Don’t Be a Ratchet Rat: 7 Manners Everyone Should Mind…Or Risk Getting Snapped On

May 28, 2012  |  
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In Pretty Woman, Richard Gere tried to school Julia Roberts on social graces and proper etiquette. Now, everyone isn’t going to be sent to charm school on the dime of a wealthy businessman, but there are basic manners that some people like to act like they don’t have. Here are seven of those bad habits that need to be stopped.

Touching A Woman’s Hair

Women are one of the most versatile creatures on earth and hair is often an expression of that. However, many take that admiration a little too far when they reach out to touch that hair without a heads up or expressed permission. People’s hands roam in so many different places during the course of the day; a woman’s hair doesn’t need to carry those germs. The unsolicited reach and touch is also crossing the boundaries of personal space.


Personal Space

There seems to be a disregard when it comes to respecting personal space. In confined areas, it can’t be helped and there’s no choice but to have everyone on top of the other. But in most instances, there should be a reasonable amount of space between people. You want to be able to have a conversation with someone but not too close where you can smell what they had for breakfast. And nobody wants a person to be thirsty-guy-in-the-club close when they’re minding their business, waiting in line. Some people get it, and some people don’t, but either way, it’s annoying. Not to mention that we all can’t afford big ‘ol Julius to act as a bodyguard and regulate.


Interrupting Someone

We all want to get our point across, but there’s no need to constantly interrupt another’s train of thought.  In the heat of the moment, it can’t be helped at times, but you can get your point across without cutting someone off. Nothing is worse than interacting with a person who only wants to hear themselves speak, and won’t let you get a word in because what they think they have to say is so important. Wait your turn, boo, wait your turn.

Cursing Like a Sailor

From time to time, many of us like to throw a profanity or two into our conversations, and depending on who you’re around, that’s fine. But some people love to drop the F-bomb, and even the N-word constantly like there’s no one else around by doing so loudly and obnoxiously anywhere they can. I’m talking cursing in front of their elders, acting a fool in front of impressionable children, and doing so much of it that it makes those around them uncomfortable. If the majority of your vocabulary is made up of expletives, you need to sit down somewhere and read a book.


Touching Other People’s Ish (Will Get You This Face)

You think this would be common knowledge, but you’d be surprised how many people live with or know folks who like to eat their food, use their stuff and borrow things without asking on a daily basis. From simple things like digging in that new apricot jam you ordered, to using your friggin’ comb, some people don’t understand the meaning of asking before they take your things, and will often act as if they can’t replace what they use up. And THEN they have the nerve to get upset when you ask them to reimburse you…people these days I tell you…


Talking Loudly on a Cell Phone

Unless it’s a three way conversation,  a phone call is between two people. Everyone doesn’t need to know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t seem to be a feeling shared by those who loudly speak into their phones or Bluetooth. Soon, everyone on the street knows all about the drama that’s going on: what your mother said to you, how your ex tried his hardest to get back with you, why you wanted to fight ‘ol girl, and so on, and so forth, and so ratchet. I know you’re excited to get things off your chest, but please find an inside voice and use it.


Many things catch our attention and we can’t help but to notice. The problem arises when that notice goes on for a little longer than necessary. Some people have got great breasts, legs or a unique look to their appearance that might warrant a few looks. It’s one thing to look for a second, but if someone looks away and looks back at you and you’re still staring??? That’s not going to work, and chances are, you look like a creeper. If you can’t open up your mouth and say something sensible about what you see, don’t just stare at a person. If celebrities can be tired of being gawked at, so can the average person.

Which would you add to the list? 

Stephanie Guerilus is a journalist and author. Follow her @qsteph

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