We Know It Can Get Boring: 14 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship

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So you’ve found that one guy that makes you feel amazing, beautiful, loved, cared about, and special. You’ve been with him for years, so the honeymoon phase is long gone and you’ve noticed that things are getting a bit stale. The longer you’re with your significant other, the more likely it is that things can get dull and boring. Here are 14 ways to ensure that your relationship remains exciting, alive, and burning.

Keep the love flowing.

Love has no existence unless it’s shown each and every day. While you may say those special three words, there needs to be meaning behind them. Hold hands. Kiss each other in public. Be flirtatious and playful.

Dress to impress.

Once you’re in a relationship, you probably slack off on your looks and it’s likely you don’t dress to catch eyes anymore. Surprise him by dressing up nicely and see just how often his eyes land on you.

Set goals and strive to reach them.

When you’re in it for the long term, have goals for both of you to reach. Maybe plan to buy a home in a new neighborhood, work towards a healthier lifestyle, or redecorate a room in your apartment. Ambition is important in a relationship.

Practice open communication.

Sometimes a relationship can go south when the people involved stop listening and sharing with each other. Share your ideas, your future plans, and always keep an open mind and ears.

Plan a surprise date.

Trick your boyfriend into going on a date with you, like old times. Plan something fun and exciting, and be sure it’s something you both like and will enjoy doing.

Spend some time apart.

Spending too much time together can cause a relationship to get boring. Go out one night with the girls and take some time apart from your guy. Missing each other will keep your relationship full of emotion.

Try new things in the bedroom.

Sex and physical attraction are important in an exciting relationship. Take turns in the bedroom and spice things up by trying new things.

Learn together.

There’s nothing better than being able to soak in new knowledge together. Go to a local museum, learn how to cook or bake, or read a book together.

Surprise visits.

If possible, go to your boyfriend’s job and invite him out to lunch, or just stop by for a few minutes to say hi. Don’t make this a habit, but once every few months a surprise visit is ideal.

Have special moments.

When the honeymoon phase of the relationship ends, boredom can set in. Find ways to surprise your significant other with a card, a love note, or an unexpected phone call.

Spend time with others.

While you’ll want to spend time together, plan a party with friends and family that will allow you to be near each other, but not attached at the hip. This gives both of you time to do something fun without being apart.

Encourage new experiences.

A mundane relationship can be due to a lack of new experiences. When a couple gets comfortable, they sometimes stray away from doing new things. Avoid this by keeping an open mind and be willing to try new things with your partner.

Go out more often.

Staying at home for too many nights in a row can easily turn a relationship into a boring one. Plan a night or a weekend to spend time elsewhere. Go camping, rent a hotel room in the city, or go on a roadtrip and stay in a new state.

Be friends as well.

Of course being boyfriend and girlfriend is a step above anything, but most importantly, you’ll want to remain good friends. Listen to each other. Learn new things about each other. Do silly things.


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