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Last year, the wonderful Stephanie Guerilus did a list article on 8 faces that have appeared on multiple reality television shows.  This year, we’re back with more people, more shows, and a display of dedication to the reality show hustle like never before.  There are so many (Noah, from Bad Girls Club season 3, and Saddle Ranch, I see/saw you!), but I wanted to include the most notable ones.  Now, I’m not here to bash anyone’s grind.  Actually, it’s the opposite, we’re here to bask in their longevity, starting with:

Ezra “Buddha” Masters 

In the midst of cultivating an acting career, Ezra also sprinkled reality shows appearances in the mix.  Though many remember his reality show exploits in “I Love New York 2” by his choking up Tailor Made, or his overbearing nature in “I Love Money 2,” he also appeared on “Hell Date,” and “Gay, Straight, or Taken.”


Angela “Myammee” Pitts

Angela first made her mark on reality television on “Flavor of Love 3.”  When a suspicious call was made that led to her elimination, she was able to redeem herself by winning season 2 of the popular show “I Love Money.”  But she made a reality show come back when she sought dating advice from acclaimed dating coach Natalie Clarice from her show “Find Me My Man.”

Joslyn Pennywell

After appearing on cycle 11 of “America’s Next Top Model,” Joslyn Pennywell continued to pursue her modeling career, but also followed the allure of more reality television.  Two years after her Top Model appearance, she was on “The Millionaire Matchmaker” looking to be paired up to a good mate.

Stassi Shroeder

When I saw Stassi on a promo for “Vanderpump Rules,” Bravo TV’s spin-off for “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “star, Lisa Vanderpump, I knew I’d seen her before.  Then it hit me:  “QUEEN BEES!”  “Queen Bees” was a reality show that was on “The N” that was hosted by Yoanna House (America’s Next Top Model season 2 winner).  Stassi, who was also an “Amazing Race” contestant, lived with six other women under one roof.  The show consisted of women who were secretly nominated to be on the show by their loved ones to help them with their rude and narcissistic behavior.  This method of secretly getting people on shows to change would also be used on the next person on this list…

Andre/Dre P

After being blindsided by thinking he auditioned for another reality show, Dre P was then alerted that he was actually “a tool,” and there was an academy waiting to help shape him to be less-tool-like.  Appearing on the second season of VH1’s “Tool Academy,” Dre P made it to the top seven, before he and his girlfriend were evicted from the house.  But don’t worry, he was seen, sans cornrows, on Oxygen’s fourth season of the Bad Girls Club spin-off “Love Games.”  But apparently there is something about “bad girls” because Andre appeared and cultivated a relationship with season 10’s “Bad Girls Club” participant, Stephanie George.

Erica Mena

Speaking of “bad girls,” the current reality star from “Love and Hip Hop New York” first got her taste of reality television cameras on “Kourtney and Khloe take Miami.”  Here’s a clip of her teaching Khloe how to speak Spanish.  Enjoy.

Jennavecia Russo

Every character has to have a foil, on Season 2 of “Bad Girls Club,” Jennavecia Russo’s foil was Tanisha Thomas.  As Jennavecia resulted to pranks, Tanisha resulted to her fists, and the two were put on notice to either shape up or ship out.  When Jennavecia quit the show’s mandatory job, she was asked to pack her bags and “leggo.”  But, she wasn’t gone from television sets for long. Shortly after, she appeared on the third season of “Tool Academy,” where she also got into physical and verbal altercations.

Ray J

This list isn’t just for people who are trying to seek fame, no.  This list also showcases people who are already well known but went the reality show route, like Mr. Ray J.

After a successful music career, Ray J decided to find love on his own show, “For the Love of Ray J.”  After it’s second season, he and his sister Brandy showcased their “Family Business” to the world through reality television.  After releasing the song of “hitting it first,” he became the first host of “Bad Girls All Star Battle” as the show goes into its second season.

Mehgan James

Speaking of battles, Mehgan James was not a new comer to reality television when she made her mark on girls faces “Bad Girls Club.”  She actually made her first appearance on 50 Cents’ now defunct reality show “The Money and the Power.”  Mehgan made it to the top four, but was eliminated, and soon went on to “Bad Girls Club” and “Bad Girls All Star Battle,” where she came across…

Natalie Nunn

After letting all of the viewing audience know that she “runs LA,” on the fourth season of “Bad Girls Club,” she let it be known that we’ll be seeing her on reality television soon.  Not one for idle threats, Natalie soon reappeared on our sets for different seasons of “Bad Girls Club,” “Love Games” season two, “Bridezillas” as she married her husband, Jacob Payne, and “Bad Girls All Star Battle.”

Joanna “Cocktail” Hernandez

So many bad girls… Joanna first made her reality show debut on the first season of “Bad Girls Club.”  She was a replacement girl, and had the tag line:  “If you’re rich, I’m your Beyotch.”  This came to haunt her as she tried to find love on “For the Love of Ray J,” when the girls tried to out her as a gold digger.

Two for the price of one:

Sveltlana Shusterman…

was first introduced to us on the 17th season of the “Real World.”  Known fondly to her friends as “That crazy Russian Chick,” Sveltlana attempted to try to navigate from depending on her family and becoming more independent.  But she enjoyed her parents’ money as the MTV cameras followed her on her bi-costal 21st birthdy celebration on the show “My Super Sweet Sixteen.”  She also was a runner up on “The Duel,” The Real World/ Road Rules Challenege show.

Diem Brown…

was first introduced to us as “Fresh Meat” on another installment of “The Challenge.”  That season, she and her partner Derrick came in fourth place.  As she made her return for “The Duel,” she had just finished cancer treatments for ovarian cancer.  Proving to be a survivor, she participated “wig-less,” showing tremendous courage, and cultivated a relationship with the ever-so-fine, CT.  She later appeared on the show “MADE,” which also chronicled her cancer recovery.  She appeared on other seasons of “The Challenge,” but earlier this year, she made a triumphant comeback after battling another bout of ovarian cancer.  Strong girl.

Jonna Mannion

Pre-teens and teenagers have a lot of energy and need some place to expel it, and so, “Endurance” was created to fill that void.  Featuring contestants from 12-15, the show, which seems like a mesh between “The Challenge” and “Survivor” is where Jonna Mannion first got her taste of reality show stardom.  From there, she was a cast member on “The Real World: Cancun,” and several seasons of “The Challenge.”  She also was on an episode of “Engaged and Underaged” (not a member of a young couple) and she’s on TruTv’s “Rehab:  Party at the Hardrock Hotel.”

Camilla Poindexter

Bad girls, bad girls.  Whatcha gonna do?  Camilla Poindexter gained a lot of attention as the hard hitting replacement that fought more people in the short time of her stay, than anyone else on the 8th season of “Bad Girls Club.”  But, this wasn’t her first bout with reality television  Camilla first appeared on the show “Momma’s Boys” as she tried to seek love.  She then went on to appear on a season of “Love Games,” and is set to appear on the second season of “Bad Girls All Stars.”

Ashley Cheatham

Final bad girl for the final page.  Ashley Cheatham came on the scene on the fifth season of “Bad Girls Club:  Miami.”  She came with replacement, Christina Hopkins who was, apparently, an aficionado on saying the “n-word.”  After getting into the last volatile fight that ended the season, Ashley went on to also appear on VH1’s “Mama Drama.”


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