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How many times have you watched a movie or TV show, or listened to a throwback album and said to yourself or someone else, “I wonder where ___ is…” We’ve done enough of those type of lists with no answer to the question that we think it’s time to find out. And not just find out what certain individuals who we used to jam to and dress like are doing, but what they’re looking like. We get it, people change over time, with some aging better than others. But man, some of these people have gone through a Transformers-esque change over the years. Time to play catch up in gallery form…

Lark Voorhies

As Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell, Lark Voorhies had us wanting to dress like her in her fly pastels and always on-point accessories. Although she was one of the only black faces on that show, she definitely stood out for more than her color. After that show ended, you could check Lark making guest appearances on other big television shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin and on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful. But as of recently, her roles have dried up. But a few photos surfaced in 2010 of the actress looking paler than usual. Blame it on a horrible foundation choice, or something a lot worse that I won’t say, but Voorhies looks a lot older (and drier) than her 37 years. What’s that about?

Craig David

Around 2000, English singer Craig David stepped on the music scene here in the States and made some mighty big waves. I mean, who didn’t love “Seven Days,” “Rendezvous” and “Fill Me In”? Though he has released four albums since his successful 2000 debut, Born to Do It (the other albums released in 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2010), his buzz has definitely decreased big time. And aside from making smooth music, David has been getting hella buff! Not sure why or what that’s about, but a hard body can’t be a bad thing. But still, he looks VERY different.

Jasmine Guy

Whitley Gilbert is by far one of the most important black TV characters I’ve ever seen. She was funny, fashionable and so over-the-top funny that Jasmine Guy’s character saved a show that could have been a big, boring mess (sorry Lisa Bonet). And even though A Different World is worlds away now, she’s managed to stay very busy acting wise, doing guest appearances on TV shows and TV movies ALMOST every year since 1986. But she must have shown up on a series that I wasn’t watching because I was too shocked to see how she appeared in the straight-to-DVD film, The Heart Specialist, which is from a few year’s back. At 49 years of age, I’m surprised to see Guy looking almost five to 10 years older than that. Rumors have swirled that Guy has Lupus (though I haven’t seen any direct quotes from her confirming or denying that), so if it’s true, that could definitely play a part in her current appearance. But only she knows for sure. No matter what, Jasmine is still beautiful though!

Al B. Sure!

Yeah, Al B. Sure! has always been a cutie, though I wish someone would have tied him down and shaved off that damn unibrow. The singer had big music success in the late ’80s and early ’90s with hits like “Night and Day” and “Off on Your Own (Girl),” but he fell off pretty quick as we went further and further into the ’90s. The father of Quincy Brown, the child Kim Porter has that Diddy claims as his own (splitting image I say!), Al was pretty much MIA after a while. That is, until he popped up for the very random MTV show Rock the Cradle in 2008 when his other son was a contestant. As the photos show below, he has been looking a little bit on the bloated side. But hey, that unibrow is gone!

LaTocha & Tamika Scott

Okay, so we know where Kandi and Tiny are from this group, but I’m sure we’ve all been pondering where sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott went. Good question. As for LaTocha, the one with the best pipes in the group, she tried to do the regular solo thing, and did features for folks like Trick Daddy over the years. Her sister Tamika on the other hand, well, aside from having very random photos on the Internet, she’s been on Tyler Perry’s good side, showing up in his stage play Meet the Browns, and helped put together songs for the Daddy’s Little Girls soundtrack. As you can see below, both ladies (especially LaTocha) have lost a great deal of weight. Gone ‘head then!

If you say you don’t know a song by Freddie Jackson, you’re lying. I’m sure you’ve stayed up through enough late-night infomercials to hear his jams. “You Are My Lady”? “Rock Me Tonight”? THE jams. Yeah, he’s gone through his lost and found periods over the last 20 years, but Jackson is still around and making music. He sure looks different though. The gastric bypass he had must have changed his looks big time, or maybe he’s just wearing way too much makeup…I can’t put my finger on it. Either way, he doesn’t look very much like the “Rock Me Tonight” Freddie. But hey, if he loves it, then that’s all that matters.

LaTavia Roberson

An original member of Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson endured a lot of success and a lot of bull****. After working with the group since she was nine, Roberson and LeToya Luckett were dropped after seeking outside management when they made it known they didn’t trust Mathew Knowles or his spending habits. Since then, Roberson has tried her hand at acting, doing stage plays and what not. She has even tried to do the solo thing to no avail, so late last year, she came out to the press and told her side of the story about the Destiny’s Child drama. Too bad it didn’t really benefit her like that…She doesn’t look very different at all, just a bit on the scandalous side is all.

Aaron Hall

 Aaron Hall has one of the best voices I think I ever encountered in R&B music. Seriously. I can play a Guy album on the back of his vocals like that disc just came out last week. His vocals were so powerful and dramatic. And while he did the solo thing and was successful thanks to hits like “I Miss You,” unlike his main man Teddy Riley, he has faded in and out of popularity (you might be able to blame R.Kelly for that), popping up for cameos and at the BET Awards with a rebooted version of Guy. Very last thing I heard though, Hall was running a dog rehab, calling himself the “dog whisperer,” speaking Spanish to canines and looking like he got slapped in the face with a palm full of powder (see below). Really though, what’s that all about?

Christopher Williams

The twin of Al B. Sure! (kidding, they’re cousins though), Christopher Williams had all the ladies swooning when he dropped “I’m Dreamin'” and showed up looking fine and fresh in New Jack City. After that, the singer had his share of roles, appearing in big films as well as B movies, and was even one of the few men to date Halle Berry! While others might be jealous, he recently called her out and said that she has personality problems. She might have personality problems, but at 45, she’s looking a whole lot better than he is at the age of 44. I’m just saying, man. Chris and Al B. Sure! sure have a lot in common physically these days…


I can’t even play her. Reggae singer Patra looks exactly the same as she did in the early ’90s. And when I say exactly, I mean exactly. She has the same dookie braids and everything (okay, so they are a little smaller and now they’re box braids). The singer made big waves after jumping on tracks with Shabba Ranks and even Aaron Hall, but everybody knows her for her takes on songs like “Pull Up to the Bumper” and for the jam, “Worker Man.” She is said to be in the process of finishing up a new album (aren’t they all?) and could possibly be dutty wining and backing it up on folks again very soon. Patra is coming at ya…

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