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Season nine of 90 Day Fiancé is nearing its end and viewers are less than 30 days away from the moment of truth. Most of the couples are still unsure if they want to marry one another, yet uncertainty hasn’t stopped them from making wedding plans.

Spouses will not concur on everything but disagreeing on finances and having children are good indicators that it’s time to pump the breaks. However, the long-distance lovers are moving full speed ahead in the direction of chaos.

Each week we tune in hoping the couples will find some resolve, but episode 13 left us yelling at our television screens, tweeting out our frustrations and side-eyeing the shenanigans—again. 


Emily and Kobe


When Emily brought Kobe into her parents’ home, her father implemented one rule for the couple —don’t make any more babies. Well, congratulations Paw- Paw, you have another mouth to feed. 

They both seem to be surprised by the pregnancy, though, Kobe insisted his fiancé stop taking birth control. He claims he knows several women who are unable to conceive because they were previously on birth control. This isn’t the first time Kobe has made unfounded statements about women’s reproductive systems. His misinformed reasoning and overwhelming desire to control a woman’s body sounds oddly familiar. The couple’s current form of birth control is the pull out method, but only when Emily’s menstrual cycle tracking app indicates she’s ovulating. When the app says otherwise, the 30-year-old tells her fiancé it’s safe to shoot up the club. These two cannot be trusted. Upon learning about the pregnancy, the pair blame each other for the slip-up —both are correct. To make matters worse, homegirl decides to hide the news from her parents until her pregnancy begins to show.  It must be blissful to be this out of touch with reality. 

While she doesn’t think this is the right time to have another baby, Emily doesn’t understand why Kobe is upset about the pregnancy.  Without the legal right to work in America, the immigrant is unable to take care of a family. Unlike his future wife, he is not comfortable being financially supported by her father.  Kobe also feels guilty about breaking the rules of the house. If only he thought about this while they were practicing fly-by-night birth control methods. 

Miona and Jibri 


Jibri lights a bundle of sage and walks through the house. Brotherman is conjuring up some good vibes for his future wife to have a conversation with his mother. Given their history, he may need to double up on the sage. The Serbian model sits down with her future mother-in-law to discuss wedding plans. Miona has agreed to postpone her dream wedding for a year. But much to Mama Mahala’s disappointment, the couple are still going forward with the marriage. They will be traveling to Joshua Tree, California to tie the knot. Miona invites Jabri’s parents to join them. Traveling on short notice is not Mama Mahala’s thing, so she declines the offer.

According to Miona, the conversation went well. But Mama Mahala says otherwise when she speaks to her husband about it. Jibri’s dad isn’t happy when he hears the news. Pops says he isn’t supporting “a train wreck.” Mama Mahala says she’s going to try to be there for her son—we wonder how Mama Mahala defines try.

The jury is still out on how effective the sage and smudging was. 


Shaeeda and Bilal  


Bilal takes his fiancée out for a performative romantic picnic in the park. Shaeeda talks about her conversation with Bilal’s ex-wife, Shahida. The future bride tells her man how ex-wifey tried to intimidate her. Upon hearing this, Bilal invalidated her feelings by saying  ex-wifey only had good things to say about Shaeeda. Instead of acknowledging his ex’s reckless mouth, he redirects the conversation to their pending prenuptial agreement. He later presents his fiancée with a hard copy of the document. According to Shaeeda, the prenup states that if the couple divorces, she will leave with nothing. The entrepreneur reminds Bilal she closed her business to come to America to marry him. She realizes if she signs this agreement, she will have to work extremely hard to secure a nest egg for herself. She will also have to forgo her dreams of being a stay-at-home mom during the early stages of her future children’s lives. The real estate mogul tries to ease Shaeeda’s anxiety with a graceful dance of mind games and semantics. He asks: 

 “Do you plan on cheating on me?  

“No,” Shaeeda responds.

“Do you plan on divorcing me? 


He sprinkled in some sugary terms of endearment such as “my love” and my “Bella Citta” which means beautiful city—but OK. 

Shaeeda isn’t falling for it. Sis refuses to sign until she procures a lawyer. We wish she would procure a plane ticket back to Trinidad.  

90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC on Sunday, July 10 at 8PM EST. In the meantime, check out episode 9 below:


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