Dr. Jekyll & Mr. (or Ms.) Hyde?? 8 Celebs Who Seem To Have Split Personalities

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Have you ever known a person who turned the light switch off and on on their personality so much that you didn’t know which personality was their true self? No? Okay, well me either then. But there are some celebrities who in some shape, form or fashion fit the bill.  We’re not saying they’re totally unstable; we just notice that they seem to have “off” moments where one minute they’re cool as a cucumber, and the next, acting a piping hot fool. These 8 people don’t know what to do with themselves sometimes.


50 Cent

Our man 50 is always all over the place with his…entire being. In interviews he can generally be charismatic and make you laugh instantly. In his social media world, specifically Twitter, he can be a bit more…abrasive. He goes after his record label on a fairly regular basis, subliminally likes to “talk that talk” about other artists and just be a bit of a pain. Remember when he called Ciara a b***h and jumped in that crazy beef between Fabolous and Soulja Boy? Who is he? Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Nice Once In A Blue Moon Guy?



Nicki Minaj

So here’s the thing: it’s not totally the different characters Nicki displays that make us wonder if she’s wrapped all the way tight. If you look at her when she performs nowadays, you may see her going through the motions, but in her eyes, she looks like another person who’s far away. With her recent episode where she spazzed out toward her Barbies and Ken Barbs, you kind of have to wonder what’s going on in her head. It also doesn’t help that one minute she’s happily talking about starships and flying, and the next she’s singing about putting her imaginary male genitalia on people’s faces.


Tami Roman

The shirt really says everything! No, but seriously, Tami truly plays both sides of the fence when it comes to her attitude. On some days, she can be really nice, down to earth and also the one who claims to want to empower young women.  But come back the next day (and after maybe a couple of drinks) and she’s turned into a mean-spirited, very nasty and possibly bitter type of woman.  At this point, when she claims to be “changing for the better,” we know to take it with a grain of salt because we know people don’t change overnight, or as fast as they should.



All of you Drake lovers hoping that one day he’ll come to your city and make you the one he dedicates all his emo songs to, you might want to think again.  Drake talks a good “I just want to love, be loved and be held by a wholesome woman” game, but guess what? He seems to be loving up a different stripper every month.  He doesn’t want that one woman only relationship yet he doesn’t seem to mind flip flopping back and forth with those thoughts until he’s a little more certain. And don’t forget about the fact that aside from being an emo rapper, he likes to try his hand at throwing threats and talking slick about other rappers as though he’s hard. C’mon Wheelchair Jimmy…


Naomi Campbell

If you ever catch Naomi in an interview, she’s very poised and seems just as sweet as can be. But, get on her payroll and it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see a phone, a TV or maybe even a microwave or something being thrown at you or one of your co-workers. The sad thing is that the sweet Naomi we see in the public is starting to be outshined by her “evil twin.”



Chris Brown

If you praise Breezy in an interview or on Twitter or you let him win an award, he’s like your best friend. But give him one ounce of criticism and he’s ready to turn into The Hulk and take your head off.  If this transformation happens to occur while you’re around, you can literally see it building. Remember when he had that incident at “Good Morning America”? If you look back at the video, you could see the “smile in his eyes” go away and those nostrils started flaring. And don’t get on his bad side on Twitter, he’ll let you have it. This guy? I wouldn’t want to say anything good or bad to him just in case I can’t get a gauge on how he’s feeling that day.


Tyra Banks

How could she be on this list, you ask? Well, do you remember when she had her talk show a few years ago?  There were times when she would have black guests on the show, and when they were around she liked to show off a lot of neck and eye rolling as well as “slang” in her speech. Oh, okay Tyra. But when her non-black guests would be on, it was shoulders up, back straight and very prim and proper Tyra. So why act one way in front of “us” and not do it with everyone?  I guess at the time, she felt that’s what “we” needed.


R. Kelly

In his prime, “The R” could sing you a song about his love of the Lord and at the same time, was being overly sexual in his music (on top of allegedly having inappropriate relations with young girls). Before you get all upset, no one is saying he can’t have a relationship with the Lord; however, he seemed to be at odds with himself about not only the artist he wanted to be but the man he wanted to be.  Hopefully, he’s worked it out within himself after all his legal and personal troubles.

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