Get Her Some Water: 7 Celebrity Ladies Who Are a Bit Too Thirsty For Attention

April 23, 2012  |  
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I can’t imagine being a Hollywood celebrity. Whether we’re talking about folks in the music industry or those on the big and small screen, your success is based on how many people know your name, know your face, and care enough about you (as a true fan or a hater who clicks on your posts or listens to your music in the hopes you’ll fail) to buy what you’re selling. Can’t be easy. Some people are lucky enough that their talents or straight up sex appeal keeps them on people’s minds, but others aren’t so lucky, so they do the absolute most to get people talking about them. For example, check out these chicks and the antics they partake in:

Melody Thornton

You know Melody, right? No? Well, I’m sure you at least know what her boobs and behind look like, because in an attempt to pretend she was being fashion forward and to get her name in people’s mouths, she showed up to an Elle event in a completely sheer dress. So sheer that her breast were exposed to the extreme (not just Areola, but like, the whole thing), as well as part of her vajayjay. The former Pussycat Doll might have exposed herself because she wanted people to remember her, and in turn, check out her new mixtape, P.O.Y.B.L, which was released recently. But this was just way too much. No pasties? No nothing? C’mon girl…


As sweet as Ashanti is, she’s been trying a bit too hard lately. From being seen out in scandalous sheer dresses, sending out pics of herself at the most random of events, and trying (keyword: trying) singing “I Have Nothing” on “Good Morning America” after Whitney passed, she’s done a little bit of everything. But when she attended the premiere of the Denzel flick, Safe House, and was trying to low-key be all over Denzel (in a very VERY short dress) and push Pauletta out the way to get some pics taken of the two together, I was too through. I know you’re trying to get back in the R&B game, but once again…Ashanti, Ashanti…C’MON!

Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams, Formerly of 3LW

Speaking of people exposing a bit too much of what God gave them to folks who don’t care to see it, I’m sure you heard about Bailon’s little wardrobe malfunction a while back, correct? The singer, Cheetah Girl and “BFF” of Fabolous (*side eye to this day*) “accidentally” showed off her vajayjay when attending an event in NYC in March. She wore a dress with a sheer front and back (but at least the back had some design to cover her crack). While the front had a piece that was supposed to keep her covered, the wind blew it, and out came her cooca. Though she played like she was distraught about it, the attention she received because of it must have helped. She is about to get her own reality show with friend (and former interim “106 & Park host”), Julissa Bermudez.

And as for her former group mate, Kiely Williams, she thought she would get her Rihanna on by releasing a raunchy video and song called “Spectacular.” I mean, she had the Ri-Ri bob and everything. I’m sure she thought the video was going to launch her solo music career. But what the former other Cheetah Girl forgot was that she had young female fans, and all that talk of “The sex was spectacular,” “Last time I remember I was face down, a** up” and condoning drunken sex wasn’t going to go over with their parents. The video was a fail, and last time I checked, she was trying to get her own reality TV show to no avail. Good luck with that…


Coco Austin

Maybe when you’ve got it, you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt it, but there’s kind of a difference between sometimes flaunting your lady bits and just having them out for the world to see a majority of the time. Coco and Ice-T seem like a lovely couple, but sometimes she just does the absolute most. Whether she’s Tweeting pics of herself sleeping butt naked next to her nephew, displaying a photo of her dog teabagging her, or just refuses to wear real clothing (just the tightest of dresses, bra tops, G-strings and the tightest camel-toe inducing pants ever made), Coco does what she knows is going to get her attention.

La La Anthony

Lala is another person I think comes off like a very sweet woman, but ever since she started her reality show, everything she does nowadays comes off very staged and plastic. From showing off her curves in a bra and underwear in her “Funny or Die” skit about the right to be a pervert (which wasn’t that funny at all) to running around town trying to make nice with Anna Wintour and being dressed to the nines just to take Kiyan to run some errands, she’s now doing her everything in her fashionable power in the attempt to be another reality TV star/actress who would rather create drama and storylines for her show. Yeah…La done changed.

Montana Fishburne

This young lady’s situation actually makes me sad because of how she embarrassed the mess out of her accomplished father. Trying to get like Kim K, Paris Hilton and the others who catapulted sex tapes into millions and careers, Montana jumped head first into the adult film industry in the hopes of getting broke off. But instead, her films didn’t do as well as she had hoped, her dad basically told her she wasn’t welcomed in his life anymore, and she started getting into a lot of legal trouble, including getting charged with false imprisonment and battery. That type of attention is never needed.

Erica Mena

When all else fails and you’re not important enough to get cast on a reality TV show (as if it even takes that much), somehow guest star on one and start a fight! That’s what video chick Erica Mena did in the short time that she was on “Love and Hip-Hop.” Though she tried to play like she was made out to be the bad “guy” thanks to some classic VH1 editing, everyone involved said she was being a crazy on her own. She virtually came out of nowhere, trashed cast member Kimbella and said she made video girls look cheap and bad, and even talked about her kids. Kimbella threw a glass in anger, a fight happened, and next thing you know, Mena was all over TMZ and other big websites throwing shade and saying VH1 ruined her career. After that fight, VH1 kept filming this fool back for the show, and each time you saw her she would be the loudest person in the room trying to get camera time, and the most obnoxious. So you know what that means…she’ll probably be back for next season!

Kim Kardashian

We have to include the most press-thirsty chick of all time. From her 72-day marriage, to her new relationship with Yeezy, the whole powder throwing incident and her reality shows in general, Kim Kardashian makes her money off of getting your attention. There’s nothing genuine about anything this chick does, and from the men she dates to the people she hangs with and the places she goes, a majority of it is done for publicity. And as she has taught us, there clearly is no such thing as bad publicity (even when people trash you for wasting millions-even if it didn’t come out of your own pocket-on a wedding that created a marriage that lasted shorter than a season).

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