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Megan Thee Stallion whose legal name is Megan Pete arrives at court to testify in the trial of Rapper Tory Lanez for allegedly shooting her

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Megan Thee Stallion broke down into tears as she took to the stand to testify against Tory Lanez during the second day of his heated shooting trial on Dec. 13.

Before diving into the events that led to her shocking 2020 shooting, Megan opened up to deputy district attorney Kathy Ta about how difficult life has been since news of the incident made headlines.

“I’m having a really difficult time sitting up here telling my story and having to sit across [from] people who have made up lies about me and having to [sit] across from Tory,” 27-year-old Megan told the courtroom, according to PEOPLE.

The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper added tearfully, “I try to be strong. I don’t like to look weak. I don’t want to give them the power that they’ve taken from me for the last three years.”

Wearing a dark purple custom suit and black stilettos, Megan, whose real name is Megan Pete, testified that her physical and mental health has suffered since Lanez’s alleged assault.

“I can’t even be happy,” the star told Ta, struggling to gather her emotions, NPR reported. “I can’t hold conversations with people for a long time. I don’t feel like I want to be on this earth. I wish he would have just shot and killed me, if I knew I would have to go through this torture.”


Megan admits to having a sexual relationship with Tory Lanez

During her testimony, Meg claimed that Lanez shot at both of her feet shortly after they began feuding. The argument started as they were driving home from a pool party in the Hollywood Hills in the wee hours of July 12, 2020.  The “WAP” hitmaker said that she, Lanez and her former best friend Kelsey “Nicole” Harris, were in the car during the time of the incident.

As she recounted the harrowing story, Meg admitted to having a sexual but not exclusive relationship with Tory at the time–something she has denied in previous interviews. She said she  knew her ex-friend Kelsey had a “crush” on Tory, so she hid the status of their relationship. When asked why she lied about the nature of her relationship with Lanez, Megan told the courtroom, “because it’s disgusting at this point. How could I share my body with someone who could do this to me?”

According to the Houston native, the fight in the vehicle escalated after Lanez exposed the details of their relationship to Harris, attempting to pit her against her former friend. The star said Lanez began insulting her and Kelsey, calling them “bitches and hoes.”

She asked to be let out of the vehicle and that’s when the 30-year-old Canadian Hip-Hop star shot five rounds at her from the passenger seat, striking both of her feet.

According to Megan, Lanez said, ‘Dance b***h,‘ as she turned around to see him pulling the trigger.

“As soon as he started shooting, I put my head down. I was scared, and I didn’t move,” the celeb said as she struggled to recount the chilling events that lead up to the shooting.

With blood dripping from both of her feet, Megan dragged herself into a nearby driveway to seek refuge, but when police arrived at the scene, she became frantic as she feared they might also shoot her. The rapper also added that she did not see Harris as she was laying on the ground.

“Nobody cared I was bleeding. Felt like I don’t matter,” Meg said, tearfully describing the moment officers handcuffed her and placed her on gurney. “Nobody cares what is happening to me right now.”

The prosecution played an audio recording of the shots that rang out on the night of the incident and Megan confirmed that the audio sounded like the events from the startling night.

Megan Thee Stallion explains her frustrations with the case

During cross-examination with Lanez’s attorney, George Mgdesyan, Megan went into further detail as to why she lied about her relationship with the “Daystar” rapper. She said the negative news has impacted her boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine.

“I feel disgusted, I feel dirty, my own partner is embarrassed,” she shared.

When asked why she initially lied to the cops about the shooting, the “Savage” rapper said her fears were compounded by the death of George Floyd and several other police brutality cases that occurred in 2020.

“In the Black community — in my community — it’s not really acceptable to be cooperating with police officers,” she added.

Further along in her testimony, Meg claimed Lanez offered her and Harris $1 million in hush money following the shooting, but when Mgdesyan asked the star if she ever told police about the rapper’s statement, she testified that she never did.

Multiple reports state that Lanez sat in silence as he jotted down notes, never making eye contact with Megan throughout her emotional testimony. Before her tense cross-examination, the famous femcee spoke about the criticism she has faced since coming forward with her harrowing assault story.

“Every man in a position of power in the music industry has taken his side,” said Megan, referring to the support Lanez has received since the incident.

“Not a day goes by without being called a liar,” she continued. “This whole thing is about who I was having sex with, not who shot me, and I don’t know why.”

The star also admitted that she was hesitant to open up about the shooting out of fear that it would hurt her music career.

“I just did a song with Beyoncé, and now she knows I got shot,” Meg said, explaining that she “didn’t want to say anything” out of embarrassment. “I just did something I’ve always wanted, and now it’ll be overshadowed…. This situation has been worse for me… I’ve turned into a type of villain while he’s a hero.”

Kelsey Harris is set to take the witness stand today. MADAMENOIRE will be following this story as it unfolds.

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