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healing crystals and stones

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I think we can all use every security blanket we can get right now. With everything going on in the country—actually, the world—keeping your head on straight, remaining calm, and remembering that things will be okay can be difficult. At this time, some may turn to their religion, seeking solace in the bible or their personal scripture. Of course, with many churches and other places of worship closed right now since the CDC recommends no gatherings of 50 people or more, those who would typically seek comfort in their religious community cannot entirely do so.


Some individuals may turn to meditation, which can be a wonderful tool for anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, and negative spirals. I’m sure many of us are currently plagued with thoughts we wish would go away. My head is swarming with end-of-the-world scenarios. My boyfriend and I literally just counted how many cans of food we have—how could it not be? Many of us cannot, during this national health crisis, spend time with our loved ones, or do many of the things that typically help us relieve stress like exercise at the gym, attend a yoga class, grab drinks with friends at a bar, or even just window shop at the mall. Taking in a movie is out of the question. So, while something incredibly anxiety-inducing like a pandemic is happening, as a direct result, we cannot turn to our usual places of solace. It’s a tough break.


Luckily, there are tools we can use—small, portable tools that you can keep right at home with you—that can help us feel grounded right now. Though healing crystals are a pseudo science and a form of alternative medicine, they can provide some relief right now. Here is a guide to calming crystals.

healing crystals and stones

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In addition to being just stunning to look at, this vibrant blue stone can help bust insomnia, depression, and anxiety. If you believe you generally deal with anxiety, even when not in times of crisis, it can be a good stone to keep nearby. This stone is also said to attract prosperity.

healing crystals and stones

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Clear quartz

Said to balance out the immune system, this can be a particularly comforting stone to many in the face of a pandemic. This ultra-healer has a way of absorbing, storing, and redistributing energy as needed. So perhaps it can grab some strength when it comes to you, and release it in those times you feel weak.

healing crystals and stones

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If you do find yourself in some physical pain, paired with the more traditional forms of medicine, this stone may bring relief from physical discomfort. It can also foster compassion, which I think we need for our neighbors during this crisis, as well as promote clarity, which I know I desperately need with all of the misinformation currently out there.

healing crystals and stones

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Can boost courage and help you pull out that deep inner strength at times you weren’t sure you could. At a time when, right now, many working individuals are wondering how long it will be until they can return to work during this pandemic and how they’ll appear brave when looking at their children and family, this can be a very helpful crystal.

healing crystals and stones

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Bloodstone can help increase feelings of selflessness, something I’d really like to see those clearing the grocery shelves have more of right now, while older, weaker, or poorer individuals simply cannot afford to do so. It can also help ease feelings of irritability and anger—two things I’m sure many of us are struggling with right now.

healing crystals and stones



If checking the news every ten minutes and counting and recounting your canned goods has you feeling exhausted, grab this vibrant red stone. It can boost vitality and help bring up your energy levels. It may also boost your sex drive, which, hey, for some can be just the ticket to release some tension right now.

healing crystals and stones

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Said to help boost the respiratory system, one can see how this can be an especially beneficial stone right now. It can also help balance the emotions, which, for many, are all over the place during this panicked time. If you’ve been feeling out of touch with your spirituality, this stone may help you reconnect to that.

healing crystals and stones

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Struggling to sleep during this crazy time? This stone has been said to help ease insomnia. It can also promote feelings of sobriety, so if you do feel out of sorts and are struggling to grasp reality during this pandemic, this could be a good stone for you.

healing crystals and stones

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Rose quartz

The rose quartz helps to foster love, trust, and connection—something I think we all desperately need during this time of isolation. I know I find myself looking at others in the grocery store as my “competition” when I should be looking at them as my neighbors and as resources. I see strangers as frightening, because they could be sick, but I should be sending love their way (while still keeping physical distance, of course).

healing crystals and stones

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Citrine may help release negative thoughts—and I’m sure many of us have a surplus of those right now—while encouraging optimism. If you’re struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the current national crisis, this could be a good stone for you. It can also encourage creativity, which I know I’ve been feeling low on with everything happening.

healing crystals and stones

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Tiger’s eye

This lovely stone can help you feel more clear-headed and make conscious decisions. I personally could use that when I’m deciding right now whether or not to stock up on toilet paper like a maniac as much of the country is doing. It might also help eliminate fear and anxiety.

healing crystals and stones

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Halite crystal is supposed to be very grounding and help create a clear path for you. If you are struggling to determine what your next moves should be to get you and your family safely and calmly through the current crisis, try meditating with this stone in hand.

healing crystals and stones

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This might be a good stone to pick up once all of this insanity surrounding the coronavirus has calmed down. For many, that will be a time of rebirth—a time to start fresh, which is just what this stone is meant to help with. It can ease sensations of instability, and help us push onward when it feels difficult to do so.

healing crystals and stones

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You know when you’ve been inside for a long time, you start to feel sickly and cooped up, and you finally step out into the sunlight and its warm, bright rays just seem to fill your body with healing energy? Sunstone is said to provide that same feeling. So hold one if you just feel depleted and weak.

healing crystals and stones

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Selenite is another clear crystal like quartz and, for that reason, it absorbs a lot of energy. If you aren’t sure where to direct all of your complex emotions right now, this can be a good stone to keep on hand. It might suck those energies up, transform them into something good, and send them out later when you need them.

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