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It’s always fascinating to see relationships come to an end. Although kind of sad, it’s crazy to see a couple proclaiming to the world that they want to spend the rest of their lives together one minute and the next minute they’re calling it quits while proceeding to drag their exes name through the mud on Facebook.

It can be exceptionally difficult when the relationship doesn’t end on amicable terms. No one likes the feeling that comes as a result of being dumped. Men, especially known for their pride and egos, may find it difficult to hear those four words from their significant other: ‘I need a break.’ Because this is real life and no one can technically take an indefinite time out from something as serious as a relationship, everyone usually knows that these four words mean that a break-up is what is really being hinted at.

Although the ending of a relationship is usually nothing pretty, it doesn’t have to end in a screaming match or result in one person getting blasted via social networking. There is such a thing as proper etiquette for exiting a relationship. Besides being considerate of the other person’s feelings, here are 7 ways to bow out of a relationship gracefully.

Soften The Blow

Don’t let the last thing your ex remembers you saying to be,”If only the sex was better” or “Sorry, James is more financially stable.” If you must highlight their shortcomings, let it be the first thing that you mention and end with all of their positive attributes. If you can’t think of anything positive to say, this may be one of those rare instances where lying is okay.

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