Is It Getting Hot In Here? 11 Past And Present TV Couples With The Hottest Chemistry

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If I watch a show and the main couple’s chemistry is flat, I count it against the show as a whole. But if the main couple’s chemistry (or the main character and their side-piece) steam up the screen, I’ll be watching…consistently. An on-screen couple with awesome chemistry is a must, and these 11 pairs made their characters’ love all the more believable.

Mary Jane Paul and Andre Daniels

There were so many times during the first season of “Being Mary Jane” that I wanted Mary Jane to woman up and leave Andre’s married behind alone. But I can’t lie, their chemistry was insane. They’re probably the only two people in the world who could make getting down in the foyer of a home and in a dirty gym shower enticing.

Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant

Like Mary Jane and Andre, I’m not crazy about Olivia and Fitz as a couple for the long run, but I would be lying if I pretended like they don’t have some of the best chemistry on TV. The way they look at each other. The way they damn near devour each other when they kiss. It’s on-screen chemistry and passion at its finest, even if Kerry Washington claims those scenes are actually “awkward” to film.

Janie Crawford And Tea Cake

It makes sense that Halle Berry and Michael Ealy dated in real life, because they were on fire in the TV movie, Their Eyes Were Watching God. The actual movie wasn’t all that, but just watching their interactions, and yes, their sex scenes, made it worth tuning in to.

Stringer and Donette

We didn’t get to see too many scenes involving Stringer (Idris Elba) and Donette (Shamyl Brown), and we were fully aware of the fact that their sexual relationship was dead wrong. She was the girlfriend of D’Angelo Barksdale, who was Avon’s nephew (and Stringer was Avon’s BFF). But damn it if their scenes didn’t have us feeling hot and bothered. But then again, anything with Idris is likely to make you sweat just a little. Check out one of their steamy scenes here.

Moesha Mitchell and Q

These two didn’t take their relationship to the next level on-screen (remember, it was a show for the tweens), but they were definitely a cute duo. And they had to be a cute duo in order for them to make us believe that his character was anywhere near her age. Moesha might have been in high school, but Q looked like he was 25 with two kids…

Maxine Shaw and Kyle Barker

The sexual tension between these two was everything. They might have pretended that they couldn’t stand one another in the first few seasons, but we were happy to see these two characters, as accomplished and good looking as they were, get together…and get it on.

Dr. Preston Burke and Dr. Cristina Yang

Dr. Burke and Dr. Yang’s relationship was definitely a rocky one, but their chemistry was electric. It would have been nice to see how far they could have gone, but alas, Washington hurled a gay slur at one of his co-stars and had to get the boot from the whole. The good news is, he did return to help say goodbye to Dr. Yang earlier this year…but sadly, he revealed that he was finally married to the “love of my life.”

Stefan Urquelle and Laura Winslow

When Jaleel White was everyday Steve Urkel on “Family Matters,” his chemistry with Laura Winslow was okay. Remember, it took her way too long to figure out that she wanted anything to do with him romantically.

But when White was Stefan Urquelle, not only was the studio audience screaming for him (taking off glasses and putting on a suit goes a long way), but Laura was all over him. They were too cute together!

Ahsha Hayes And Derek Roman

Derek spent most of the first season of “Hit The Floor” trying to seduce the drawls off of Ahsha, knowing that she had a man and was a ‘good girl’ (unlike Jelena). I think it was that sexual tension that helped the show do so well (cause the writing wasn’t mind-blowing). And it also helped that Derek was oh so fine!

Martin Payne and Gina Waters

These two weren’t a steamy duo, but they were pretty adorable and had great chemistry. And only great chemistry could disguise the fact that these two were at odds by season five because of claims of sexual harassment…

Kenny Chadway and Maxine Joseph Chadway

We didn’t get to see these two have many really hot and heavy sex scenes, but they had great chemistry and were very charming together on-screen. Plus, Rockmond Dunbar made any scene he was in all the more delicious.

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