Usually, we just don’t want to admit it when men don’t feel as strongly for us as we do for them. “That’s just how guys act” is how we explain their behavior. “He is just a little clueless when it comes to relationships” is another one. Look—if a guy really, really likes you, he gets a clue. Better to be aware of these signs that he is not as into you as you are into him, then to let that disparity of feelings continue to grow:


You check with him before you plan:

You don’t say yes to something you’re invited to on a Saturday until you’ve checked to see what your guy is doing. Saturday is the only day you two get to spend much time together, and you wouldn’t want to sabotage that. On the flip side, he just lets you know that he is going to do x, y, or z. It’s already been settled.

You text him for no reason:

You see something cute that reminds him of you. You remember a joke you two shared. You text him. But, what does he text you about? If he only texts you to confirm times and places that you are meeting, you may not be on his mind as much as he is on yours.

He’s met all of your friends:

And you’ve maybe met one of his friends. Yes, there is the need for “guy’s nights,” but, think of all the times he went out with his buddies and didn’t invite you, versus all the times you went out with your friends and did invite him. You basically always invite him. To you, he’s a partner. To him, you’re someone he is dating.

He doesn’t do PDA:

Some guys just don’t do it. But most of them are okay with a little hand-holding and a snuck in kiss here and there. If your guy completely shuns any PDA, that’s not a good sign. He either doesn’t care enough about your feelings to overcome his fear of PDA or,  he just doesn’t get that uncontrollable urge to touch you like you get for him.

You consult him on big changes:

You’re considering changing career paths, or moving apartments, or getting a new car. You ask his advice. You ask him to apartment hunt or car shop with you. Meanwhile, he just invites you one day, out of the blue, to a different address than the one he was living at last week.

His parents haven’t heard much:

He takes you to meet the parents—which you are over the moon about—and it turns out, they know nothing about you. You tell them about an amazing accomplishment of yours that recently happened, and they give you a blank stare. Your guy doesn’t brag about you. You don’t come up in conversation for him if you’re not in front of him. Out of sight, out of mind.

You’re the one that prolongs goodbye’s:

You hold that hug longer. You pull him back into bed multiple times as he tries to get out. You have a dozen cute things you want to say before he closes that car door. And he basically just waits for you to get these things over with.

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