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90 Day Fiancé served up a healthy dose of dishonesty, disconnect, disregard and disrespect with a dash of racism. As season 9 moves further along, the recently reunited lovers become more acclimated in their new environments. Cultural differences, disapproving family and friends and finances continue to burden each couple. Outside influence aside, some couples seem to be on completely different wavelengths when it comes to, well, everything. Episode 7 proves that while steamy vacation flings are fun, they should probably end when the vacation is over. 


Shaeeda and Bilal


 Bilal surprises Shaeeda with a romantic gondola ride. Shaeeda reveals that she initially told her fiancé that she didn’t want children but after falling in love, she decided that she did want a family with him after all. This contradicts what she said in previous episodes. It appears Sis was either dishonest with herself or Bilal (or both) in the early stages of their relationship. Being dishonest to secure the bae rarely ends well. Sis, let’s not play ourselves like this. Bilal finally answered the question about children. He says he wants to focus on building their relationship and bringing a child into the mix wouldn’t be a good idea at this time.  Bilal is right about building a solid relationship before having a child, but it’s also apparent that brother man plans on being in the building stage until Suge Knight gets out of prison.


Ari and Bini 


The couple have dinner with Ari’s family. Bini wants to make a good first impression on Ari’s siblings. It may be a little too late for that because although she has never met her future brother-in-law, Ari’s sister has overheard far too many arguments between the couple to put her blessing on this relationship. The aspiring MMA fighter tells the family that even if their relationship doesn’t work out, he hopes that his babymomma will still help him to get his green card. Bini says he wants to earn the family’s trust but this aint the way, bro.


Miona and Jibri 

Wearing matching pink lumberjack shirts, the couple visits Jibri’s grandmother who he describes as a “wild, strong, radical, lesbian feminist.” Miona appears to take an instant liking to Grandma Chayne and her horses. When asked how she is adjusting to living with her future in-laws, the diva-turned-cowgirl said she resented Mama Mahala’s critique about her fashion choices. Grandma Chayne suggested that Mahala may be trying to protect Miona because “Rapid City is very conservative.” This was an odd statement coming from a purple haired, lesbian mother of a Black child who lives in the same “conservative” city. 


Emily and Kobe


Kobe attempts to change Kobin’s diaper while Emily micromanages him. The father is determined to prove to Emily that he can take care of his son. The overbearing mother agrees to leave her child with his father while she goes to work. Kobe wants his son to be connected to his paternal roots, so he teaches his toddler some French words. The excited father then decided to introduce the toddler to some Cameroonian food — groundnuts, commonly known as peanuts in America. Emily walked in and quickly removed the nut from the baby’s mouth stating that it was a choking hazard.  While nuts are not ideal for a year-old child, Emily could have communicated this in a way that was not demeaning. The mother also stated since Kobin came from her body and she had been caring for him for 17 months, she should be the only one who has a say in all aspects of his upbringing. Emily said she fetishizes  prefers to date Black men and should  have known that one day her child would be exposed to some fufu, collard greens, curry goat, roti, Al Green or the electric slide.

Furthermore, if Emily didn’t want Kobe to be involved with his son, why did she invite him to move to the United States?  It’s disheartening to see this total disregard for Kobe’s presence, autonomy and culture. Little Kobin deserves better. Our Well wishes go out to that adorable Black boy.   

We will have to wait until next week to see if the couple can resolve this dispute. Will Emily put some respect on Kobe’s name?  We surely hope so. 90 Day Fiancé will return to TLC at 8pm EST 

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