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On November 15, an additional audio clip surfaced featuring an argument between Keke Palmer’s ex, Darius Jackson, and her mother, Sharon Palmer.

Streamer DJ Akademiks obtained the explicit-filled audio that starts after Sharon warned Darius Jackson, Keke’s ex and son’s father, that she’d put a bullet in his head after he allegedly attacked her daughter.

An apathetic Darius could be heard repeatedly asking for his son’s whereabouts, having interest in nothing but spending time with 9-month-old Leodis “Leo” Andrellton Jackson for “football Sunday.”

Throughout the video, Sharon shot several explicit words at the 29-year-old fitness trainer, who didn’t appear to be fazed, even when she called him “dickless” and a “limp dick ass.” She also called him and his mom, Yhinyer Hubbard-Jackson, a “dick sucker.”

Darius attempted to cajole Sharon into repeating her bullet threat, but Mama Bear didn’t fall into the trap.

“You keep f—g with me, you might get a dick in your ass,” Sharon said. “Keep f—g with me. You f—g don’t know who you dealing with.”

Sharon said she tried to be amiable with Darius, assuming he had mental problems, which the 29-year-old man denied, but Keke disagreed in the background. The actress’ mom shook the internet when she brought singer and dancer Usher into the mix, dropping a shocking allegation.

“You gon’ talk about my daughter…gon’ harass my daughter…gon’ talk about Usher? Usher is gay! You and your stupid family.”

In a previous Instagram video, Sharon stated that Darius had been abusive to the 30-year-old singer and actress for a little over a year. The world caught a glimpse of the couple’s troubles when the 29-year-old called out his now-ex for how she dressed at an Usher concert for her birthday.

“Tell her to put some clothes on,” disrespectful Darius repeatedly told the mother of four. “She’s a mom. She has to put some clothes on.”

Sharon took aim at Darius’ family, including his “dick-sucking” brother and his “immigrant” mother.

Keke and Sharon then told Darius that his “Jerry Springer” family has a history of mental illness, claiming his grandmother and dad warned them about the actor and his mom.

“Your grandmama told me your mama was crazy, and then if you wanted to keep listening to your mama, Keke needed to let you go because Keke is a brilliant person, and Darius should be lucky to have her,” Sharon said. “So, if you think she’s a c—k sucker. If you think she’s a w—e. Then, why don’t you take your limp dick and find another woman that you want to find.”

Darius affirmed he trespassed into Keke’s home for his son, but Keke stated he didn’t need to harass her. Keke wrote in her temporary restraining order against Darius that she told him their son wasn’t home but was spending time with her family, leading to an altercation. 

At one point during the conversation, Sharon burned Darius and his acting career, “Can you speak English? That’s part of the reason why you can’t get no acting job. Your articulation is poor.”

Towards the end of the audio, Keke expressed how she didn’t like the insulting names Darius called her a “Jezebel.”

She told him that he needed to seek professional help because he was “chemically imbalanced.” Initially, an audio of Sharon threatening to put a bullet in Darius’ head made its rounds on the internet. But the mother of the True Jackson, VP actress, said it was only a tiny part of the entire audio.

In the audio, Sharon warned, “You better watch out. You might get a bullet in your motherf—g head.”

Another recording was released of the threatening audio, but Sharon said that the moments before she broke into a swearing rant, she asked him to leave numerous times, and he refused to each time.

Although she didn’t need an explanation, Sharon didn’t regret her words because she feared for Keke’s life. She also said Darius broke California laws by recording her without her permission.

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