Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2013

December 31, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler

It’s that time of year again: time to look at the celebrities whose shenanigans and foolery went so far, we’ll never look at them the same way again. Here’s a list of 15 famous folks we lost respect for in 2013 and who we hope can get their ish together in 2014.

Celebrities We Lost Respect For

Image Source: WENN.com

Don Lemon

Image Source: Twitter.com

Image Source: Twitter.com

Touré isn’t the only one done with Don Lemon. He lost all of his coming-out-of-the-closet cool points when he endorsed Stop and Frisk, suggested that black folks could succeed if they’d just pull up their pants, and said Bill O’Reilly “doesn’t go far enough” in his criticism of black culture.

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  • crystal

    ;D this is RETARDED

  • booboo

    I have a great amount of respect for Stacy Dash. She does not allow herself to be a pawn for the liberal elites. But I guess she is not “black” enough to stay on the Democrat planation.

  • Paul Glenn

    As long as we are losing respect for people, please tell me we are losing respect for most rap artists…I have been listening to rap for the better part of thirty years and I have to admit that today’s rap and rappers are not bringing it…most of them are sellouts and phonies…the lyrical content of the average rap song is nothing but garbage recorded for the masses…really…what is the true message of a song by Rick Ross? or a song by Lil Wayne? Don Lemon is not an embarrassment, what is more embarrassing is the fact black people will not call out their own, murderers in Chicago, anti-intellectual culture and female lack of respect of self…

  • Whiteeagle

    Love Me Some Stacy Dash, Beautiful Woman Who Goes Against the ‘Flow’

  • Whiteeagle

    Why You All Hatin’ On Porsha For Hinting Kordell Was Queer ? Ain’t That A Compliment For You Folks, To Be Identified With The Struggle Of Ho-Mo-Sexuals ? …

  • Tamira Bennett Volk


  • Tauna Johnson

    Who cares if he’s gay? I don’t

  • Pendy1

    Add junkie Philip Seymour Hoffman

  • Jack_Kennedy

    to bad that the white folk are not ALLOWED to get away with the racist sheeet that goes on with the mooks on this site

  • Sophie

    No mention on Jay Z’s sexualing Ike and Tina’s violent relationship though? I wonder if it’s because the author didn’t know or because everyone idolizes Jay & Bey smh

  • anonymous

    Justin Beiber should have been on this list except for the fact that he had no respect.

  • Jennifer Mann

    You only lost respect for Kanye in 2013??? I lost respect for him YEARS ago! What a douche!

  • Jess

    I dont get why anyone is mad at Robin Thick for the sample when Parrell was the producer of the track????? Because it doesn’t promote Black/white drama. C’mon son!!

  • Nisha L

    He didn’t cheat on his wife. She cheated on him, he didn’t start dealing with his preachers of LA Costar until after his divorce. He married his Co-star and they have 2 children. Now if he showed his weenus…….idk about that and it wouldn’t be becoming of a man of God.

  • cinna

    Portia didnt start those gay rumors about kordell…. the rumor that he was gay has followed him throughout his career. even one of his former team mates wrote in a book (he was writng about his own life story) that the team felt kordell was gay because of certain things that ocurred and they kept hearing about him and other men…. kordell held a meeting in the locker room claiming he wasn’t gay and that he has a bunch of women. right before he married portia it was said he was caught in a parked car in the park having sex with a man and the police let him go with no ticket….of course he denied the police caught him. then all of a sudden he dated and quickly married portia which some folks was saying was a front. so as i said portia didnt start “spreading gay rumors” about him because of the divorce. she in fact denied and defended kordell all while they were married which i belive was fake and so when they were divorcing she just quit lying. and do i beleive he has hit her …umm yes mainly because he is so controlling. usually physical violence accompanies this kind of behavior.

  • Brooklyn MaydMe

    Ummm….didn’t Deitrick Haddon’s wife cheat on him with Isaac Caree??!! I think someone should do a little more research before placing blame.

  • Meandmybish

    These celebs need pr people on hand at all times to control their mouths and their twitter fingers!

  • Guest

    How can you lose respect for someone you never respected to start with ?

  • Sanid

    You are right about Miley & Robin – HOWEVER, would YOU want to be blamed like Paula Deen for something that happened 30 years ago? That’s right – she said it 30 years ago. People learn lessons. Where is forgiveness? What a double standard. We still haven’t forgiven George Bush for drinking 30 years ago, but it’s OK that Obama still associated with hippy terrorist bombers only 8 years before his election. And Stacey Dash again, for this? Didn’t you get enough comments last year defending Stacey’s viewpoint? And re: Trayvon Martin – two black men in hoodies stabbed (11 times), raped and beat a white woman in July 2013. Where was the outrage? It barely made the news – only on conservative outlets. Madame Noire is so one-sided. Open your eyes.

