How to Tell If Your Guy Is Intimidated By Your Success (And What To Do About It)

July 27, 2012  |  

He Hangs Around People Who Don’t Encourage Growth

We all have those friends or acquaintances that don’t seem to be going down the same path in life professionally, and after a while, it becomes a strain on the friendship. If you find that your man might hang around too many of the same people from his past that aren’t goal-oriented, driven or on their way to becoming successful, it might be time to evaluate why he chooses those friends. It might be his boy from around the way and they grew up together, but now, all his friend does is work for minimum wage while in living in the basement of his mother’s house (and is fine with it!). Even though your man might be a few notches from his friend, visualizing success is sometimes all about the company you keep. These same friends could be encouraging his contentment with his current situation, and leave him stagnant in life while you’re on the come-up. Don’t let other people’s reality be your man’s future.

He Overcompensates For What He Can’t Give You

It might be a bit much if you expect your mate to pay for every meal and have flowers and jewelry waiting for you when you come home from work every day, but in a relationship, it’s normal to expect a little appreciation in different ways. It doesn’t always have to be something wrapped in a big, red bow, but it should outwardly show your love for each other sometimes. If your man is intimated by your financial situation being better than his, he might try to overcompensate, or try to “trump” you, financially or in other areas. Remember the Martin episode where he first found out that Gina (Tisha Campbell) was making more money than he was? Mix that news in with a healthy dose of ego and pride, and you have an insecure show-off on your hands who feels threatened that he isn’t necessarily the main provider, as some men like to feel.

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