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By Chrissi J

To Po or Not to Po? Is it okay to not shampoo my hair?
“Can I not shampoo my hair?” is a commonly asked question from some of my clients. The answer is: no.
It is important that your hair is shampooed at least once or twice every month. ‘Co-Washing’ or only using conditioner, can be great for in-between shampoos. Co-washing can definitely eliminate the need to comb your hair so often, and it also leaves your hair soft just the way you love it. I definitely recommend it.

However, with time, hair accumulates dirt and lint from outside, as well as build-up from products. Too much dirt or build up can lead to an offensive smell, breakage, and/or Malassezia (a fungal-type dandruff that develops in the presence of lipids, oils, waxes, etc). Shampooing your hair is a must, but for curly hair it isn’t necessary to do it so often. Just make sure when you do shampoo, as you must shampoo, to use conditioner afterwards.

When it comes to what conditioners you should try and how often is too often to wash your hair, these are the most common questions I get:

Q: What conditioners would you recommend?
A: I personally really like Organic Root Stimulator’s ‘Replenishing Conditioner’ & Aveda ‘Shampure’ Conditioner. Why? Well, because they work well with a lot of different hair types, which is always a great thing…but there are a lot of really great conditioners out there. Find which works best for you!

Q: If I shampoo & condition my hair twice in one month can it dry my hair out?
A: Not necessarily, it’s important that you always condition/hot oil treat your hair after you shampoo to replace the moisture in your hair. Everyone and their hair is different, so it’s important for you to consciously notice your hair and patterns that form as a result of using different products and trying different shampoo and styling routines. Do what makes your hair happy & healthy.

Q: What can I use in my homemade conditioner?
A:  Before you start, I suggest that you are aware of what type of hair you have and the condition your hair and scalp is in. Do research on products that will cater to you and what is best for your hair and scalp. The following is a list of some of my favorite conditioning ingredients…


Avocados are great for fine hair, loose curls, and straight hair. I would not necessarily recommend avocado for locks or really curly hair and hair in an afro form.
Before using, mash the avocado and put in a bowl/container;  thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water, scoop the avocado in your hair and massage throughout your hair – rinse thoroughly.

Egg Yolk

Egg Yolk is great for all hair textures and is great for repair! The egg whites give your hair protein and the yolk is cholesterol, which is great for moisture.
Before using, mix one cup of warm water and one egg and whisk together until watery; mix one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Thoroughly rinse hair with warm water, and then pour egg mix onto your hair and massage throughout. Of course, rinse thoroughly.
*For thick and long hair, double the recipe as many times as necessary.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is great for all hair textures. It also benefits hair growth, tames frizz, and can defer hair loss!
Before using, thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water; pour the coconut milk on your hair & massage into hair and scalp – rinse thoroughly.


Mayonnaise is great for fine hair, loose curls, and straight hair. I would not recommend mayo for locks or really curly/afro hair.
Before using, thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water; scoop the mayo in your hair and massage throughout your hair – rinse thoroughly.


Yogurt is great for all hair textures! It promotes growth, helps tame frizz, and is also a gentle cleanser. Yogurt can be used as a detangler & a base for any conditioning treatment.
Before using, thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water; scoop the yogurt in your hair and massage throughout your hair – rinse thoroughly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is not a detangler. ACV is more of a cleanser. It helps remove build up and helps to balance your hairs pH levels.
Use a bit of this if you like to mix a lot of products together. It helps to remove homemade conditioners more easily from your hair when you go to rinse it out and can make heavy, dirty hair feel brand new and help give it some shine. Be sure to mix it with water of course.

Chrissi J is a hair-care specialist currently based in New York City, specializing in creative natural hairstyling and overall hair care. She is the originator of the Keepin’ It Kinky Campaign. Check out her work and videos at Keepin’ It Kinky and through her YouTube page.

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