Kirk On Asking Rasheeda For An Abortion: ‘You Don’t Know Where That Woman’s Privates Been’

June 25, 2013  |  

That Kirk Frost ignorance just won’t let up, huh?

Despite having been completely done with this man four episodes ago of “Love & Hip-Hop,” the foolishness that comes out of his mouth continues to baffle me. Take, for instance, the nonsense he told Chicago’s the Morning Riot when he called into the radio show to explain his behavior on LHHATL so far. Just a heads up, it does nothing to help his character. Here’s what he said:

Whether the marriage drama on the show is real

We do argue. We do have these problems. It’s just the cameras are there.

On if he really wants Rasheeda to get an abortion

At that point in time, I said it, but did I really truly mean it? No. I said it because it was messing with our business.  I was really pissed off.  This is my thing, a baby comes out a woman, it don’t come out a guy.  You don’t know where that woman’s privates been.”

Whether Rasheeda cheated before

“Not that I know of, but Rasheeda’s s a rapper….At the time I was going through a lot with my brother having a heart transplant, my other brother in the feds having probems. It was so much going on and Rasheeda and me were in a bad place. It really came across foul but I don’t even remember it being that kind of moment. But when I wanted to have a child last year and the year before, it was like ‘no I gotta make my money–‘

Whether he’s cheated or is cheating

“At that point in time, was I? No.” (Now?) “That remains to be seen.”

If he regrets demanding an abortion/blood test

“I definitely do. I wouldn’t have said that if I felt like I feel now….” She saw what I was going through with my children (he has four others that are not with Rasheeda) and for her to pop up pregnant now, it was a bad time. Why would you do this now? When you’re shelling out $20,000 for a lawyer (he was in court for one of his sons) and have boyfriend problems with your daughter…I was mad.”

If he wants the child now

I definitely want my child. I’m going o have my child. He/she is going to be here.”

The current status of his & Rasheeda’s marriage

“We’re friends.  We’re still husband and wife.  But do we still have some problems to work out, yes we do.”

Y’all can listen to the rest of the madness here. Does this interview clear up anything for you?

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