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In the Christian tradition, Lenten season is a period of prayer, good works and sacrifice in the forty days leading up to the Thursday before Easter Sunday. Traditionally people give up something in order to show their dedication to God. Whether you’ve decided to subtract or add something to your daily routine, we can all make improvements. While we all could stand to grow, there are some of us who are out here living the trife life. Sad thing is, many of these people don’t even know it. Here’s what these individuals should eliminate for lent, if not forever.

Stepping out still smelling like weed 

You could give up weed altogether for lent; but in case that’s just too much to ask, how about you keep your extracurricular activities on the low.  What you do in your personal, recreational time is your business. Do what you feel. But after you’ve indulged in a little cannabis, either put on some new clothes or give it a few minutes for that foul smell to air out of your clothes. It’s tacky to walk around smelling like a Brooklyn basement party.

Fighting in Public

If you find that your nights out on the town end in some type of physical altercation, then it’s time to grow up. God doesn’t want to live that life. True, sometimes situations will arise that will warrant you putting somebody in their place; but most times, these disagreements can be resolved without you putting your hands on anybody. The thing is the chicks who are known to fight are the chicks who leave the house ready and willing to throw down. Get your life. If you can’t stop fighting cold turkey, take these next thirty eight days to take a step in the right direction.

Trying to Intimidate White People

I wish I could tell you I was joking with this one; but honestly, I’ve seen more than one example of young kids (and even grown adults) acting real belligerent in the presence of white folk, simply to get a reaction. A while  ago, I saw two boys walk up to a woman’s car window and jump at her just to see her flinch. Then they yelled out, “Don’t be scared white people!” I’m not gonna lie, I laughed. But it was dead wrong. While these young ones were harmless and their actions were  humorous on a superficial level, they shouldn’t have been walking around trying to scare white people. You never know who you’re messing with…

Eating Chicken Wings on Public Spaces (excluding restaurants)

Okay, I know you might be thinking this is about a stereotype. No, not at all. We know by now that it’s not just black people that like chicken. Most people incorporate the poultry in their regular diets. However, there is something so barbaric about eating chicken outside of a restaurant or the privacy of your home. I’m saying that because I don’t want to catch another woman gnawing on a chicken bone on not another form of public transportation, it’s just gross and inappropriate.

Cussing your kids out in the Street

Serious face. I hate, no absolutely loathe seeing a woman cussing an innocent little baby out in the street, or anywhere for that matter. While I’m childless, I can imagine that raising children can be challenging;  but still, that is not an excuse to degrade and belittle your child. Children need to be constantly nurtured and uplifted. Cussing them out in the street is one sure fire way to make them feel less than. Cut this out now and forever more.

Frontin’ your Baby Daddy Out on Facebook

So, things didn’t work out between you and Baby Daddy. It sucks but such is life sometimes. Things might get rough sometimes and you two may disagree but it’s never cool to clown the father of your child publicly. It’s not good for you, it’s not going to change him and it’s certainly not good for your child. Not only are the immediate parties negatively affected by this, all of your Facebook friends, who never wanted to know this much of your business, are subjected to this madness. Either keep it to yourself or take it to the courts.


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