“Who Gonna Check Me Boo” and Other Pop Culture Sayings Birthed By Our Fave Reality Shows

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It took a long time for television execs to hop on the reality show bandwagon after MTV debuted the format with The Real World in 1992 but nowadays, it seems that reality shows are the norm. Not only have reality shows provided a way for networks to deliver cheaper programming, but they have provided another level of exposure to those folks who may never have been heard before.

Case in point: before reality TV, mainstream audiences got their slangs and Black sayings from hip-hop music – the only medium where Black folks were able to wax unfiltered. But now, reality shows have helped Black folks once again expand their reach into popular culture. How? By allowing the Tamis, Evelyns, Tamars and Chrissys of the world to express themselves freely. Their creative way of words has etched their sayings onto the minds of many, and we’ve selected the funniest and most resonant sayings that have emerged from these reality television characters.

You’re A Non-Mother-F**kin Factor

That had to be the first phrase to come to mind, right? Evelyn of Basketball Wives tops the list of reality stars who is in dire need of anger management; but it is her anger that drives a lot of the cray sayings that come out of her mouth like this one. Ev first uttered these words during her huge blowout with Tami Roman on Season 2. Even though Ev had just told Tami that she slept with Kenny Anderson while Tami was married to him, Ev still felt she had the right to cuss her out. Ahhh..the logic of Basketball Wives continues to baffle. In any case, Ev’s accusation of Tami being a non-MFin factor made waves and Evelyn went on to capitalize on it, making tee shirts of the saying.

Who Gonna Check Me Boo

Another reality star who capitalized on a saying gone viral is Sheree “She by Sheree” Whitfield of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although Nene Leakes is known for having the fastest mouth of the RHOA cast, Sheree’s saying was the most popular of the second season. It derived from one of the most infamous fights ever on Real Housewives history. Sheree was dealing with a crazy party planner. We can continue to explain but just watch the clip above to catch a glimpse of the intensity.

Sheree went on to make lemonade out of lemons, producing a single called “Who Gonna Check Me Boo.” Now we know how she’s funding Chateau Sheree.

I Am Rich Beyotch

Okay, we have to admit, this saying was originated by The Dave Chapelle Show (we believe) but Nene Leakes definitely resurrected its appeal and usage as of late. In a heated battle with Sheree, Nene tried to school her castmate on her finances – bragging about cashing in Donald Trump checks and all. She later went on Watch What Happens Live and explained that when she referred to herself as rich, she was referring to being rich in life (mmmkay). Similarly to her Reality show comrades, Nene also capitalized off the saying, printing shirts that say “I’m Very Rich Beyotch”

I’m Over It .COM!

No matter how you feel about Tamar Braxton, you have to admit that she’s penetrated pop culture like no other Black reality star. It was hard to just limit her isms to two for this list. But you know the first one we had to include was ____.COM. Who knows how she came up with that one but after fans got used to her .coms, she busted out with .orgs – which is an exaggerated version of .com according to the reality diva.

You need to take several seats

In Tamar’s world, offenders don’t need to just sit down, they need to take several seats. We have to say, Tamar has a way of reinterpreting sayings to get her point across.

Before Mama Jones, there was Frankie, the over-the-top reformed drug addict who is better known as the wacky mother of Keyshia Cole. The mother of at least 8 children had a starring role on Cole’s BET reality show The Way It Is. Her antics and juvenile behavior kept us entertained although it wasn’t necessarily healthy to her family. One of the recurring sayings on the show was “Man Down, Code 10.”

At first, Frankie spewed it when she sensed trouble lurking but she soon became very loose with the saying and just popped it off whenever wherever. For the rest of us, we know what to say when we detect a sticky situation now: Man Down, Code 10! We all know what “man down” means and according to wikipedia, code 10 calls are made when merchants are suspicious about accepting a credit card. Hmmm…

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