Foods That Will Make You Happy, Calm, And Boost Confident Before A Date

July 1, 2013  |  
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Going on a late night date and don’t know what to fuel yourself with before? Or maybe you just get cranky if you’re a little hungry? Be sure your pre-date foods are working for your love connection, and not against it! Snack on these while doing your mascara.


Dark chocolate

Properties in dark chocolate can reduce multiple hormones that cause stress, but also, research has shown that giving yourself anything that you perceive as a treat immediately reduces anxiety levels.

Coconut water

We lead busy lives, and even if you are excited for your date, your body might not be after a long day of work, or errands, or a tough workout. The last thing your skin needs on a date is dehydration. Coconut water is one of the most hydrating beverages you can grab. It will pump electrolytes through you fast and revive you.


A natural diuretic, celery will help you release water weight before a date, plus its high fiber content will keep you full meaning you won’t gorge on the actual date.



Pair this with the celery for healthy fats that will stabilize blood sugar, along with your moods. Nobody likes a hungry/cranky date.

Sliced turkey

Another food to keep you from overeating on the date due to its high-protein is turkey. This meat also contains tryptophan, which releases serotonin and makes you feel relaxed.

Pumpkin seeds

If you feel tired almost every day, your magnesium levels could be low. Magnesium helps turn glucose into energy and just ¼ cup of pumpkin seeds contains your recommended daily amount. Grab a handful before a date for an instant energy boost.


Add it to your tea—or really anything you consume before a date. Cinnamon is another blood sugar stabilizer and henceforth, a mood stabilizer. Cinnamon is also fast acting, working its magic within just 15 to 90 minutes.


Just one ounce of this salty snack provides you with 6 grams of protein and 3.5 grams of fiber. Keep a ziplock baggy of the nuts in your purse on any date for those times when you have to wait an hour for a table at a restaurant.

Green tea

For a natural energy boost that doesn’t come with the crash of coffee or energy drinks, drink a cup of Green tea. Just one eight-ounce cup gives you 24 to 40 milligrams of caffeine. Added perk: green tea is more effective in fighting bad breath than toothpaste, mints or gum.



A small carbohydrate-loaded snack boosts that feel-good serotonin production. For a little relaxation and confidence boost, have half an English muffin or a piece of toast right before your date.


Starch is your body’s main source of energy, but foods like bread, pasta and potatoes tend to cause gas, which is the last thing you want on a first date! If you’re having an after-dinner date and need real food before you go, try having brown rice as the base of your dinner and pair it with non-gaseous veggies like mushrooms or bell peppers, plus a protein.

Low-fat Greek yogurt

The probiotics in Greek yogurt improve digestion and help reduce bloat. Plus the protein will stabilize your blood sugar and yogurt reduces bad breath.


Strawberries boast a high water content that will hydrate you and can make your skin light up. Add to that the vitamin C, which helps calm nerves.


Walnuts are packed with Omega-3’s, which do wonders for making you feel alert, keeping your brain active, making you feel happy and again keeping your skin and hair shining.

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