8 Common Sex Injuries And How To Heal Them

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In sex, like in sports, you’re making sudden movements, and your adrenaline is rushing. Therefore, you may not always notice when things are going awry. So during sex, as with sports, you can unexpectedly get hurt! Here are some of the most frequent sex injuries you can sustain while having a roll in the hay.

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A lost object

The most common objects to get lost up there are condoms and tampons. If a woman forgets to take a tampon out before sex, it can get pushed further into the vagina during sex. Don’t worry: it can’t travel up into the body. The opening of the cervix is not large enough for that.

What to do

In many cases, you can get the object out yourself. Don’t try this immediately after sex, as your vaginal canal is still aroused and open. After your vagina “shrinks” again, that alone should push the object to a place where you can reach it. In some cases, though, you might just have to have a doctor get it out.


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Bruised Cervix

It sounds awful because it is awful. If a woman has sex with a man with an abnormally large penis, or sex is way too rough, the penis can touch and bruise the cervix. Women will often feel abdominal pain, and even notice some bleeding if this occurs.

What to do

There isn’t much one can do to speed up the healing other than refrain from having sex for a little bit. You can also see a doctor about getting medications to deal with the pain.

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Vaginal tearing

Most women experience this at some point in their lives, and it’s not as dramatic as it sounds. Vaginal tearing is just the term for tiny little cuts in the vagina that occur during sex. These can cause a burning sensation when you pee, or just general tingling down there.

What to do

Vaginal tearing often happens because you’re not lubricated enough for penetration. Asking your partner for some more foreplay ahead of time, or just buying some good lubricant, can help with this. However, if your dryness down there is extreme, see a doctor.

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A penis fracture

A penis can’t actually break because it’s not a bone. However, if a large object falls on a penis while it is erect, or it is bent rapidly in one direction, the blood vessels can break. And this is extremely painful.


What to do

This one is pretty serious. If this happens to your partner, go to the emergency room immediately. Your doctor will most likely have to perform surgery. If a penis fracture is not treated right away, the man can lose his ability to have future erections.

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A pulled muscle

There’s a lot of thrusting, a lot of angles, a lot of bouncing and a lot of things that can lead to a pulled muscle during sex. For men, in particular, it’s easy to pull a muscle in their thighs if they’re on their knees thrusting away.

What to do

Luckily, most pulled muscles due to sex can be treated the same way any pulled muscle is treated: with some ice packs, elevation of the pulled muscle, and rest from whatever activity caused it.

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Rug burn

Did you spend some prolonged time on your knees? Maybe you and your partner just couldn’t wait to make it to the bed? For whatever reason, you were rubbing some part of your body on the rough rug (or bamboo bathroom mats) for a while, and now you have rug burn!

What to do

If it is just a little rug burn, putting ice on the area will calm it down, and it will heal quickly. If you got scratched up and there’s blood, apply an antiseptic right away. Think about it: you have an open wound, and you were repetitively rubbing it on one of the dirtiest parts of the house.

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Bites are one of the most common “injuries” sustained during sex. Maybe you’re into vampire role play, or maybe you just got too into the moment. But you’ve probably bitten your partner one time or another. One man went so far as to bite his partner’s neck, which caused a blood clot and an eventual stroke.

What to do

In most cases, the bite will heal on its own. But you may want to apply an antiseptic since you have an open wound, because whatever bacteria was in your partner’s mouth probably got into it.

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Broken bones

The sex itself doesn’t cause the broken bones; it’s the sexual positions. Many couples who attempt shower sex end up slipping and breaking something.

What to do

Go to the doctor! It doesn’t matter if you’re embarrassed about how the break happened (à la Sex Sent Me to the ER). A broken bone is a broken bone. It’s serious.



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