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Here’s the thing: almost everyone knows at least ONE “gold digger” who is only interested in chasing the next dollar. I certainly don’t like the idea of gold digging but as I get older, I find myself questioning whether or not it is really “wrong” to go for what you know. The people on the following pages have all been considered gold diggers whether it be because they’re trying to pocket some dollars of their significant others, trying to find their own fame, restore their image…or for any other reason you can think of.  What do you think? Is it wrong to date someone with money (or power or fame) just so your star can shine a little brighter?


Kanye is the reason Amber is no longer on the pole.  They met, they talked, she had a vision for her future and Kanye liked her.  They definitely seemed very into each other for the year or so they were together but throughout the relationship, Amber was accused of being a gold digger because of her “humble beginnings.” When they broke up, her light was shining and she absolutely took advantage of all opportunities. Once she started dating Wiz Khalifa, she was accused of being a “rapper loving gold digger.” They’re engaged now so it appears people are trying to be “respectful” but if they don’t make it down the aisle, all that talk will come right back.


“What? Eve? Why is she on this list?” Yes, I know that’s what you’re thinking! Eve, without a doubt, has her own money from the albums, acting, fashion and everything else she’s gotten her hands on.  So when the opportunities seem to slow down (outside of the remix to “My Chick Bad,” think about the last time you’ve seen or heard her doing something entertainment related), you chill and see what you can do next. For Eve, that seems to be dating very wealthy men. For a few years she was dating an African prince whose family was very rich and now she’s dating a wealthy British race car driver and entrepreneur.  I’m not sure anything is wrong with this and this is where my inner conflict arises.  She shouldn’t date “broke” men because she isn’t broke but it appears that the men she exclusively dates now are even outside of her tax bracket.  Hmmm, but shouldn’t we be dating “up?” Oh goodness!


Kim Kardashian

It seems like Kim Kardashian dates solely because they are rich and can make her famous.  Those reasons and because…her mommy says so.  Ray-J got her in the door and Reggie Bush kept it open and there’s no stopping her now.  Unfortunately for her, the 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries has not helped her image at all.  Because of her current earning power and fame, Kim will likely never date a doctor or lawyer; those types don’t seem to appeal to her.  Who do you think is next on her “to do” list?

Padma Lakshmi

Padma will NEVER be broke because she also dates with a serious purpose. In 2004, she was married to acclaimed author Salman Rushdie (it lasted three years) and has never looked back.  Her tryst with billionaire Adam Dell – while dating the late billionaire Teddy Forstmann – resulted in the birth of a little girl. Teddy left Padma’s daughter a $1.4 BILLION dollar trust (knowing full well she wasn’t his child) and also forgave all debts Padma owed to him…whatever they were. After lots of fighting in court, Adam Dell is now being recognized as her daughter’s father.  See, Padma is a professional in this “dating wealthy” life.  You will not be dating her if you earn the same amount she does by releasing books and being a judge on Top Chef.

Selita Ebanks

Selita gets in early…right when a person is about to blow up.  Remember when she was dating Nick Cannon?  Yes, he always had some fame and some money but they got engaged right when he was really about to start wheeling and dealing new opportunities that would boost his fame and wealth up several notches. But that didn’t work and she’s dating a few men – as she should – since then. But now, she’s dating Terrance J and my eyebrow is now raised again. I know many of you think Terrance is corny (so do I but I like corny yet cool guys anyway) but don’t sleep on him because he is definitely elevating his profile through movies, television and other outlets.  And there’s Selita, right there as he tries to inch his way to the top.

Maliah Michel

Why do the rappers insist on trying to take the strippers off the pole? I’m not here to bash any strippers because quite frankly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it if that’s what you want to do. Maliah does her thing at a strip club in Houston and apparently does it well enough for Drake to put her name in one of his songs and to also date her. When he was finished having his fun with her, she moved on with Sean Kingston. Downgrade, you say? Maybe in terms of visible popularity it is but Sean is still played a lot in certain clubs and he always gets paid the big dollars to make appearances.  If Maliah has any sense, she’s pocketed some of the money she’s likely received and has planned her next move. I mean, when you’re young and trying to be famous, you always have to have a plan.

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans

Sure, she’s crazier than ever now and no one takes her seriously right now but Karrine has put in WORK in her gold digging ways. Rapper after rapper, Karrine filed away her excursions and banked the money when they tricked on her. It all lead to her releasing a book that aired everyone’s dirty laundry and her blowing up in the process.  It is probably safe to say, that she has opened the door for all the video chicks looking for a “different” way to make some money.

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