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When I started on my first venture of “Where Are they Now?”  It was really hard to try to pick which Flavor of Love girls to focus on.  There were a total of 65 and I didn’t want to focus on some of my favorites and leave others behind.  So, to be fair, I chose the final three from each season.  But you amazing readers, had your favorites and you wanted to know what happened to them.  Wanting to make you happy and put those gorgeous smiles on those gorgeous faces, we’re back again with our Reader’s Request version.  We read the ones that you wanted to know about and we’re gonna give them to you!

We also included a few that you didn’t ask for, but definitely left a mark in Flav’s rented mansion and burned images in our brains that we haven’t been able to forget…  Let me know if I missed anyone else!
Hottie/ Schatar Sapphira
Reality television is full of colorful characters, but I doubt that anyone held a candle to Ms. Schatar Sapphira, who Flav named Hottie.  She made the show even more entertaining with her grandiose claims, inability to cook chicken and holding on to certain “truths” as if her life depended on it (“This is my real hair…”  “Everyone who knows me says I remind them of Beyonce…”  “This is my man, my mansion and my money…”)
After being cut from Flavor of Love because Flav perceived her as a gold digger (now why would he have make that accusation?) the University of Pennsylvania graduate continued to stay active.  She participated in VH1’s Flavor of Love Girls Charm School and had bit parts in movies, televisions shows, and even appeared in magazines.  She appeared in the Game Show Networks’ show Baggage, where her dog threw up on the stage.  In 2012 she attended the Grammys, and you can listen to her thoughts of some of the top names in the music industry biting her style in this youtube video.
But if you want to recreate the experience of watching Schatar, please go to her website.  If nothing else, you’ll be highly amused.  But I will say this, I was pleasantly surprised by her website’s intro, her song was actually really good.
Goldie/Courtney Jackson
Goldie won the hearts of fans as the funny contestant who kept it real at all times, even during a lie detector test that everyone else failed.  Because she became so popular, after Flav cut her for seeing her as only a friend, she did stand up comedy.  After being cut from Flavor of Love Girls Charm School, the pre-Academy Award winning Mo’Nique offered Courtney a place touring with her and her comedy troupe.
What happened?  After Courtney made some hurtful jokes at Monique’s expense she recanted the invitation.  Not being deterred, Courtney has appeared in the movie “Ton’s of Love,” and auditioned to be a video girl on KC and Jojo’s “Coming Clean” reality show.
Smiley/Leilene Ondrade
Smiley, the beautiful “lost soul” of VH1.  After finalizing her divorce days before appearing on the first season of Flavor of Love, she couldn’t get past her broken marriage and fight for Flav’s heart, leading to her elimination.
After Flavor of Love, she came in 2nd on Flavor of Love Girls Charm school, getting a model contract and winning $20,000.  She appeared on “I Love Money 2” where she was the 3rd contestant eliminated.  She continues to act and model in LA, and she has opted to work behind the scenes, producing movies and shows.
Red Oyster/Abigail Kintanar
Abigail Kintanar was an actress, then she decided to try her luck in reality television and unwittingly became part of urban vernacular.  Named Red Oyster, she made her claim to fame on Flavor of Love as Flav’s spy, and her nickname is now synonymous with spying, being a mole, and a snitch.
After the show, she went back to her roots as an actress and has appeared in multiple movies and television shows in bit parts, while still wearing red.  Also, she’s the only girl from the first two Flavor of Loves that has maintained a friendship with New York.
Somethin’/ Tykeisha Thomas
Flavor of Love 2 boasted the highest ratings for VH1 that season and topped the loogey heard round the world with another dubious mistake of a contestant named Somethin’.  After hours of drinking and barely eating, right after the elimination round on the first episode, Somethin’s bowels couldn’t take the pressure and she defecated on the floor and stairs.
Before the poop heard round the world, Tykeisha was an adult toy model.  After the show, she went back to her adult roots and recently performed in a movie with Brian Pumper.
Bootz/Larissa Aurora
When Larissa bent over and shook her butt cheeks for Flavor Flav, she got the name “Bootz”, with many people attempting to re-create that butt shaking move.  Bickering with some of the girls, and making friendships with others, Bootz made it to the final four before being eliminated by Flav for being celibate.
After Flavor of Love 2, she appeared on Charm School where she was the main antagonist, arguing with fellow contestants and Mo’Nique.  After the show, she appeared in Fabulous’ video “Baby Don’t Go,” and appeared in multiple magazines.  In 2009 she got married and had two children.  After getting her shape back she’s still called to do photo shoots, just participating in one a few days ago.
Buckeey/Shay Johnson
The Atlanta native won viewers over with her “keeping it real” attitude and dance ability.  Before attending FOL2 she was a video model and appeared in multiple videos.  She was elminated from FOL2 for having a balcony fight with Krazy.
