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We all have that one aunt or uncle that we can count on to always keep it real. You know the one who wouldn’t even sugar coat something if they worked in a candy shop. The one who you can always rely on to say the things that we all think in our heads but would never say out loud? LOL, now imagine if that aunt or uncle were a celebrity and given a platform to tell it like it is to millions of people. Check out this list of celebrities who have had absolutely no problem telling the world exactly what they thought or how they felt.

Chaka Khan

Almost anyone with an ounce of compassion cringed as they learned the morbid details the surrounded Whitney Houston’s death and Clive Davis’ decision to continue his Grammy party while Whitney’s dead body still remained in the hotel. Celebrity after celebrity recounted the details of the party stating how they were celebrating her life and how Whitney would’ve wanted the show to go on. Thankfully, Aunt Chaka put an end to all of that tomfoolery in her Piers Morgan Tonight interview. She boldly stated without even flinching that Davis’ decision not to cancel his party was pure “insanity” and that was not something Whitney would’ve wanted. She went on to rebuke the idea that the party was a tribute to Whitney’s life because a tribute would’ve consisted of dinner and a prayer, not an all out party. Good to know that someone in Hollywood has some sense.

Michael Eric Dyson

As an author, radio host, and sociology professor, he has several different platforms to share his thoughts. Almost every time this man opens his mouth I think to myself, “Gosh, he is going to say what he thinks whether you wish to hear it or not.” Whether he’s commenting America’s race relations, the culture of Hip Hop, or any other debatable topics, you can count on him to deliver the raw truth. He’s the king of intellectually schooling and shutting down racist television commentators.

Whoopi Goldberg

America loves Whoopi Goldberg as an actress, but they seem to love her even more as a comedian and television personality because of her candid tell it like it is attitude. From debating controversial topics with her co-hosts on The View or calling out guests from suspect comments, this lady rarely ever appears reluctant to speak her mind.

Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell is infamous her blunt personality. Her role as a judge on BET’s Sunday Best seems to have only magnified this personality trait. If the show’s judges were given good cop/bad cop roles she would certainly assume the role as bad cop for her raw critique of the show’s contestants. Her “tell the truth and shame the devil” approach rubbed many the wrong way when it came to Whitney Houston’s death, however. Many felt as a person who was really close with Whitney, Kim disclosed way too much personal information surrounding the singer’s personal struggles to the media.

Whitney Houston

We will always fondly remember Whitney Houston, not only for her outstanding vocal abilities, but also for her straightforward personality. Of her many up close and personal interviews, the most memorable would have to be the Wendy Williams interview she did on 107.5 WBLS. Wendy relentlessly blasted her over the years for her questionable behavior and it was one of the only times  that the two would actually be able to hold a full conversation. Finally able to confront the woman who taunted her for so many years, Whitney held no punches. She said exactly how she felt and still gave Wendy a great interview by honestly answering the questions she felt comfortable responding to and letting Wendy know when she went too far with the questions and comments by politely advising her to “Watch what the f***” she said.

Jazmine Denise is a freelance writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

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