How Tweet It Is: Folks Who Need A Twitter Take Down!

March 11, 2012  |  
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I don’t know about any of you but I find Twitter to be one of the most interesting social networks sites we have. I mean, not only can you often times find a wealth of knowledge, new associates and your share of ratchetness, but you can also sometimes interact with some of your favorite celebrities. About these celebs…? They can be a bit much, if you will, at times. Granted, a lot of people @them with things they’d never say face to face but man, they sure can get emotional. Even when they’re not being mentioned, they just say some of the craziest things. So, we’ve compiled a little list of people who may want to take a little break from Twitter or just delete their accounts altogether.  Take a look…

Note: We’re all aware that “if you don’t like what they have to say, don’t follow them” saying. This is all in fun…kind of.


Wale is one of the few mainstream rappers out that is often praised for his “realness” in his music and his respect of Black people and women in general (except in his verse in Waka Flacka’s remix of “No Hands” which I’m not complaining about because that IS my jam). But for some reason, he always seems to seek out people who “hate” on him.  It’s like he loves to just argue with people who don’t like his music and tell them what’s wrong with them. He got into a “Twitter beef” a few months ago with video chick Rosa Acosta because she tweeted that his “creative idea” to jump into the audience during his show was a fail. He called her all OUT of her name because of it and went on quite the rant. But, I guess he’s using his account as he sees fit. *blank stare*

Chris Brown

So as stated by his manager in January, Chris will not be doing any interviews this year because he wants to focus on his music. Well, that should probably also include “no tweets” because that child loses any type of couth he has on an almost monthly basis.  Even if you’re not on Twitter, you’ve probably heard about his many tirades. After the Grammys, country singer Miranda Lambert (as well as others) tweeted her opinion about how she felt about Chris not only being allowed to perform twice but actually winning an award (she wasn’t pleased) after all his past troubles. Well, instead of Chris trying to be semi-intelligent in his response, he goes clean off and added, “Hate all u want cuz I got a Grammy now! That’s the ULTIMATE Fawk OFF!” Of course, he (or someone in his crew) deleted it but not before everyone saw it. His recent collabs with ex Rihanna have sparked little tweets from him here and there but since it seems no one cared about the songs as much as they expected, he’s been cool.  STILL, Chris you should take a hiatus from Twitter.

Tameka Raymond

Tameka’s “celebrity” status, of course, comes from her marriage to Usher that’s now over. The big thing about Tameka’s Twitter feed is that she’s good for saying something…and then deleting it. If people don’t like it or it can be considered inflammatory, it will be deleted and she’ll have some lame excuse about why.  For example, on the day of Whitney’s funeral, Twitter was buzzing about Bobby leaving the funeral. When she found out it was his family that was there with him, that trollop (yes, I said it and hell, I follow her) said, “Well don’t bring your new wife & kids to my funeral…I don’t care. Nope. Don’t attempt to, no seats.” Her mentions immediately went into shambles and she tried to defend it for a couple of tweets but realized it wasn’t working so…deleted. If you’re bad enough to tweet it, be bad enough to stick by it. If not, just lurk and be quiet.

Tyler the Creator

First let me ask this: Have you ever heard of this guy? If the answer is no then you may know him more by the group he’s in, Odd Future.  This kid is…weird.  I’d like to give you a series of his tweets but somehow, I just don’t think they’d accurately reflect his account.  To me, he’s one of those people you’d always be waiting to do something crazy if he lived in your neighborhood.


Okay, I don’t think Rihanna should delete her Twitter at all; I just think she needs to relax sometimes. Her fans (known as Rihanna Navy) hype her up so much on there, she will say anything.  She’s known for her “slick” comebacks but sometimes you wonder if she realizes how immature she looks at times. For example, one of the people who follow her mentioned that she lost respect for Rihanna because she did a song with “the man who beat your face off, not a good look.” Rihanna responds by saying, “Neither is your avi” and then tells the rest of her followers to make the girl a trending topic. It was quite embarrassing…for Rihanna, in my opinion.   Sometimes you laugh and sometimes you say, “They really take this too seriously.”


If one of ya’ll don’t go find Jaheim and take all forms of communication from him, I don’t know what’s going to happen.  Jah usually says silly things and often refers to himself as “fabulous” which often make people raise an eyebrow but the icing on the cake took place a few weeks ago. HE took it upon himself to give the Twitter world a play by play of him going to Whitney’s funeral (those tweets, if you’ll remember, included that dumb suit). People tweeted back at him not only cracks on his suit but also how they felt it was wrong for him to tweet pics at/about Whitney’s funeral.  He replied to damn near every person and talked about peoples’ looks, their parents, what he thought was their lack of money…everything. It was just a mess…and it always is. Somebody stop him!

Joe Budden

With Joey, it is usually the same story: He gets into a relationship with someone and they’re always lovey dovey for however long. Then things start falling apart and they end up blasting each other on Twitter. The last piece of the puzzle? Joey randomly tweets his feelings and it all ends up as a song. I find him entertaining for the most part but sometimes, you just have to shake your head and keep on scrolling. Don’t ever let the cute face fool you…he is bi-polar in like the worst way.


Oh my goodness, this man is constantly showing up on my timeline and I don’t even follow him. He’s always dropping some serious “words of knowledge” on all of his Twitter followers.  In a way it seems to have worked for him because he released a book and he also has another book in the works where he gives yet more advice. But I bet he didn’t acknowledge the fact that actress Amber Tamblyn played a joke on him pretending she was Amber Rose after he discreetly tried to get at Amber Rose via email – he got the wrong Amber. Oh Black Ty (his rapper name), please quit while you’re ahead.

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