Where is she now?  After coming in fourth on Charm School, Shay appeared along side Larissa in Fabulous’ “Baby Don’t Go” video.  She was also in the defunct season of “I Love Money 3” along with Deelishis which is rumored to being reshot due to the Ryan Jenkins incident. Besides that little blip of a sex tape circling the web, she performed in Atlanta’s Pocketbook Monologues, was rumored to be linked romantically to Andre 3000 and Plies, she’s still being pictured in multiple magazines and releasing her own line of calendars.
There was also a rumor for some time with her being romantically linked to Lil’ Scrappy, but as of now they’re only assumptions; and you know what they say when you assume:  You have an “A$$” that will be groped by Lil’ Scrappy on this Monday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.” at 9/8c.  Well… I think that’s the saying…
Buckwild/Becky Johnston
Referenced as “that white girl who wanted to be black,” Buckwild came in Flav’s house competing for his love, but also proving to people that her persona wasn’t an act, this is who she was all day everyday.  When New York made a comeback, Buckwild eliminated herself and walked away from Flav; only to return at the reunion to throw a shoe at New York.
After the shoe incident, Buckwild appeared on FOL Charm School (came in 3rd) , appeared on  “I Love Money 2” being one of the main antagonists on the show, and participated in Hole in the Wall with fellow contestants Saaphyri and Brooke/Pumkin.
Deciding not to  do anymore reality television for a while, she has went to attend reality television awards, was on Talk Radio and talk shows, and she had her own internet blog-talk radio.  As of now, she provides colorful commentary on her Twitter page.
Saaphyri/Saaphyri Windsor
Within the first 20 minutes, Saaphyri, the 54th and Crenshaw native with the $800 Indian hair, a large set of lungs, and an extreme dislike of flowers (“Don’t be hitting me with flowers!!“) made a name for herself by fighting with fellow contestant H-Town.  After performing a prayer full of obscenities, she offered her former combatant some “Lip Chap.”
After being eliminated by Flav for being the aggressor, Saaphyri won FOL Charm School (which contains one of my favorite Mo’Nique moments), then released a line of “lip chap” and came in number 5 in I Love Money 2.  Right after arriving back in LA from taping I Love Money 2 in Mexico, she was arrested for identity theft and forgery, resulting in 2 years of jail time.   Since being released she has popped back in the Hollywood scene, attending parties, having bit parts in movies and starring in plays, and interviewing people on red/black carpets in Hollywood.
Toastee/ Jennifer Toof
There was no surprise why Flav named Jennifer Toasteee, she was extremely sauced by the time Flav gave her her nickname.  After four episodes, she had one of the most infamous eliminations on the show when Flav revealed that she was a Adult Videos star (even though she adamantly denied it until Flav pulled out the proof) and showed it to the entire house.
After that debacle she continued to focus on her medical degree, and attempted to clean up her image by appearing on FOL Charm School and I Love Money, landing in the final five.  She was engaged, but sadly her fiance died in 2009, and she has been trying to keep his memory alive.
Seezinz/ Autumn Joi
Flavor of Love 3 opened with a new set of women, and a feud that started from the first episode and ended to the second to last one.  Seezins, the DC native, was the foil to Sinceer, and the two bickered and verbally fought throughout the show.
Before appearing on the show, she was a DJ on a radio station in DC, so after being eliminated she was rumored to be with Mike Beasley, the football star.  She went back to her roots and continued to interview celebrities on 50 Cent’s website, and being part of a radio trio in DC called Star Power radio.  She has interviewed celebrities like Kanye West, Trey Songz and Tyson Beckford.
Hotlanta/ Nicole Essignman
Hotlanta was the woman who seemed to have genuine affections for Flav, but was thwarted by her competitors for airing out any dirt on her that they could from her children’s paternity results, accusations of herpes, being a drunk and being a gold digger.  Flav eliminated Hotlanta in one of the most bogus ways ever, by giving her a clock while simultaneously giving her the deuces.
After the show, she did her requisite club appearances, magazine shoots, participated in a calendar.  But in 2010 she was arrested for 3rd degree assault of a minor.  Confused on what happened?  Read her account of what happened.  I’m hoping that things are good for her now.
Prancer/Mercedes Clausen
This Heely wearing, blonde weaved vixen attempted to roll her way into Flav’s heart on FOL 3.  After being eliminated for allegedly letting people in on the goings on between her and Flav behind closed doors, Prancer was not deterred.
Appearing on I Love Money 2, she came in fourth place, used her fame to help promote awareness for juvenile diabetes, and helped a young writer with one of her writing jobs (thanks, Girl!!).  In my interview with her (in a section that wasn’t published), I learned that she went back to school and instead of pursuing more reality television, she’s now more interested in what happens behind the cameras, currently working at television stations.  Good luck, Mercedes!

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