7 Ridiculous Celebrity Rumors People Actually Believe

March 26, 2012  |  
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I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again: We are celebrity obsessed. The 24-hour news cycle, the websites and blogs thirsty for traffic (this one included) and the paparazzi make it more than possible for us to know more about celebrities than we ever would in the past. And when you think about the shift we’ve undergone, it really isn’t very healthy. Instead of debating world issues like the downward spiraling global economy we’d rather discuss the plausibility of a Crihanna reunion. Now, I’m not judging because I have to force myself to click on politically based stories but I’ll click on a post about Beyonce and Blue Ivy without question. Sometimes I have to give myself a side eye. But I digress. As human beings we love to talk and gossip, hip our friends to the latest news, especially if it’s scandalous. And this increased “access” (really invasion of privacy) when it comes to celebs  breeds an environment that is very conducive to shyte starting. Check out some of the more outrageous rumors originated and perpetuated by the media.

Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy Relationship 

It’s a shame two black men can’t be close, friendly without people making assumptions about their sexuality. Really, you’ve never heard anyone say anything about Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. But Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill, who’ve been friends for over 2 decades, have got to be sleeping with each. They’re seen having lunch together, leaving each others’ homes etc so it must be something more. I mean, Lil Wayne was photographed kissing Baby in the mouth and people didn’t make as many assertions about their sexuality as they’ve made about Johnny Gill and Eddie Murphy’s. I just never understood most gay rumors. Unless there is significant proof  that someone is in fact a homosexual (i.e. a woman caressing your arse on vacation), then there’s really no reason to assume otherwise. And even then you’ve got to be careful.

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