  • CCBanks

    So the fact that LiL Wayne WORSHIPS THE FOKKING DEVIL doesn’t bother you absolute morons, but his disrespect of a dead person, that’s what get’s your goat????

  • Camjacked

    Trayvon was not Murdered. He commited suicide by attacking and attempting to kill an armed individual. Thats what the facts, the Investigation and the Courts said and I agree.

    • CCBanks

      YOU AGREE BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACIST PIECE OF SHlT, who forgot to mention that the “armed individual” was STALKING TRAYVON MARTIN when Martin decided to defend himself. The only thing Trayvon did WRONG was NOT REACT WITH SUFFICIENT VIOLENCE SO AS TO KILL OR INCAPACITATE CRACKA ZIMMERMAN. I wouldn’t make that mistake.

      • Camjacked

        Seriously,everything you wrote was a complete joke. You posture yourself as total idiot. You may have a future though writing fiction and/or Comedy.

      • cupcakeking

        ccbanks…..mad black guy….hahaha. nope, he thought he was a gangsta and he got his black aZZ shot….to bad homie…..lol

  • Normando782

    What is wrong with Lemon`s comments. He has black pride and you lose respect for him because he feels that these anti social dressers are an embarrqassment to the African American community. I only looked at a couple of those you criticize to determine that your comments are ridiculous.

    • Camjacked

      When it comes to being “American” Is you is or is you ain’t? Ther are no African Americans. I’m not Itailian American I’m an American of Italian decent. One has nothing to do with the other.

    • cupcakeking

      I agree….blacks need to clean up thier act and stop acting like violent chowderheads…..

  • Billca

    I don’t know who put this list together, but I’d be willing to bet s/he is still an overt Obama supporter who thinks he’s doing a fine job.

    If you lost respect for some of these people – like Kanye West – in 2013, you really have to ask what took you so long?

    Picking Toure as the moral high ground in arguing with right wingers? Really? Isn’t that like preferring George Wallace over Barry Goldwater because Wallace was a Democrat?

    Paula Deen? Her “crime” was not being so much racist as insensitive to racial sensitivities of people in general and those who would love nothing more than find a way to mooch a solid gold payday off a business or celebrity. What makes her so much worse than, say Jamie Foxx, who told a black audience he loved his role in Django Unchained because “I get to kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?” Add to it that he said “Blacks are the most talented people” and Obama was “our lord and savior”. Imagine if DiCaprio said he enjoyed his role because he got to be a slave-owner for a few days!

    Rachel Jeantel, variously describing herself as 16, 17, and 19, lied multiple times during the whole Martin-Zimmerman debacle. Her credibility suffered greatly when she could not keep her statements straight, admitted to lying, and her social media posts showed that she smoked weed, seemed to have difficulty coping without alcohol and drove drunk. The author doesn’t seem phased that Jeantel tried to cover up Martin’s apparent racist remark about a “crazy a** cracker” or changed her testimony to make it sound like GZ was confronting Martin. But the author implies you must be racist if you question her already questionable testimony.

    • A Cracker

      hmmm cracker is not considered racist. Racism can only happen to an oppressed group. Crackers were the ones who cracked the whips on the slaves (oppressed group). I use the word cracker to describe a racist person. TRUTH!

      • Billca

        “Racism can only happen to an oppressed group.”
        Sorry, no. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another or the inferiority of one or more races. Oppression is not a required element. E.g. If a Black man preaches that “a white man, stripped of his money and technology, is slower, weaker and not as astute as a black man” that is a racist statement. During WWII the Chinese and Filipino peoples, both oppressed by the profoundly racist Japanese empire of the time, adopted racist attitudes to the Japanese. Some of that racism still exists today in China and to a lesser extent in the Philippines.

  • icebull

    Never heard of some of these people!

  • ericamissamerica

    Can’t agree with you on Porsha. Is she dim? Yes, but I know a guy like Kordell who acted just like him, PLUS he was physical. This same guy now arches his brows and hangs with a questionable crowd. Only she knows the truth but at least there was clear evidence that he was controlling. I would not doubt that he shook her every now and again. And honestly what type a guy withholds nookie from his wife? What red blooded black man with a beautiful wife can just turn over like a diva and say no nookie? Really? A man can be at odds with his wife and nature will still take its course….just saying. Kordell is the wuss in this situation if you ask me.

