Wrap It Up: 7 Things In Entertainment We’re Tired As Hell of Seeing

May 17, 2012  |  
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It’s so easy for things to go out of style and for others to be in denial about it. In the entertainment business, what’s hot one minute can go out of style with the quickness the next. And while most viewers or consumers might express that they’re tired of seeing something, as long as it makes somebody a few dollars, it’s sure to be around for a while–whether you like it or not. But it never hurts to b***h about it, right? That’s what I’m here for…

People With Little to No Talent on My TV

And they’re making mad money! Call me jealous (I am…just a bit) about it all, but with all the talented people I see on the trains alone in NYC trying to get some attention and a few dollars, it makes me somewhat irritated that folks who can’t hold a note, act for s**t, or do something other than act a fool in Louboutins on reality TV are making all the money and taking all the jobs. Who needs to be talented when you can writhe around on the floor butt naked in an unimaginative music video while singing/yelling/yodeling and go platinum because of it? Right?

When Good (Okay, Decent) TV Shows Start To Rely on Stereotypes

I’m not just talking reality TV folks. Take for instance, “The Game.” That was such an awesome show at one point. The characters were funny, the problems were real (not soap opera crazy), and the storylines had you thirsty for the next episode. But once the show switched over to BET and the setting fast forwarded a bit, the characters just became extremely ratchet (sorry, I just had to use that word…). Melanie went from being a sweet Med student crazy in love to just plain crazy and conniving. Tasha Mack got louder and annoying, the drama became a bit too much (uh, didn’t it start out as a comedy???), and they just made all the women on that show a hot mess after a while. If I was Tia Mowry, I wouldn’t be too sad about parting ways with the program either. And don’t get me started on these reality shows, a la, “Basketball Wives” and “Love and Hip-Hop” that started off tame and interesting, but turned into tacky, all female versions of “WWE Smackdown.”

Celebrities Kissing and Telling

How many celebrities do we know of nowadays who sleep around with one another, date one another, and then spill all the beans about how they were done wrong or how someone is like a community bicycle? Just as that mess isn’t cool for everyday people in everyday life to say and do, I don’t know why Amber Rose feels the need to tell us every little thing wrong with Kanye (we can already see a few things), why Drake and Kanye have to hop on every other track airing out a former flame, or why Chris Brown felt the need to call one of his ex girls a industry ho (which folks assumed was aimed at Rihanna). Back in the day, you didn’t know who was messing with who until a tell-all book came out. Nowadays, people roll out the bed and go straight to their Twitter accounts to air folks out…

People Selling Out Musically

No, I’m not really talking about Brian McKnight. I’m talking about most of these artists who went from being at the top of their game in R&B and hip-hop, to trying to hop on a track with David Guetta to do techno-pop, or whatever that mess is that all the kids are fist-pumping to. I know those joints are going to the top of the charts with the young suburban kids with money, but what about your original fan base? Your REAL fans? Sorry Usher, but I’d much rather hear you sing something from My Way than to hear you whine on “DJ Got Us Falling in Love.” And if if R.Kelly comes out with a David Guetta feature next…I’m done. Just done.

Sex Scandals From People Who Should Know Better

John Edwards isn’t the only person out here who has been caught up in scandal based around his affairs. What can we say? When you ‘re in the public eye and one wrong move can have you lose endorsements, money, respect and damn near your livelihood, why risk it all? Maybe that’s why it baffles us so much when folks like Kobe and Tiger try and hide their dirty dealings like a thirsty chick won’t expose you for a dollar. If you’re going to pretend you’re squeaky clean, your behind better stay that way or be ready to lose a pretty penny (aka, endorsements, and money in divorce settlements).

Phony Relationships All Over the Place

Business moves masked as high profile relationships are a good idea, but played out. You’re not fooling anybody! Sure, many people want to know the ins and outs of what folks in these relationships are doing (mostly because they want to say mean things), but it’s a tad bit cheesy. Seriously, these celeb couples who feel the need to share every photo of themselves hugged up in every setting possible or show up on national television giving each other googly eyes are doing way too much. If you’re in love and you’re happy, that’s cool. We get it. But we don’t need a photo album to show your relationship is real and that you’re over your exes. That’s really sketch (*coughs* Chris and Karrueche *coughs*). Now get a room and sit down somewhere, please.

Judges on Reality Shows Who KNOW They Can’t Talk About People Not Being Able to Sing

Sorry, but I had to just get it out there. Nothing makes me more irritated than to sit back and watch some of these judges who can’t hold a note on these reality competitions telling people they can’t sing or have no talent. In reality, they know more than anybody that if it wasn’t for the technical marvels that can be found in music studios, they wouldn’t be too far from sounding like William Hung from that infamous “American Idol” audition themselves…

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