Miguel Makes Beautiful Music

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MN: How much creative control do you have?

Luckily I’ve been given so much creative control over my project. A lot of the writing I was in my room putting words with sounds together and then bringing them to the studio. I’m not a producer yet, but I working to becoming more involved.

MN: How has the fame been? What’s changed in your personal life?

As of yet, I haven’t experienced fame. But…I do see how things are changing around me and about me. At this point I haven’t suffered in my personal relationships. I still have my anonymity to some extent.  Although I am getting exposure here and there, we’re still building right? I’m still trying to get noticed and just sitting back and watching things change.

I’m not really out there. It’s my job to let them know who I am.

MN: When’s the album due?

October, September is what we’re shooting for. I’m just exciting and just writing. We have basically a pull of records and the majority are locked in. I think its maybe two or three songs that are up in the air. Our intent is to make a complete album, no one song should be out of place.

MN: How concerned are you about having a solid image you stick to?

You know what, I’m not concerned because I know that the way I’m building my brand it’s all about change and growth. I think that that being the focal point of my brand, another part of that being individuality and celebrating that I think the people that connect with my music and connect to me are going to naturally going to like my work. I’m not the kind of person that puts myself in a box. And I think that’s going to be very clear on this album. I’m just putting out there that they should enjoy me. I feel very strongly about my choice of style that I’m comfortable of arching over many different types of sounds. I’m not concerned but I’m paying close attention to it.

MN: Where do see yourself in ten years?

I see myself somewhere all along. [Laughs] No, just kidding. I see myself well established as an artist with a strong fan base. Music is my passion, but it’s a stepping-stone to stable to my family. So now, hopefully wherever music takes me—if its Broadway or writing screenplays or acting, I think I’m going to follow the arts. So, wherever the art takes me, that’s where I’m going.

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