“I Told You Not To Tell Anyone We’re Married” And Other Messy Moments From LHHNY

November 5, 2013  |  
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Another Monday, another night of messiness. Last night, the second episode of season 4 of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” aired on VH1 and once again Peter and his too-old-for-this-ish shenanigans had everyone talking. Click through to find out what happened between the east coast’s most trifling reality TV love triangle and meet the new characters of LHHNY that we were finally introduced to.

1. Peter Gunz told Amina not to tell anyone they’re married

We said it last night, but it bears repeating: If a man tells you not to tell anyone you’re married, you shouldn’t be married.

Such is the case with Peter Gunz and Amina. After Amina broke the news to Rich Dolla$ about being Mrs. Pankey, Peter lost his cool and boldly admitted, “I gave her five rules and one of them was not to disperse that ish.” Amina you didn’t think that was an issue when he gave you that ultimatum? Anyone else wonder what those other four rules are?

2. Peter’s been stepping out

So although we still have a lot of sympathy for Tara with this whole Peter-Amina situation, the more details ol’ girl gives about her 13-year relationship, the less sympathetic we feel. In the midst of explaining why she flipped on Peter about his pics with Amina, Tara revealed that earlier in her relationship with Peter she found out he had not only still been dealing with his first baby mama but also had another entire family. And you still decided to stay with him Tara? Sorry hunny but history repeats itself and you are living proof.

3. The lost one

This was our introduction to Saigon last night: One night Erica Jean and I got together and decided we wanted to have a kid. When I found out she was pregnant I was shocked.


Somebody get this man a sex ed lesson please. It would be too obvious to say Saigon isn’t the brightest crayon in the box so we’ll just try to find the silver lining in this whole situation: a the father of two kids one month apart (because his girl was already pregnant when he and Erica decided to have a baby), Saigon should always know his kids’ ages.

Sorry, that’s all we got. *Shrug*

4. Let’s play blind vs. blind

There’s nothing scarier than seeing two clueless men give each other advice on parenting and relationships. Unfortunately, we witnessed just that in a game of one-on-one between Peter and Saigon.

Peter, who’s in no condition to tell anyone the sky is blue, put a little bug in Saigon’s ear, claiming he should get a DNA test because he has a cousin with a baby who looks just like him, but found out it wasn’t his. That’s about the last thing a man who is already a half-a**ed parent needs to hear, especially when he already has doubts because his son doesn’t look like him. I’m not saying he shouldn’t get a test, I just don’t want Peter Gunz to be the reason he does.

5. Joe can’t handle Tahiry having a career

So apparently Joe Budden and Tahiry are in therapy to figure out their relationship issues, which is admirable. But Joe, being Joe, seems to be taking their commitment to the umpteenth level so much so that when Tahiry said she had to go out of town for an audition, the Slaughterhouse rapper got in his feelings and started questioning her loyalty to their relationship like he’s not about to be on tour somewhere in the next six months. Sit yourself down.