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A resident named Sean Kelly gave a crucial testimony about what he saw happen between Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez and Kelsey Harris the night of the shooting in July 2020.

While being questioned by Lanez’s lawyer George Mgdesyan, Kelly said he “awoke to noises and saw two women violently fighting by the car,” according to reporter Meghann Cuniff. He claimed that he “saw a flash and believes it was coming from one of the girls,” Thee Stallion or Harris.

“They were pulling their hair and hitting each other. It was quite violent,” Kelly said.

Kelly said that he didn’t see a gun but he saw a muzzle flash that he believed came from Harris or the “WAP” rapper. He added that he saw a man small in stature, presumably Lanez, get out after the muzzle flash and that he was angry.

Cuniff tweeted:

“Did you see a muzzle flash?” Mgdesyan asked. “Yes,” Kelly answered. He added: “About the same time that the smallest individual got out of the car.” It only worsened for Mgdesyan. Kelly said the small guy “got out about that time, all shouting.”

Kelly said after the smallest guy got out of the car, “I saw more flashes.” He stuck with his testimony that the flashes started with “the girls,” and he said he never heard anyone say, “Dance, b*tch” (which is what Meg testified Tory said before he opened fire).

Kelly: “I just want to be clear. I never saw a gun – I just saw flashes.” And he again testified that the flashes were “from the girl.” But he also said, “But they were all together. They were very close together.” The short guy “was very angry, he was making lots of noise.”

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Kelly had previously told a defense investigator that he saw Lanez try to take the gun and that he saw him get out of the car and join the mayhem. During his testimony, his tune changed.

They were fighting. They were all pulling each other,” Kelly said. Mgdesyan asked if he saw the shorter guy taking the gun from one of the women. “I never saw that,” Kelly answered.

Kelly said Lanez was irate and “screaming and shouting.” After he got out of the car, Kelly said he saw muzzle flashes that came from Lanez but still didn’t see a gun. He also said that after he saw a girl shoot, the girls, Lanez and the driver were all fighting.

Still, after all this, Kelly repeatedly testifies that he believes a woman fired the first shot. “I believe I saw the girl shoot first.” But he didn’t know she had a gun at the time. “I believed it was fireworks.”

“I said that they were both shooting,” Kelly said. Mgdesyan asked who was the first shooter.

“The girl,” Kelly said. But “they were all fighting” the shorter guy “was pushing and fighting both girls. Everyone was fighting. Even the driver.”

That’s when Mgdesyan asked Kelly, “Sir, did you see the shorter guy with a gun in his hand?” and Kelly answered, “Yes.” Then everyone started beating one girl, and Kelly said “to me, it appeared that they were going to throw her in the river.”

“It appeared to me when I was on the phone that they were trying to kill her,” Kelly said. He said he heard the driver say the police are coming, and they put the woman in the Escalade and left. Then came the cross. (All that above is from direct by Tory’s lawyer.)

They also questioned Kelly about the 911 call where he said the “smaller guy” was “firing everywhere.” Detective Ryan Stogner also testified about his conversation with Kelly.

Stogner testified about his interview with Kelly. “He specifically said he couldn’t tell who was holding the weapon,” Stogner said. Stogner was also the one who spoke with Megan Thee Stallion four days after the shooting, when she first told them she had been shot.
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