True Life: If I Could Talk to My Younger Self, I’d Say…

April 6, 2012  |  
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In the latest issue of O Magazine, Oprah pens an open letter to her younger self. She also appeared on the cover with an adorable picture of the 20 something year old version of herself. While Oprah is full of wisdom, she’s not the only one. We know our readers and followers have some insight too. We know this because they have enough sense to read Madame Noire. 🙂 So we asked them, if you could say anything to the younger version of yourself what would it be?

Check out a sampling of the responses below:

@tendeRoni1023: I’d say Dear Veronica, your Dad is right. Boys all want one thing & grown men want it too. Grown men just do more to get it.

@Dmarielle22: Dear Younger Self, Slow down, smell the flowers, LISTEN TO MOM, love yourself first, & give love to ALL. NEVER give up!

@BigBootyBajan: Pay attention in school become a midwife, stay away from the smelly guy with a basketball, save your wages, dont spend it all.

@TheresaABush: I’d say, stay true to me. Love me to the fullest and trust that God didn’t make junk. I am special and always will be.

@ChelleBell0226: Be smart with your money. The flashy guys are no good, the corny guys are actually good. Everyone isn’t as nice as you.

 @blk_dahlia2: dear young self, ask for what you want, be good to yourself, enjoy life & live in the moment.

Nicole: I would say that 90% of what my parents told me is accurate, that sometimes being a leader is heavy but totally worthwhile in the long run and that once you luv urself, everyone else will too…

@SoVeryAshleigh: Dear younger self, you are such a big deal, calm all the way down, and save your money .

@KrissySoSweet: Once love for self strengthens, seeking it from others is no longer important; be fearless; & know that you’re worth the wait.

Monique: Don’t smoke that!

Vannessa : Do NOT marry HIM!

O.b.: Dear Angry Young Self, 10yrs from now, what you are currently dealing with, family, life, finding yourself will all mold you into the woman you will become. Don’t fight it, live through it because your story is not really about you, but for someone else to learn from.

Linda: I would tell her that she is truly beautiful. No one is going to tell you that but you are inside and out. Stay strong and stay close to GOD because he is going to be there even when u think he’s not. You have a rough road ahead but GOD will show up and show out. So love who you are because you are beautiful inside and out.

Kim : Study and work hard now so you can enjoy life to the fullest later!

Dava Everything you need to get through life is within you. Never forget it.

@brainy1922:  I would tell my younger self to embrace being different, smart & quirky… to be myself regardless of what anyone thought 🙂

Holli: I would tell myself to really pay attention to to my mother’s advice and appreciate her presence and her wisdom…I had no idea I’d lose her at such an early age and she never steered me wrong. I’m so grateful to her for shaping me into the woman I’ve become!

Eartha: Trust yourself! Don’t doubt your intuition, even if it seems weird or out of place…trust your gut!

Natasha: I would tell my younger self to pick your man wisely and know when to get out of relationships. I would also tell myself to ignore judgmental people and follow your dreams and don’t live life by what others want you to live. Just be yourself.

Roxanne: Psst, play these numbers on the Mega Millions

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