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Ever watched a movie that was either so good but took you through too many emotional highs and lows, or so bad you wanted to throw your shoe at the screen, that you never want to see it again? Some movies are like that. They’re so gripping, so sad or so wack (that they give you a headache) that when somebody asks about it you have to go through that long sigh and eye roll and tell them why it’s good, but why YOU won’t be watching it again. The following on this list are like that, and I’m sure you’ll agree…be sure to tell us some great (or terrible) movies that you never want to watch again in the comment section!


Talk about a film that just makes you depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this film and thought the movie lived up to the essence of the book, if not making it better. But there’s something about watching a mother verbally abuse their child like they’re a sworn enemy, physically abuse them like a burglar in their home, and watch them force their offspring to satisfy their sexual advances that blew my mind. To see a teenager (Precious was supposed to be 16) go through all that on camera and know it could be happening in real life was too much for my mind. And when her mother threw her baby!? Oh, I was so done. Great movie, amazing at times. But I just cant go there again…

Why Did I Get Married Too? 

I had to put this on for my friend who just couldn’t believe how bad this movie turned out to be. And it’s only worthy of this list because of the fact that the original Why Did I Get Married was such a good movie (Tyler’s best if you ask me). Can we talk about the headache this movie gave me?  Seriously, there were so many problems going on and doors being opened and not adequately closed in the end that I was beyond frustrated with the movie when it was through. As much as I like Tyler Perry, the issue with his films is that he doesn’t develop all his characters well. You can’t introduce the couple with the emotional cheater, the couple with the suspected cheater, the couple with the husband that cant find a job and the couple that’s divorcing and only solve two couples problems (one couple by killing a partner off). This thing was ALL over the place.

Passion of the Christ

Now when I say this film was too much, I’m not kidding. It’s already based off a sensitive story (the final hours of Jesus’ life and his resurrection), but this film, a good one if you really think about it, was a bit too violent, bloody and over-the-top for me. Watching the individual playing Jesus get stabbed, have his skin rip off when whipped, get spit on while carrying the cross was just so extreme for me. It didn’t help that these graphic scenes went on FOREVER–you would have thought the movie was like four hours when it was actually only two thanks to the dragging brutality you have to bear witness to. Roger Ebert, who loved the movie and gave it four stars said, “This is the most violent movie I’ve ever seen.” Yeah, he’s not kidding folks. Great story, but way too gorey for me to watch again.

Do the Right Thing

Don’t get me wrong, this movie is absolutely awesome in its epic-ness–Bed Stuy burning thanks to the racial tensions on the hottest day of the year? What a storyline! But there’s just so much negativity and injustice that happens in it that my blood starts to boil. I love the music in it and the style, and the performances and directing was top notch, but when they killed Radio Raheem AND tore up Sal’s Pizzeria, it was hard to finish the movie without being heated. Maybe it all bothered me because I know that people really do still think so backwards about other races. Now if I see this movie come on television, I just watch the opening to see Rosie Perez dance to “Fight the Power.” Anything else? No mas!

For Colored Girls

Good movie–but another emotionally draining film to watch. From graphic rape scenes that just seemed to drag on forever, to physical abuse and watching babies get thrown from windows, I found myself making the “mm-mm-mm” noise over and over. Any bad thing you could think of damn near happened in For Colored Girls and while I enjoyed the movie for the most part, I don’t think I could sit through it one more time.


Titanic is definitely a movie you need to see, mainly just to figure out what all the fuss is about, but trust me, you only need to see it once. Not only is the movie more than three hours long, but it’s an emotional rollercoaster. You’re rooting for a love affair one minute, and then watching it slip away in the cold ocean waters (Jack could have fit on top of that door too!), and the music makes things ten times worse with its slow flute playing. It’s also probably hard for me to watch people skid down a boat to their death thanks to the fact that this was a TRUE story. Like I said, see it once, and then leave it alone.

Monster’s Ball

This had to be on the list because it was such a good movie that simply got tainted and clouded by Hollywood’s obsession with over-the-top damn near real sex scenes. Did we have to see Halle and Billy Bob getting buck doggystyle on the living room floor? The sex scenes in this movie went on and on and on and on that it was just ridiculous at one point. That, on top of a suicide and all the racist commentary in the movie makes it pretty hard to pick up again after one watch.

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