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It all seems so perfect when you’re fantasizing about it from your office—traveling with your new boyfriend. You’re imaging breakfast in an over-fluffed bed, looking over a clear blue ocean. You looking effortlessly beautiful five minutes after waking up. The reality is, there’s a lot that leads up to that moment, if you ever get there.

Getting caught up in the inconveniences

You know travel can be stressful. Painfully long security lines. Your suitcase is just 2 pounds over the carry-on weight. You can’t bring in that smoothie you just bought?! Don’t let these things ruin your mood. And remember, there are so many things at an airport that can ruin your mood! But, it will just kick your trip off to a bad start. Remember that you have one thing many people waiting in that security line don’t have—somebody to cuddle with (and maybe make out with). Try to keep up that excited energy throughout the actual travel time.

Spending the whole time in bed

If the relationship is new, everything turns you on. A gorgeous hotel room, breathtaking view, and a mini bar will definitely do it. And it might do it (and you might do it) over and over again. Until you realize all you’ve done for three days is order room service and hit up the hotel hot tub. But, one of the coolest things about travelling with a partner is experiencing rare activities with them! Go site seeing. Go zip lining. Visit museums. Visit local markets. Those will be the memories you keep. Not to mention, you can’t really take vacation photos of your time in the bedroom.

Question the other’s routine

So, you didn’t realize they spend an hour exfoliating and moisturizing each night before bed. You didn’t realize they press all their pants every day. And suddenly you’re thinking, “This person is who you’ve fallen for. Their funny habits shouldn’t change that.

Bring your own routine

That being said, try to remember this is vacation. You should take a break from your usual regiment. Don’t get up at 6 am for your usual job. Stay in bed and cuddle! Don’t put on your usual hour’s worth of makeup when your boyfriend is waiting anxiously to go kayaking. He will love to see your naked face. And he’s tired of waiting.

Second guess activities

“Well are you sure you want to do this?” There are so many things to do on a trip! It’s easy to get over sensitive and over-worried and every time you suggest something to your boyfriend second guess how much he actually wants to do it. He will do the same to you. You’ll both end up spending half your brain power at that museum or on that hike wondering, “Are they annoyed I dragged them to this?” Don’t do that to yourself. If they said yes, you’re free of guilt. Whether they meant it or not.


Remember—it’s not real life

In other words, if they have certain habits that are just not jiving with the trip—say they spend an hour on their vanity every morning, or absolutely need to be able to check their email at a certain time each evening—remember, these things really won’t bother you back in your real lives. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking “Oh god, maybe this won’t work out anymore! They’re driving me nuts on this trip!”


Not broached body issues before

And I don’t mean “Am I getting fat?” type of issues. I’m talking about the fact that when you travel, and are high in the air on planes, or on rough seas in boats, or just eating foods you haven’t had before, people can get sick! It is so miserable to be tied to the bathroom on a trip with someone who you’ve never even discussed those issues with. It’s not the best idea to go on a particularly exotic or far-away trip with someone who still has that mentality, “girls don’t do those things.” 

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