Standing out in a town like Los Angeles is a feat within itself. With a population of 9,862,049 being the sole person in the spotlight takes work. Miguel, Jive’s new R&B artist,  has worked his behind off and is now getting his chance to shine.

His vocals are the type that makes hair stand and panties fall. But his music isn’t just good for baby making — the club or the car, he’s versatile enough for any setting. That’s actually the catch… He can’t be put into one box. While some would classify the half-black/half-Mexican singer in the genre of “R&B” others would call him “Alternative” or even “Pop.” So where do we put him?

We classify him as “Good.” And so do the many artists that he’s written for including: Usher, Musiq Soulchild and Mary J. Blige.

His first single “All I Want Is You” has been getting tons of hype with help from fellow newcomer, J. Cole. The complete album in due in the fall, but he took time for us (before his crazy summer schedule) to talk about his sound and focus.

Madame Noire: What are you up to right now?

Miguel: Right now we’re slowly kind of promoting. Trying to get out the single, “All I Want is You”. Trying to push it on the radio. Have a few dates for shows here and there. I’m pretty much preparing for the album coming.

MN: Do you both get to perform with J. Cole often?

When our paths do cross. And our schedule makes sense, then we do perform together. I’ll ask and he’ll just come through. And I’m trying to do something for his album. Hopefully I can return the favor.

MN: How did you two get together?

Miguel: J. Cole is on the record because Mark Pitts is the one that signed me at the label and he works with J. Cole. I went to Miami to record and he asked him if he’d want to rap and he laid his tracks down. It was exciting how it came about, because I definitely love his work. It’s a good look for fresh talent.

MN: So…who are you Sir? Who is Miguel?

I’m a good guy that likes trouble. And just happens to be stubborn enough to keep on pushing. It’s pretty much the story of anyone who has ambition. Thankfully I was [ambitious] and here I am. Born in raised here in L.A. Grew up in a town called San Pedro, it’s a small town outside of the city.

MN: What’s your ethnic background?

Miguel: My father is Mexican and my mother is black.

MN: So you speak Spanish?

Miguel: Sadly [Laugh], I don’t.

MN: Do you have siblings?

Miguel: Yes, I have a brother and we’re like 3 years and 8 months apart. He’s in his own right one of the most talented, musicians I know. He better, be better than me. That’s how I look at that. You know, through me encouraging him we’ve just started to work together a lot more now on some of my work. But the world is going to hear more of his style in my music as well. This guy he can sing, he can rap—he’s really an MC at heart. He produces, he’s really serious about his craft and always trying to hone what’s in his head. He’s amazing.

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