    • IJS

      A man will withhold sex from his wife if he suspects infidelity on her part, or if he’s getting his needs met somewhere else. A man will get bored with having sex with a woman who thinks she’s so beautiful that all she has to do is lay there – that’s one of the reasons men generally cheat with “less attractive” women (because they tend to “work harder”). And surprisingly, there are many completely straight men who find coming home to a dumb woman to be a complete turnoff.

  • Ms Joey Nicole

    I have to defend D.H. He and his 1st wife separated, he moved to Atlanta then moved to California before he met his 2nd wife.

  • Richard Graves

    I think Robin Thicke, nor Lolo Jones should be on this list.

  • Gotcha

    and the most offensive all to society is BEYONCE! You had plenty of time to include her and her antics. No substance nor credibility to this article.

  • chocolate


    • SportsLady STL


      • Wilburforce

        Whassmatter? Truth hurt?

    • It’s Me


  • ibramblebush

    While I don’t agree with Don Lemon stance on taking c0(ks up the culo, he does at times make some very valid critcisms of black people. He’s like Bill Cosby, he says crazy ish that most of us don’t want to hear, but when you give some thought to what he said you find that he does have some validity.

  • Leah Robinson

    Tisk tisk! The ones that really got me were Cheryl Underwood and A$AP is this kind of self hate that’s holding us back as a people.

  • Mc Poosh

    The list should be longer and Robin Thicke doesn’t deserve to be on it.

  • Dreamincolor

    I don’t understand why you lost respect for Keyshia for saying how she felt about Beyonce’s “bow down” record.

    • SportsLady STL

      You know those stans don’t allow bad mouthing about God Bey.

    • enlightenment


    • steph

      Cuz keyshia cole is a nobody!!! Im not a stan, but keyshia needs to go have several seats!

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Losing respect for people would be implying that I actually had respect for them at some point…

    • Janiera Eldridge

      Now that is real talk!

  • lrobinson6

    I personally believe porsha stewart. That ninja gay and them down low brothers be quick to slap a bish lol.

    • Violet

      I Am from Pittsburgh,PA and want you people to know that that is not a rumor that Porsha created, that was out way b4 they even married, when he was a Pittsburgh Steeler.

    • lrobinson6

      yuck I guess one down low brother disagreed.

  • BabyBlue

    In 2014 can MN please make their website mobile friendly. I’m sure you have enough money. Step yo mobile game up.

    • hollyw

      …and no more auto-play videos! …or automatic webpage redirects! Or 3,000 slides with two good points!!

      • BabyBlue

        Amen. They should be on their new york times and usa today level by now.

  • hollyw

    LOL @ that Paula Deen slide! Also, I can’t believe Don Lemon said that about Rush Limbaugh…but I can.

    Smh, for everybody that was defending his weak azz “pull up their pants” list towards stop and risk, bet they didn’t know this man thought that Rush Limbaugh, a proud and known racist, didn’t go too far on his racist stereotypes on Black culture…smh all day lol.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    Lolo Jone’s ignorant a** needs to be promoting Proactiv products, she needs it badly!

  • Jacqueline Perkiñs

    Yep…that list is so right you forgot StevieJ

    • HappilyMarriedSwirl

      Well Stevie J lost all respect years ago

  • guest

    If you actually watched Preachers of LA then you wouldve heard the story of how it really happened.amd until his ex wife who I’m a fan of as well tell her side then I’m going with his version.Two he didn’t tweet a pic of his area Funky Dineva posted it and it still may not be him.if it was then shame on him

  • Alexis Morris

    Lolo Jones looks very hard in her pic…

  • Do me baby

    I never so many fck up people at one time and all these motherfcker are clowns.

  • enlightenment

    I agree with everyone cept Keyshia Cole. IMO, Michelle didn’t perform up to par with Bey and Kelly at the Superbowl. And yes, “bow down” is a cocky song…even Bey would agree with that. It’s “for the haters.”

    And I also agreed with Don Lemon’s 5 Points.

    • Maria

      don Lemon totally agree

  • coolyfett

    What sensitive chick wrote this article? LOL…I see no issue with most of these people….

    • Shutyourface

      Your mom

      • coolyfett


      • SportsLady STL

        What’s sad is you are prob a parent.

      • DooMm

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    • Rebbekah

      The writer has valid points

      • coolyfett


    • njersey5389

      I never knew most of these people existed.