Before the Money, Honey: Women Who Stood By Their Men Before and After the Fame

March 20, 2012  |  
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Humor me. Have you ever wanted to live the life of a celebrity’s significant other? Come on, be honest! I mean, I’ve imagined what it would be like to date Lamman Rucker (you just can’t deny that kind of fine) in my head, and the perks seem pretty amazing.  Well, if you’re really serious about it, your best bet is to find the man when he’s in his humble beginnings and on the come up and stick with him for better or worse in the hope that he blows up like these men did. Check out their ride or die ladies.


Big Sean & Ashley

Since Sean has become popular amongst some rap fans, he’s also gained quite the rep as a cutie (look, don’t kill the messenger, I’m just telling you what’s in these mainstream streets). But not so fast! He’s been with a young lady named Ashley for at least three years.  She’s mentioned in quite a few of his songs, specifically in “So Much More.” Sean has mentioned that she’s always around and she’s been a “G” through the fame. Ashley has stuck by him through his arrest last year for an alleged sexual assault (he later plead guilty to second degree unlawful imprisonment).  Yeah she’s that girl…bless her heart.

Lebron James & Savannah

We all know the story by now, right? Shoot, most people have run both Savannah and Lebron through the mud so long and hard that if you didn’t know their story, you’ve figured out a way to have an opinion. They’ve been together since high school (about eight or nine years) and have two children. Well, after all this time, they got engaged in December 2011 with a wedding, I hear, to happen over the summer.  I know she chose this life, but goodness, she’s had to deal with a lot of rumors (and disappointing facts) just to get to this point and she’s got a long way to go. (As an aside, which is why this is in parentheses – like a whisper – I LOVE Savannah and thinks she’s sweet and so pretty. Okay, that’s it.)

J. Cole & Melissa

Jermaine Cole (yes I know his first name…I have a lot of friends who are fans) and his girl Melissa have been together for about eight years. They met during their years at St. John’s University (he graduated), and he also says she takes all the good and bad that comes with his celebrity like a champ.  I don’t really know what other way she’d take it and he definitely wouldn’t tell the public if she was busting windows over something she read on the Internet!  They’re cute though!

T.I. & Tiny

At this point, T.I. and Tiny have been together since 2001.  I’m not sure why people keep forgetting that Tiny was the original breadwinner in this relationship.  It wasn’t until 2003 and T.I.’s second album that he became more popular and she took a backseat to raise the family.  They were married a year and a half ago and they literally are like Bonnie and Clyde, having both been arrested for drug possession together.  Hey, if she likes it…


Derrick Rose and…Mieka?

Let me first say that I think D. Rose is the most adorable, quiet lil thing EVER! That said, I’ve been doing my research and there are at least two or three women laying SERIOUS claim as his girlfriend. However, it seems a young lady named Mieka has been around for quite some time – allegedly they started dating when they were both in high school and he literally got caught up in a fight for her.  And despite the rumors, she’s the one throwing him birthday parties, holding on to his arm, and the one he always goes back to…I guess.

Victor Cruz & Elaina Watley

Elaina is described by Victor as the “secret to my success.”  They’ve been together since 2003 and recently had a baby together. Let’s keep it REAL: the ONLY reason we know about Elaina is because she made herself visible to all the groupies who were likely about to go hard in the paint once the Giants made it to the Super Bowl.  I’m not even really mad at her for it; while you can’t stop someone from doing anything they want to do, it’s okay to make yourself visible. Elaina has a degree from Florida International University and serves as a publicist (she runs her own company) to quite a few NFL players.  So she’s been with him before he really started dancing in the end zone and it appears she’s not going anywhere! However, it doesn’t seem like they have plans to get married anytime soon.

Jesse Williams & Aryn

YES, Jesse has a lady and they’ve been engaged for quite some time.  He doesn’t speak about his personal life often but Aryn is very visible from their many outings to tennis matches and dinners, and there’s no denying that they’re engaged. She’s was around way before he got his regular role on Grey’s Anatomy, and this is what he had to say about the young lady to USA Today:

“I was a teacher when I met her, so she’s been with me through all different facets of my career. She’s stuck with me through thick and thick and thick and thin. We know each other in and out, and she was very happy to move out here. She loves California and was tired of the weather on the East Coast.”

They seem really adorable, and I wish them the best!

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