Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind the Making of “Poetic Justice”

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Singleton had a Response for the Naysayers

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Singleton responded to some of the negative feedback he’d received on his sophomore effort. You can tell by some of his comments that he was definitely young at the time, 24 to be exact.

”There’s only so many movies you can make where you have black people shooting each other and making people laugh and trying to shuck and jive.”

”Some critic coming up and trying to talk about my stuff just because he has some personal problems with a black man who’s 25 years old that has a college degree with no criminal record that’s made two movies and been nominated for two Academy Awards — if he’s gonna talk Isht about me because he has a problem with that, then I don’t give a hair.”

“If I wasn’t able to make movies and get out what was on my chest, where would I be as a young black male in America? These same people who want to start some crap (are) the same people that should want more black men to be making movies (rather) than thinking about jacking them for their cars. If there’s not more John Singletons there’s gonna be a lot more carjackings.”

Tell ’em why you mad John. His words may have been a little…aggressive but we definitely agree. A black movie doesn’t have to be about grim and gritty thug life in order for it to be good.

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